An amazing experience

We have had an amazing experience in Malawi and we look forward to being able to give everyone a taste of what it was like for us.  Now for the 36 hour journey home.

Mulanje Mission Hospital

We then visited the partner school of St Ambrose High School to deliver First Aid & HeartStart before heading to the Mulanje Mission Hospital.  The hospital was started by Robert Cleland from Whifflet more than 100 years.  He was a parishioner of Calder Church.  We provided much needed batteries for the hospital and St Ambrose provided knitting for the maternity ward.

Luchhenza School

We started our day delivering First Aid and HeartStart to the Luchenza School, this is the partner school of Coatbridge High School who are here with us.

Disabled Camp

We visited a disabled camp with over 300 disabled children.  A very moving experience.


We went on a bike and a boat safari where we saw some elephants, alligators, hippos, zebras and giraffes up close.

Mulanje Mountain

We went for a walk into the bush surrounding Mulanje Mountain with our guide Redsun,

Blantyre Prison & Sr Anna

We visited the Blantyre Prison and met Sr Anna, a true Saint who started a hospital.  Before Sr Anna prisoners who were ill would have no care.  She is very modest and said she was only doing as Jesus asked.  Sr Anna asked for our prayers.

Partner School visit

Another visit to our own partner school to deliver four workshops.  Everyone who donated during the Lenten Mercy should be very proud.

More school visits

Delivering HeartStart and First Aid to the partner school of Our Lady’s High School and St Bernadette’s Church Motherwell.