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Glow Blogs Twitter Changes

Twitter/X keeps changing the goal posts for integration with other systems. Recently they have stripped out most of the functionality for free third party use.

Glow Blogs Updated 1 Feb 2024

Fixed an issue with Google Analytics, the ‘Sessions and Views in the last 30 days graph for last 30 days’ is now showing properly. There may still be a problem with very old blogs not being able to display the Analytics data. Fixed upload of m4a audio files in block editor Audio Block. Plugin updates […]

Glow Blogs Update: More Blocks & More

Glow Blogs has undergone an update, including fixes for various issues and notable improvements. Fixes Improvements Still to fix

Forms in the Block Editor

We have just added a lot more blocks to use in the Block Editor. Unfortunately the Forms are not working properly. The Developers are working on a fix. Workaround In the meantime the Jetpack Contact form still word as expected in the classic editor. If you switch to the classic editor for a post or […]

Add Users & Bulk Create blog problem

There is currently a problem with the system for adding users from a curriculum group from seemis. November 2024 Bulk Create Blogs is now working as expected. 27 Sep 2023 Add Users, Add Curriculum Groups is now fixed and working as expected.  A fix is under way for Bulk Create Blogs and we expect it […]