Play Zone

Welcome to the Play Zone

The Play Zone is a play based learning environment which provides the pupils with stimulating and progressing learning experiences. Research shows that young children learn best through play. The children are consulted weekly about their learning and they are supported in identifying their own next steps. The culmination of learning through play and child voice ensures that the Play Zone is a high quality learning environment.

A note form our Head Teacher

“The staff are very creative in Corsehill. They have been very creative in how they utilise the areas we have in school. They have established the Play Zone as a motivating environment for high quality learning and teaching. The Play Zone gives children opportunities to have fun and exciting learning experiences through play.” – Mrs Marshall

What our pupils say

We have a skills tree and a choosing board to see what jobs we need to do.

I like that we get to make weights. We have to work together to do challenges. We get to use the laptops – that’s technology!

We play games to make our brains work hard. We get to do dancing too.

We get to read stories and books about our topics.

What our parents say

“I like that the children can get up and move about and not sit in class all day. The children seem to really enjoy it. It’s my daughter’s favourite!” – 

What our staff say

“Being able to work in such a child-centred learning environment is so rewarding. It is amazing getting to see these young people become motivated and excited to learn.” – Mrs Meechan