Home Learning

To all of our children and their families, we understand that the current situation with COVID-19 can be a cause for worry and anxiety. Taking care of our mental health should be one of our main priorities during this time. If you or any of your young people are struggling please click on this resource from Penumbra – ‘Young People’s resource Responding To Change’

During the time of school closure, in order to compliment the learning that was assigned to pupils every week, our staff also created learning grids for Literacy and Numeracy at Early, First and Second Level. These were updated every 2 weeks are are still available below, along with links to our commonly used websites if anyone wishes any ideas of activities to support learning at home.

These details will allow children to access:


Glow allows learners to work in a variety of ways, from collaborating with peers to working individually at their own pace. Glow services are free to all students with a Glow login and can be accessed at anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Bug Club:

Bug Club is a whole-school reading programme that helps transform children into lifelong readers. Now with added Grammar and Spelling, and Plays by Julia Donaldson, the Bug Club family has everything you need to help children catch the reading bug. Teachers can allocate reading, spelling and grammar materials to pupils directly.

Education City:

EducationCity provides flexible learning resources to meet the experiences and outcomes in Literacy & English, Numeracy & Mathematics, and Sciences. Teachers can allocate different resources and also open a wide variety of resources for children to access.


Sumdog can be used for numeracy. It is a game based learning platform. While children choose what they play, adaptive learning engines guide pupil learning. Sumdog gets to know individual strengths and weaknesses and ensures pupils always work on the right skill.

We understand that digital learning can be a daunting prospect for many so in addition to the opportunities for digital learning provided, our staff team have also created home learning grids for literacy and numeracy at Early, First and Second Level. As a rough guide children within Early Level are typically in P1, First Level will typically cover P2-P4 and Second Level will typically cover P5-7. Please find these grids by clicking the links below.

Early Years Class:

Home Learning Ideas

Early Level:

EL Literacy 1 EL Numeracy 1

EL Literacy 2 EL Numeracy 2

EL Literacy 3 EL Numeracy 3

EL Literacy 4 EL Numeracy 4

EL Literacy 5 EL Numeracy 5

EL Literacy 6 EL Numeracy 6

First Level:

FL Literacy 1 FL Numeracy 1

FL Literacy 2  FL Numeracy 2

FL Literacy 3 FL Numeracy 3

FL Literacy 4   FL Numeracy 4

FL Literacy 5  FL Numeracy 5

FL Literacy 6 FL Numeracy 6

Second Level

SL Literacy 1 SL Numeracy 1

SL Literacy 2 SL Numeracy 2

SL Literacy 3 SL Numeracy 3

SL Literacy 4 SL Numeracy 4

SL Literacy 5  SL Numeracy 5

SL Literacy 6 SL Numeracy 6

A number of companies across the UK are also offering free subscriptions for a limited time during this crisis. Our staff team have also compiled a list of further websites to support with a variety of curricular areas such as Health and Wellbeing, Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Outdoor Learning, Project Based Learning, Computing and Coding, Arts and Crafts. These can be found by clicking here.