Winter term in Pentland class

What a busy term we have had! Our topic this term has been the weather, we have been learning all about different kinds of weather by going outside at least once every day. We have also been experimenting and exploring in our messy play. Did you know you can make it snow inside using shaving foam?

Messy play has been a firm favourite this term- for the children anyway! The classroom has often ended up covered in flour, pasta, rice, tinsel, jelly, cornflour and of course glitter.

We have had to do a lot more online activities this term, level four meant that we had online music sessions and even online visits from the clown doctors and an online pantomime! it has been different but the children have still enjoyed it.

Beyond the classroom we have been for our sponsored walk, all the children amazed us with their stamina as the walk was further than we would normally go but they all did very well, and of course a fantastic amount of money was raised. We have also been part of the UNICEF Outright campaign around climate change with all the children being part of making a poster and putting it up in the community.

Cooking had been another favourite activity for the children this term, we have made everything from fruit smoothies to soup and cheesecakes to peppermint bark. All so delicious there was none left to send home.

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