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Young Persons Free Travel

Young Persons Free Travel – please note the scheme will be going ahead and that everyone who wants to use it will need to apply for a card. However, only those with essential travel requirements should apply while public health restrictions are in place.

The scheme supports the adoption of sustainable travel behaviours early in life, and will also improve access to education, leisure, work and other opportunities as soon as we come out of restrictions

Please see further information below or go to Transport Scotland website which provides information on the scheme and guidance on travel restrictions.


Free bus travel for 5-21 year olds resident in Scotland will be available from 31 January for those with a valid National Entitlement Card (NEC) or Young Scot NEC. Children under the age of 5 already travel for free on commercial bus services and don’t need a card.

A national marketing campaign was due to launch from 5 January to encourage applications, giving full details on how and when to apply. However, given the current situation with the pandemic, it has been decided to pause the launch of the national marketing campaign – which proactively encourages bus travel – until the current COVID-19 situation improves.

All young people and children aged 5-21 years can still apply for their new or replacement NEC or Young Scot NEC from 10 January to access the scheme from 31 January. However, we are asking that only those for whom bus travel is essential apply at this time, because of work, education, health or care reasons, for example. Information about the scheme and how to apply is now available on the Transport Scotland website ahead of local authority delivery partners opening applications on 10 January.

This approach will also help minimise pressure on local councils who will be processing applications and responding to queries, ensuring young people and children under 22 for whom bus travel is essential are able to access the scheme from 31 January. Everyone under the age of 22 and living in Scotland will be proactively encouraged to apply to access the scheme by the extensive marketing campaign which will now be launched nationally at a later date.

Why the scheme is so important

The scheme is designed to help create a sustainable future for young people by embedding sustainable travel habits from an early age. This can help Scotland to tackle the climate emergency and meet targets to become net zero by 2045.

At the same time, the introduction of free bus travel for under 22s will also reduce inequalities and advance equality of opportunity and outcome for young people and families as well as having the potential to help address child poverty by reducing household outgoings. Free bus travel supports the delivery of a Just Transition and removes financial barriers, giving young people more and better choices in work, education, health and social activities.

Research commissioned in October 2021 revealed nationwide support for the roll out of free bus travel amongst young people – with almost two-thirds (61%) agreeing that access to public transport will play a central role in the fight against climate change. One full double decker bus equates to removing 75 single occupancy cars from Scotland’s roads.

All delivery partners are committed to delivering the scheme in a way that is safe for children and young people and instils confidence in their parents and guardians. That is why parents or guardians will be required to apply on behalf of children under the age of 16 to ensure they can exercise their responsibility for their children’s safety.

Transport Scotland has also worked with Barnardo’s Scotland to make available additional training for bus drivers on child safeguarding in advance of the scheme’s launch.

Application process

5-21 year olds living in Scotland will need a valid National Entitlement Card (NEC) or Young Scot NEC to access free bus from 31 January.

  • Many young people will already have a NEC or Young Scot NEC, but this will not allow them to access free bus travel. Everyone who is eligible will have to apply for a new or replacement card if they wish to use the scheme.
  • The Improvement Service and National Entitlement Card Programme Office (NECPO), together with local authorities, are responsible for handling applications and issuing National Entitlement Cards (NEC and Young Scot NEC) which are used to access the Young Persons’ Free Bus Travel Scheme.
  • The scheme will use the existing application processes and will enable young people or their parents/guardians to apply either online or in person at council offices.
  • Applications open on 10 January. All eligible children and young people can apply but we are working through our network of delivery partners and stakeholders to get messaging out, encouraging children and young people to apply at this time if they need to make essential journeys by bus.
  • A number of different methods will be available for 5–21 year olds to get their card to access free bus travel: online at GETYOURNEC.SCOT or through if it is used by the child’s school; via a local council where it is not possible to apply online; and, in some local council areas, schools are coordinating applications on behalf of their pupils.
  • Young people aged 16-21 should apply themselves.
  • Parents or guardians will be required to apply on behalf of 5-15 year olds.
  • Children under the age of 5 do not need to apply as they already travel for free on commercial bus services without a card.


Revised Protocols: return to school

Return to school on 10th January 2022 – revised protocols

  1. Staggered lunches will be reinstated as this will allow us to ensure pupils sit in a designated area in the dining hall.

Instructions are as follows:

  • S1 – 12.20pm
  • S2 – 12.25pm
  • S3 – 12.30pm
  • S4/5/6 – 12.40pm

This applies to all (i.e. picking up a grab-a-bag or buying a dinner).

  1. Intervals and lunch: pupils will be encouraged to be outdoors if possible. They should wear an outdoor jacket to school, which should be removed when they enter the building. We have a limited supply if needed. If wet, pupils will be sent to the following zones:
  • S1/2 – Tuck shop
  • S3 – Assembly Hall (English department during prelims)
  • S4 – Dining room
  • S5 – Social Subjects
  • S6 – Maths

3. ALL pupils will leave at 3.45pm at the end of the day. There will be no early release of pupils.

4. When moving around the school pupils should keep to the left.

5. There will be no year group assemblies.

6. Windows and doors will remain open (where, and when, possible).

7. Pupils will sit at single desks, all facing the front (where possible).

8. Seating plans will be kept/ updated by staff. Pupils should sit in their allocated seat and not move without permission.

9. Pupils should know their login details for GLOW. If they do not they should speak to any teacher ASAP. If pupils are required to self-isolate, they should access work online, or join the lessons if able and the facility is available.

10. We ask that ALL pupils please take a lateral flow test twice a week – these can be collected from the school office during lunch time.

We will continue to issue masks at start of day, interval, and lunch while also sanitising hands. Please bring a mask to school if you have one.

Return to School

In preparation for our return to school on Monday pupils & staff can reduce COVID-19 risks by taking a lateral flow test the night before or on the morning of their return to school after the festive break.

Pupils & staff should also take regular tests twice a week. All results should be recorded.


S5/6 Mid Assessments

To reflect the change in status of the assessment process prelims will be called ‘mid assessments’

  • Tue 11th – Thu 20th Jan 2022 (most assessments will be in the hall with external invigilators)
  • Additional assessments will take place in class as part of the ongoing learning and teaching process. These may also be used to help generate the school estimates which would be used as final grades in the event of the SQA exams being cancelled again this year.
  • We are also planning to hold a second exam diet in the middle of March. The aim of this diet will be to provide pupils with a more realistic exam experience of the same length and demand as the formal SQA exams and while also helping to generate further evidence for candidate estimates.

Click below to view the timetable.

S5&6 Mid Assessment TT Jan 2022

Future Friday Provision – Off Road Bikes

Our ‘Future Friday’ provision for pupils on a Friday afternoon recently featured an off-road bike tutorial from Lanarkshire Police which was organised by our campus police officer PC Boyle. Pupils enjoyed finding out about the bikes and how police officers are trained to handle off-road driving. Thank you to Lanarkshire Police for delivering this very interesting session.

S4 Mid Assessments

To reflect the change in status of the assessment process prelims will be called ‘mid assessments’

  • S4 Thursday 2nd – Wednesday 15th December (at least three exams will be in the hall with external invigilators)
  • Performance in these assessments will help to indicate likely performance but the will not guarantee any pupil estimate or final exam performance
  • S4-6 pupils will receive one further tracking report and one subject report

Click below to view the timetable.