Homework is an essential part of learning, and pupils are encouraged to adopt a positive attitude towards it.
Homework is essential because it:
1. Reinforces and consolidates classwork
2. As an extension to classwork
3. An opportunity to evaluate pupil learning
4. Supports the development of study skills and self-discipline
5. Promotes the good habit of regular work and independent learning
6. Promotes motivation in pupils
7. Supports areas of development needs
8. Stretches the more able pupils
9. Strengthens partnership and communication between the Home and the School

Given the changing nature of the curriculum, the nature of homework is also changing. Homework may involve Reading, writing, problem solving, investigative work, compiling reports, carrying out questionnaires or surveys and revision, as well as the more ‘traditional’ forms. Like classwork, homework should match the capability of the individual pupil. This may result in individual pupils from the same class being given quite different homework tasks.

Teachers will ensure that homework is issued, marked, and returned with comments which support the learning of all pupils.

All homework should be within the capability of each pupil and at the same time be challenging. During S3 and S4 it is important that pupils are challenged by more advanced aspects of their subject courses at home in order to stimulate interest and promote high achievement.

The following are recommendations for the minimum time pupils should spend on schoolwork at home:
S1 1 hour per night
S2 1 hour per night
S3 1 1/2 Hours per night
S4 2 hours per night
S5/6 2-3 hours per night

In S5 and S6 pupils are encouraged to work regularly at home. Pupils who are undertaking new National Qualifications will require to spend considerable additional time per week on study/homework for each of their subjects. At this stage pupils should have built up the good work habit and self-discipline of private study. It is hoped that the gradual build-up of St Andrew’s High School homework from S1 to S6 will help in the development of positive attitudes towards study. Facilities for private study for pupils in S5/S6 will be provided during the school day.

Senior phase students are issued with an assessment calendar in September to assist them in planning for study.

To enable our pupils to plan and organise their homework tasks and develop planning and study skills, all pupils at St Andrew’s High School are issued with a Personal Study Planner. Parents are asked to monitor these Planners and sign them on a weekly basis.

Parents can assist their daughter/son with homework by:
1. Providing the right atmosphere for study at home – peace and quiet.
2. Checking your child’s homework (this is most easily accomplished by regularly asking to see their Personal Study Planner.)
3. Encouraging students in S1-S6 to participate in our Study Support Programme. This provides the opportunity for extra support from teaching staff between  3.05 and 4.05pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings

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