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Return to School

In preparation for our return to school on Monday pupils & staff can reduce COVID-19 risks by taking a lateral flow test the night before or on the morning of their return to school after the festive break.

Pupils & staff should also take regular tests twice a week. All results should be recorded.


S5/6 Mid Assessments

To reflect the change in status of the assessment process prelims will be called ‘mid assessments’

  • Tue 11th – Thu 20th Jan 2022 (most assessments will be in the hall with external invigilators)
  • Additional assessments will take place in class as part of the ongoing learning and teaching process. These may also be used to help generate the school estimates which would be used as final grades in the event of the SQA exams being cancelled again this year.
  • We are also planning to hold a second exam diet in the middle of March. The aim of this diet will be to provide pupils with a more realistic exam experience of the same length and demand as the formal SQA exams and while also helping to generate further evidence for candidate estimates.

Click below to view the timetable.

S5&6 Mid Assessment TT Jan 2022

Future Friday Provision – Off Road Bikes

Our ‘Future Friday’ provision for pupils on a Friday afternoon recently featured an off-road bike tutorial from Lanarkshire Police which was organised by our campus police officer PC Boyle. Pupils enjoyed finding out about the bikes and how police officers are trained to handle off-road driving. Thank you to Lanarkshire Police for delivering this very interesting session.

S4 Mid Assessments

To reflect the change in status of the assessment process prelims will be called ‘mid assessments’

  • S4 Thursday 2nd – Wednesday 15th December (at least three exams will be in the hall with external invigilators)
  • Performance in these assessments will help to indicate likely performance but the will not guarantee any pupil estimate or final exam performance
  • S4-6 pupils will receive one further tracking report and one subject report

Click below to view the timetable.



“This month the Pride Alliance would like to highlight the contribution made be LGBTQ+ people to the military throughout history.  Gay and lesbian citizens in the United Kingdom have been allowed to serve openly in the Her Majesty’s Armed Forces since 2000.  The United Kingdom’s policy is to allow LGBTQ+ personnel to serve openly, and discrimination on a sexual orientation basis is forbidden.
It is also forbidden for someone to pressure LGBTQ+ people to come out.  All personnel are subject to the same rules against sexual harassment, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Stonewall, a British LGBT rights pressure group, spearheaded the movement to end British military prohibitions against openly LGBTQ+ service members. It began when Robert Ely, who had served in the British Army for seventeen years, approached Stonewall.  The discovery of a letter he had led to his sexual orientation being disclosed and he was subjected to an investigation and thrown out of the army.

In 1998, Stonewall was approached by Jeanette Smith, who had been thrown out of the Royal Air Force, and Duncan Lustig Prean, a Royal Navy commander who was being dismissed.  They asked Stonewall to arrange legal representation, leading to a long battle through the courts with Graham Grady and John Beckett also joining the case.  Although the judges in the High Court and Court of Appeal said that they felt the ban was not justified they could not overturn it and Stonewall had to take the case to Strasbourg and the European Court of Human Rights before winning it.

However, many LGBTQ+ people served in the military in the past, keeping their gender identity or sexuality secret out of fear.  If you would like to learn more about some LGBTQ+ military heroes, please check out the Pride Alliance notice board in the foyer.”