Safer Schools – Online Safety info

Our young people are all spending more and more time in the digital world. Technologies, apps, games are all becoming more and more accessible.

There are lots of benefits to a digital world but it also comes with dangers that we need to educate ourselves and our young people about in order to keep safe. Throughout their time in school, children will learn about different aspects of online safety and how to conduct themselves in an online world.

In order to empower our families to have the knowledge of different dangers online we have partnered with the Safer School App which you can download for free to find lots of information.

The app is completely free and has videos, posters and clear information on everything from tiktok to digital safeguarding. Look at the poster below to see how to get access tot he app.

Safer schools instructions

We are proud to be working to become a rights respecting school

Article 19 – governments must protect children from violence or abuse.