New Books

Around forty new fiction books have recently been added to library stock. A handful are on display, but the rest have been Xmas wrapped for the reading challenge.


If you want a chance to try one of the new books, then take the Christmas Reading Challenge.

Try reading something different. Do you dare to choose a book from ‘Pandora’s Box’? Choose a wrapped book fxmas-boxrom the box in the library to read over the Christmas Holidays. Unwrap it and get it stamped out at the Issue Desk. Read it over the holidays, then fill in the mini review slip provided. Over 65 wrapped books to take a lucky dip on. Mostly new books with some older ones thrown in for good measure.

Christmas Reading Challenge

Do you get bored at Christmas? Fed up of eating? Presents have lost their appeal? Why not try some reading! This year you are being given the opportunity to try reading something different to your usual choices. A box of wrapped new (and some older) library books will be available for you to select, lucky dip style, from. There are quick reads, brand new books, books for boys and for girls, teen reads, fantasy, crime, and adventure – to name but a few. Choose from ‘Pandora’s Box’, unwrap the book and get it stamped out. Read it over the holidays and fill in the mini review slip and hand it in when you return the book. The mini reviews can be input into the library catalogue or submitted to this blog.

Go on – Take a chance on your reading and try something new!


Hello world!

Stromness Academy Library is venturing out into the internet world of Web 2.0. Here the school librarian and some pupil contributors hope to keep folks informed about what the school library is doing, with information and reviews of special events, books, library activities, reading, etc.

This is like stepping out of the shallow water into deeper territory. We are all new to this blogging lark. Bear with use as we tread the waters, then hopefully grow in experience to see where this blog is going.