Hymn to St Andrew

Hymn to St Andrew


When Christ our Lord to Andrew cried:

“Come, thou and follow Me,”

The fisher left his net beside the Sea of Galilee.

To teach the truth his Master taught,

to tread the path he trod

Was all his will, and thus he brought

unnumbered souls to God.

When Andrew’s hour had come, and he

was doomed like Christ to die,

He kissed his cross exultingly,

and this his loving cry;

“O noble Cross! O precious wood!

I long have yearned for thee;

uplift me to my only good

who died on thee for me.”

The faith that Andrew taught once shone
o’er all this kingdom fair;
the cross that Jesus died upon
was honoured everywhere.
But times once changed and Andrew’s name
was for a while forgot;
the cross, though set in kingly crown,
became a sign of shame.

St Andrew now in bliss above,
thy fervent prayers renew
that Scotland yet again may love
the faith, entire and true;
that I the cross allotted me
may bear with patient love! ‘
Twill lift me, as it lifted thee,
to reign with Christ above.

St Andrew

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