School Aims

“To establish and maintain an excellent working evironment which improves the quality of teaching and learning, ensuring that pupils, staff and parents are valued as individuals.”

Within the context of St Andrew’s High School as a Catholic School, our aims are to :-

  1. Promote the Moral and Spiritual development of all pupils and prepare them for the challenges, experiences and responsibilities of adult life.
  2. Promote the Highest Quality of Education, and a High Expectation of Achievement by providing a range of curricular choices appropriate to the ability level, interests and aptitudes of all pupils, allowing them opportunities to succeed and celebrate their successes.
  3. Promote and share an effective active partnership between the School, Home, Parishes, Associated Primaries and the Wider Community.
  4. Provide a Safe, Stimulating, Inclusive and Supportive evironment within which learning and teaching will flourish.