Corsehill Primary School and Early Years Classes.

Mrs Collins, staff and pupils would like to welcome you to the Corsehill Primary School and Early Years Class Website. 

Message from our Head Teacher

Dear Families and Carers,

I am so excited to welcome you all to our school website. Please explore through the different areas to find more information about our school and your child’s learning.

Family involvement is incredibly important to me and I am looking forward to working in shared partnership with you to ensure a high quality educational experience for your child whether you are a new parent to the school or an existing one. We know that children can do better and achieve more when their parents are involved.

I joined the school in February 2023 and I am blown away by our teaching and support staff who are incredibly hardworking and talented professionals. They put children first and greatly value our relationships with them.

Our positive ethos in the school allows all kinds of learning to flourish and we hope that the knowledge, understanding and skills your child will gain during their years in Corsehill Primary will enable them to become successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens who will become the best that they can be and contribute positively to society now and in the future.

I am incredibly proud of our school and hope that you and your child will be too. I look forward to working with you as we make a positive difference for our little people.

Kind regards,

Nicola Collins

Head Teacher

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We are proud to be working to become a rights respecting school

Article 29 –  children’s education should help them fully develop their personalities, talents and abilities.