Cochrane Castle School Values

Cochrane Castle School Values


Since returning from the Spring holiday we have re-established our school assemblies and our focus has been on the school values. Due to current restrictions our assemblies are taking place outside and with half the school at a time.

We feel that the disjointed year we have experienced has resulted in a loss of the community feel in the school and it is important to us that we have school celebrations and opportunities to come together as often as possible.  Our school community is built on our school values and we want to ensure that those permeate through everything that the Cochrane Castle Community does and that the children use those values to guide their thinking and their behaviour.  For that to happen our values need to resonate in our children’s lives both at school and at home.

We are working as a staff to establish a consistent and purposeful way of celebrating and teaching our school values.  As a result of that work you and your children will be sent a questionnaire on the school values that I would like you to complete.  The results of the questionnaire will help guide our next steps in relation to our school values.

If you have any questions regarding our values, then please do not hesitate to contact me via the school office.

Yours sincerely



Mr G T Mothersole

Acting Head Teacher