Discovery Zone

Welcome to the Discovery Zone

The Discovery Zone is a place for our young people to apply the skills taught in class in different contexts. Children from Primary 4 – Primary 7 will work together to investigate the world in which we live through the contexts of different STEM challenges.

A note form our Head Teacher

“The Discovery Zone encourages a curiosity about the world for our children. It shows them how the skills they develop in class can be used in real-life contexts and encourages learning within the STEM subjects. I am very proud of this space and the opportunities it gives our children.” – Mrs Marshall

What our pupils say:

“It’s awesome! Before we would only do science once a month but now we can investigate new things everyday!” – BB, Primary 5.

“I would give it a 10/10. It’s super fun because of all the experiments we get to do. I loved learning about the digestive system and making the fake poo.” – SM, Primary 4.

“I like the Discovery Zone because you get to do cool experiments. I know I’m learning but it just feels like fun!” – SL, Primary 6.

“It’s a cool place. There is plenty of stuff to learn about. Im surprised we get to do this much science. People in other schools don’t do anywhere near as much as us!” – HF- Primary 7

“It’s just a more fun way to learn. You can do a mix of everything; literacy, numeracy, science and art. You get to work together to learn awesome things.” LF, BB, IM, ER, Primary 7.

What our staff say:

“This is an invaluable asset to Corsehill regarding STEM. The kids can learn to be independent, ambitious and support each other in their learning.” – Mr Frew

“I love that I get to plan will my colleagues for a range of different learning experiences that children across the school can access. It feels really powerful when you hear young children so motivated about their learning and can see them developing their skills to solve real-life problems.” – Mr Kirk

What our parents say:

“Fantastic! This is a great learning experience to let kids see that learning happens outside the classroom. My kids really enjoy their time there. They are always coming home and telling me what they have been creating that day.” – Mrs Coombs

“Amazing! It’s a resource that these kids just don’t have in this area. My kids absolutely love it. It really helped Ellie when she was in Primary 7. Kian has just started working in this area this year and is so motivated to learn. It’s great!” – Mrs Wilson