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Scottish Parliament visit

Angela McGarrigle , an education officer from the Scottish parliament came to visit P6/7 and P5/6 today. She explained a lot of things about the Scottish Parliament and how it works. We had a class election. Each group had to decide on their party leader and then write their manifesto. The party leaders then spoke to the class to try to persuade them to vote for their party.

The parties were –

animal welfare



save the earth



Well done to all the speakers, great ideas from all the parties. It was a very close election, but in the end the Save the Earth party won, with Animal Welfare a very close second. Well done everyone!

Technology Topic

In class we have been looking at phones and how the technology has changed over time. We have been making posters to demonstrate this.

We have also sent home questionnaires to find out what our parents and families think about mobile phone technology. The answers we have received back have been great to discuss and will feed into our planned debate later in the week.  We have also researched various arguments for and against mobile phones in preparation for our debate.

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