UK Parliament Week

The S1-S3 Debate Club recently took part in UK Parliament Week.

The Group debated on the issue of Votes for Woman, spending weeks preparing arguments for and against the issue of votes for Woman used in 1918.

Well Done to the Debate Club for once again putting on an informative and enthusiastic debate!!

S1 Plague Cures

1H1 have been working on their employability skills this week by creating their own Plague Cure product.

Each group had a budget in which to create and advertise their product which they then had to take to the Boardroom and present the Sir Alan Sugar (Miss Donnelly) who would then decide which product to invest in.

The groups had to keep track of spending and predict potential profit. 1H1 battled it out with all singing and all dancing adverts (Literally) with Blem’s Plague Cure being announced the winning group!

Congratulations to all groups for their amazing efforts! Well Done 1H1!





On Friday 17th November, 46 S3 Geography pupils travelled to Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh to take part in the UnEarthed Science event. Pupils began the day with a tour of Dynamic Earth where they were able to learn about Our Earth, earthquakes, volcanoes, glaciation and biomes.

Pupils then took part in the UnEarthed Science event and were able to speak to various scientists and geologists on the day. A great day was had by all pupils #GeographyInAction #Science #STEM #DSYW

Well done to all pupils

Mrs Carruthers, Mrs Moran and Mrs Lynas

Achievement Avenue – September Winners !!

Congratulations to all our September Winners whose work is displayed in our Social Subjects Achievement Avenue. September’s focus was Literacy.


Kiera Hannan 1D1
Laura Kurpinska 1H1
Skye Moore 1G1
Katie Reilly 1I1
Jamie Mooney 1I2
Dhaya Saviar 1M1
Hamna Hamid 1M2
Aisha Ahmed 1K1
Lucy Young 1O1


Abbi Beresford 2D1
Devin Quinn 2H1
Lucy Grierson 2H2
Krystian Tomasiewicz 2G1
Dylan McAteer 2G2
Jessica Davis 2I1
Brooke Doyle 2K1
Kaitlyn Berry 2K2
Katie O’Rourke 2M1
Anna McCarron 2O1

Ciaran Grace – Geography 3H1
Emma McGiff – History 3H1
Jemma Whelan – Modern Studies 3K1


Khadijah Hashmi – Geography 4K1
Sophie Lane- Modern Studies 4G1
Shawnee Roe – History 4H1



Kiera Hannan – S1 1D1

Dylan McAteer – S2 2G2

Ciaran Grace – S3 3H1

Shawnee Roe – S4 4H1

Social Subjects Achievement Avenue



As part of St Andrew’s House Points system, Social Subjects have created a Faculty Success Initiative through our ‘Achievement Avenue’.

Our reward wall will feature pupil work of excellence which will reward their House with points.  Each month will focus on a different aspect of the Curriculum, with September’s focus on Literacy.


Rise ‘N’ Shine Social Subjects!





S3 Scottish Parliament Trip

30 S3 Modern Studies Pupils attended a trip to the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 18th of May where they were met by their local MSP Fulton Macgregor.

The pupils enjoyed a tour of the parliament and had the opportunity to watch and discuss First Minister Questions before a Q&A with Fulton.

The pupils also had the opportunity to meet other members of the Scottish Parliament.   







S3 Geography Trip to Dynamic Earth

45 S3 Geography pupils along with Mrs Carruthers, Miss Curley and Mrs Lynas recently visited Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh for an out of school learning experience. Pupils were involved in various tasks throughout the day while studying Natural Hazards. This is a key part of the course for our S3 pupils and we are glad they all had a great day