Learning Zone

Welcome to the Learning Zone

The Learning Zone is a place for our young people to extend and apply the knowledge and skills taught in class within focused interdisciplinary contexts. Children working within First Level will work together to develop their skills and build understanding of the world in which we live through different STEAM challenges.

A Note from our Head Teacher

“The Learning Zone offers flexibility for teachers in planning high quality learning experiences within an exciting and adaptable environment where children are able to practice and develop their knowledge and skills.” Mrs Marshall

What our pupils say:

“It’s great fun, it has lots of activities and it gives you the chance to do things you want to do.  You get to learn things about your topic and use your imagination in all the areas.  I really like the engineering challenges!” MD P3

“I love the Learning Zone, when you work on your topic it has lots of different activities to help you get better in your learning.  Mrs Davis helps me sometimes, but I like getting to work with a group because working on our own gets us ready for being a grown up.” JC P3

What our staff say:

“The Learning Zone is a fantastic opportunity for children to learn in a STEAM context, working in small groups to collaborate and develop their skills.  The opportunity to work with children from across the level allows them to experience challenge and encourages independence.” Miss Hill

“The Learning Zone is a fantastic way for children to develop their skills and apply their learning through STEAM.  The opportunity to work with children outwith their social groups and base class groups help to develop confidence whilst building skills for learning, life and work.” Miss Sproat

What our parents say:

“I think it’s a fantastic way to help the children learn more about their topics.  They get to explore new learning in a fun way.” Ms Russell

“Its a fantastic area for kids to learn and have hands on experiences and work together. My daughter absolutely loved the zone.” Mrs Coombs