Father Travers

FrTraversAs your school chaplain, I am delighted to be part of your lives.  As you already know I have a unique role in the day to day life of the school. At the service of the entire community of staff and students,  I am here to celebrate the sacraments of Holy Mass  and Confession in our Oratory.  These Sacraments I celebrate with you and for you, as a constant reminder of the central place which Jesus has in our lives.

We will also have the opportunity to meet with each other during retreats over the coming year, as well as at class masses, devotions, during RE lessons, charity projects and at other times informally.  I am also there to provide you with any additional support you might need in this coming academic year, whether to offer you some advice on life choices or even to answer some of your more searching questions concerning our faith.

You can find me at my office located at the Oratory, just off the ‘social area’  of our school, or feel free to make an appointment through the main office.

I very much look forward to getting to know you personally during the coming year and I wish you every success as together we work to build-up a community of faith.

With every blessing

Father James