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We’re currently creating our blogs for the new 2013/2014 session which you’ll find on the Lochardil website.

If you’d like to see last year’s blogs – we’re keeping them in cyberspace to showcase the amazing work within Lochardil. The links can be found below:

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So long, farewell!

So, the day has come for us to say goodbye to our wonderful Primary 7s. It has been the most fantastic two years with you – we will all miss you dearly!

We’ll always remember you coming into the Learning Cabins in Primary 6, and making P6/7 the most fantastic experience for the three of us!

We want you all to do the very best you’re capable of – best of luck for the future!

Remember to come and visit!

We hope everyone has a fantastic holiday – P6, we will see you back on the 20th of August as P7s!
A very teary eyed,
Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice

The end is near . . .

Mr Cook is aware that some of the Loch Insh DVDs have been copied incorrectly. There were 4 PCs copying at once, so one PC has made the wrong disks. Please bring in your DVD tomorrow if it has been made incorrectly, and we’ll make a new one!

Tomorrow is the last day of Primary School for many of our pupils. Even writing this blog post, the tears are welling up! It was a fantastic Leavers’ Service today – you were all fantastic! A few special mentions go to:

Citizenship Awards
Laura Stewart & Lewis Mitchell

Citizenship Cup
Mackenzie Brown

Cameron McCheyne, Ewan Neil and Fergus Wilson

Perfect Attendance
Duncan Ball, Danni Bruce, Nadya Bruce, Leon Cameron, Rosie Flegg, Erin Fraser, Catherine Hamilton, Finlay MacLeod, Ryan McArthur, Rachel McRobert and Lewis Mitchell 

Maths Challenge – BRONZE
Ellie Sinclair

Maths Challenge – GOLD
Morven Rothwell

Junior Leaders
Mackenzie Brown, Honor Brown, Georgia Ireland, James Haston, Ellie Sinclair and Ewan Murray

P6 Project  WINNERS
Finlay MacLeod & Georgia Ireland

P7 Rosebowl Project RUNNERS-UP
Fergus Wilson, Jenna MacNeill and Mackenzie Brown

P7 Rosebowl WINNER
Anna Nairn

Please see our photogallery below:


We’re looking forward to the P7 party tonight!
School finishes at 12pm tomorrow!
Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice


Staff Vs. Pupils – Netball Game

End of Term Leavers’ Service – 10am, TOMORROW at the CCC

Today all of the Netball Team’s hard work culminated in a tournament between the P7 pupils against staff from Lochardil. The staff made a massive effort in terms of their outfits. Superman saved the day, and with a bit of cheating, the staff JUST pipped the pupils to the post.

Mrs Prentice, our referree, discounted the points of the staff due to what she called ‘excessive cheating’, therefore declaring the pupils the winners . . .

We’ll see you in the morning for another busy day!
Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice

Eco Board Game

P7 Vs Teachers Netball Tournament tomorrow – if you’re playing, please ensure you have your PE kit. The pictures will follow tomorrow!

Last year, some P6/7 pupils were involved in creating an ECO board game with Miss Grant and Mrs Fleming. The game was sent away as a competition, and we found out at the beginning of the month that our game was being produced. On Friday, the game was launched at Lochardil where we found out that all Highland Primary Schools will all receive a copy. We’ve got two copies in P6/7 which we’ll have out to play at the end of the week.

Only 3 more sleeps!
Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice


P7 End of Term Leavers’ Service – Thursday27th June @ 10am – Culduthel Christian Centre

What a marvellous event we hosted today. It was great to see the school buzzing with parents and carers who had come to our garden party.

The wonderful art work displays, beautiful Gaelic voices, eloquently presented Sonnets, humorous puppet performances and exploding science experiments – were perfectly complemented by our champagne and cucumber sandwiches.

We’re glad to see that the majority of our paintings were sold to their successful bidders. Art work will be brought home tomorrow . . .

Check out our fantastic photographs below:

See you tomorrow morning,
Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice

ECO Garden Party Extravaganza!

It was great to see the Primary 7s back today – only one week until we break for Summer.

The garden party organisation was in full swing, we only have a few finishing touches to make on Monday morning.

Monday 24th June 2013
1.30pm – 3pm

The dress code is POSH!

You’ll be treated to the wonderful work of Shakespeare, Georgia O’ Keeffe amongst many other musical and artistic talents. We’ll be showcasing the science work we’ve taken part in, as well as the maintenance of our garden.

Have a fanastic weekend!
Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice

Moving on up . . .

The next two days are transition days within Lochardil.

The Primary 7s will be going up to the IRA for two days. Mrs MacLeod will meet you at the gate to the IRA at 8.45am. The school day will finish at 3.30pm. We hope you have a fantastic two days, and look forward to hearing how you get on when you come back on Friday.

The P6s will be moving up to their new P6/7 classes, alongside the P5s, with Mrs MacLeod, Mrs Prentice and Miss Shaw.

Mr Cook’s already looking forward to Friday when we’re all back together as he’s been out of school the past two days for his new job.

Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice

Well done P6/7!

Mrs Taylor, one of the Quality Improvement Officers for Highland Council, visited P6/7 today to watch and learn how they do reading.

The teachers met with her after school and she was extremely impressed with the way that you asked questions, answered questions and discussed your books thoroughly within your groups.

You’ve all done yourself proud – Well Done!
Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice


After a successful Sports Day yesterday, P6/7 pupils have again seen success today at the Inverness Primary Schools Golf Competition.

A team consisting of Charlie, Fraser and Ewan competed and they arrived home with medals for getting the best score overall. An excellent success boys. Jamie also played within the competition.

Ewan also received the trophy for second best player overall – an excellent achievement!

We hope you all have a great weekend. It’s an extremely busy week next week, with the Quality Improvement Visit on Monday and Tuesday, and the P7s at the IRA on Wednesday and Thursday.

Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice

Sports Day Success!


What a brilliant day we have had for Sports Day. The sun was beaming down on us, and we all had great fun!

Our HOUSE champions were: DUNTELCHAIG

Finlay and Jenna, our Duntelchaig House Captains, collected the trophy.


Our P7 champions were as follows:


Boys: Charlie McGoldrick
Girls: Rosie Flegg



Boys: Mackenzie Brown
Girls: Angel Hillhouse



Well done to you all for your effort and participation! It was a great afternoon, enjoyed by all.
P7s – Remember to bring your bike tomorrow for Bikeability!

Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice

Let’s get fit . . .

SPORTS DAY: The P4-P7 sports are at 1pm TOMORROW

To represent your house group tomorrow, please wear your house group colour. Here is a reminder below:

ASHIE – Yellow

BROOM – Blue



In the run up to Sports Day tomorrow, we had two players from Caley Thistle come in to do fitness training with us. Laura took so many photos, that we decided to make a video. Check it out below:

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/gEVRM97Llmg" width="425" height="344" allowfullscreen="true" fvars="fs=1" /]


See you all tomorrow!
Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice

What is an effective presentation?

P7 – Remember your bikes and helmets for bikeability tomorrow!

What is an effective presentation?

It is most definitely NOT this cartoon . . .

Today we looked at what the success criteria of an effective presentation would be in preparation for our class talks. We will be talking for 1 – 4 minutes on the subject which we’ve done our personal project on. We watched a video clip (which the P7s saw last year, but we feel it is a great way of showing what we mean) which gave us some handy tips.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/1gXE19sh1r8" width="425" height="344" allowfullscreen="true" fvars="fs=1" /]

Effective Presentation Video – CLICK HERE!

The video told us about the three Ps:
Planning, Preparing, Presenting

Planning – We’re lucky, we’ve done the hard work which was our personal projects – nothing to worry about.

Preparing – Over the next week, we’ll be preparing our class presentations, learning how to select the main points and write these in note form. We’ll then have time at school and at home to practise for our presentation. At this stage, we’ll want to make sure we’ve got any props which we’re using for our presentation.

Presenting – We’re looking for the following things in our presentations:

1. A clear, loud voice which is varied to keep our audience interested
2. Eye contact with the audience
3. Clear layout – a beginning, middle and an end

Tonight, you may want to have a think about what your main points are going to be, these may be a few of the chapter headings within your project . . .

See you tomorrow,
Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice

Eco Extravaganza Garden Party

With now only two weeks to go until our Eco Extravaganza Garden Party, we’re extremely busy making the final preparations for the event. As you can see from the invitation above, the attire is POSH – bow ties and hair-fasteners will be warmly welcomed! Paper invites will come home tomorrow, however some letters have failed to reach home as of recent . . .

P6/7 Eco Extravaganza Garden Party

Monday 24th June 2013 – 1.30pm – 3pm
Mint Imperial Gardens – Lochardil Primary School

On the afternoon, we will be collecting donations of silver and bronze coins; the collected money will be used for materials for the sustained development of our garden.

All that’s left is to keep our fingers crossed for delightful weather!

See you tomorrow,
Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice

What – a – week!

Blink, and it’s gone. By ‘it’s’ we mean the week. This was an extremely busy and action packed one. Between Scottish Opera, Findhorn and Sports Practice, it’s reached Friday extremely quickly.

On Monday, we have some pupils helping at the P3 Tennis Tournament, and the Drummond Sports. We’re hoping that Mr O’Parka is going to be in on Monday also – so it will be a busy ‘un. 

What a glorious week of weather we’ve had – remember to check out the weather blog – Fergus and Cameron recorded it as 18 degrees this morning:

Weather Blog – CLICK HERE!


Our friends at Melville International School tried Irn-Bru this week after our recommendation. Check out the video in which you can see their reaction, drinking it for the first time. $3 (New Zealand Dollars) for a can – quite pricey indeed:

Melville Intermediate – Irn Bru VIDEO!

Have a fantastic weekend!!!
Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice

The Pirates of Penzance

P6s – Remember to bring  a packed lunch for your trip to Findhorn, along with a jacket and sensible shoes.

P7s – Come prepared with possible song lyrics tomorrow for our leavers’ song. The Loch Insh DVD is finished, and we’ll showcase it tomorrow morning!!

We enjoyed our trip to Eden Court for ‘The Pirates of Penzance’ – Unwrapped by The Scottish Opera company. We got to hear the performers sing, watch and hear the orchestra, and see how the fantastic scenery, lights and costumes add to the success of the show.

We even got to sing along during one of the songs …

If you’d like to hear a few extracts from the opera – please visit the link below:

Scottish Opera – CLICK HERE!

Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice

Fame – Fortune!

Just a quick reminder that we’re at Eden Court tomorrow for Scottish Opera. We’re leaving school around 11.45am. Please make sure you’ve got a packed lunch with you.

We’re famous – after our FANTASTIC video that we made last week for our friends in New Zealand – as you can see from the post on Friday, many people from their school have commented on our video. The link that we’ve established with Melville Intermediate School is excellent – a brilliant way to learn about different cultures. They’ve written about us on their blog; some other schools have commented saying what excellent ambassadors you are for Scotland. Check out their blog:


As part of our writing this week, we’re learning how to write an artist’s résumé – using humour. These are going to be ‘showcased’ at our garden party, along with our artwork. For homework for tomorrow, you have three tasks:

1. Choose a “posh” name
2. Select an “interesting experience” you’ve had as an artist – the more exaggerated the better
3. Give an “interesting fact” about yourself – this can be a white lie

Many of you have posted this on the blog already (we’re loving the suggestions so far) – it should be posted on the blog by tomorrow, ready for writing!

See you in the morning,
Count Cook, Madame MacLeod and Princess Prentice

Money Money Money . . .

Money and Financial Education are an important part of Curriculum for Excellence. This week is Financial Education week within Maths. It is extremely important for pupils to have a concept of money, especially in today’s culture when many transactions take electronic form.

This week we are learning to:

  • Use money to pay for items
  • Know how to budget money effectively
  • Understand the term ‘overspending’

We are delivering this through stories which explore Financial Education themes, as well as using games and numerical activities.

Here are two games that you can play to explore Money further:
Chore Chart – CLICK HERE!
Money Wiz – CLICK HERE!

See you tomorrow,
Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice

Hello there New Zealand!


We have been very busy this week getting our video ready for our friends at Melville International School in New Zealand. After spending the week filming, we spent this afternoon editing the video. The class have put in a fantastic amount of effort, and we hope that we’ve managed to answer the questions that Elizabeth from Melville International asked us . . . Watch our video below:

[kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.youtube.com/v/ps1AvE5i_ZU” width=”425″ height=”344″ allowfullscreen=”true” fvars=”fs=1″ /]

Scottish Culture Video – CLICK HERE!

Check out the Melville International School blog:


Just to let you know – Mr O’Parka still isn’t feeling well, so will not be here on Monday.

We’d like to thank all the parents and carers who helped in Swimming Group A – that is their slot of swimming finished now.

We hope you have a great weekend,
Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice

Scottish Opera – VIDEO!


Bikeability – Remember your bikes tomorrow
Swimming – Group A –  last swimming session

Yesterday, after the fantastic peformance of ‘Slim McBride and the Lost Tribe’, the video is now ready. Unfortunately, due to a technical failure we’ve lost a section of ‘chop and build’,  however you’ll see an overview of the fantasic performance. Apologies for the shaky hand – Mr Cook tried to stay as still as he could. Watch the video below:

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/G630zCDwe7k" width="425" height="344" allowfullscreen="true" fvars="fs=1" /]

Scottish Opera – CLICK HERE!

See you tomorrow,
Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice

Scottish Opera

What an excellent day we had today with the Scottish Opera company. We worked hard between 10 and 12, putting together the words which we had learned with Mrs Hunter and in class, adding in the choreography and movement from the team at Scottish Opera.

After lunch we performed our dress rehearsal to the P3/4 and P4 – it was great to have a real audience for our dress rehearsal.

At 2.15pm we performed to parents/carers – and what a spectacular show it was . . . It really made us think about the rainforest, demonstrating the key messages within biodiversity and sustainability.

We’d like to thank Mrs Hunter for all her hard work when learning the songs, in addition to the team at Scottish Opera (including Roger’s visit earlier this month) for all their hard work!

Mr Cook is busy putting together the video which he filmed with a somewhat shaky hand – it should be available later on in the week . . .

See you tomorrow,
Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice

Madness in May!

Scottish Opera is tomorrow at the CCC. Please make sure that you wear your PE kit, as you need it for the performance. You also need to make sure that you have a packed lunch with you, which we will be having at the CCC.

Parents/carers – The performance will start at 2.15pm. Please arrive between 2pm and 2.10pm at the CCC for the performance.

P7s – interested in Athletics, Hockey or Music? The IRA have invited you to join their after school clubs for the last few weeks. An information leaflet will go out tomorrow to all P7s. The string group does not begin until the 13th of June.

Inverness Royal Academy Leaflet – CLICK HERE!

We’ve been busy practising our origami skills today in preparation for our garden party. How chic do these looks?

See you all in the morning,
Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice

Summer, are you here?

Over the weekend, Inverness experiences some glorious sunshine – perhaps that is summer finally here (we’re hoping so as our ECO Garden Party is 4 weeks today).

On Saturday, Lochardil took part in Inter-School Sports at Bught Park. It was an extremely successful day, with Lochardil receiving placings in many of our events. Check out the photographs below:

Well done to everyone who took part, and in particular, Mrs Brown who led the training each week.

See you tomorrow,
Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice

A video response . . .

We’re still requiring a few more parents to walk the children to and from the CCC next week when going to our Scottish Opera performance at the CCC. If there’s anyone who can help – please give the school a phone on Monday.

Firstly, thank you to the Geography department at the IRA for having the P7s this afternoon. Everyone really enjoyed visiting the Geography department, and taking part in an activity which meant investigating all of the areas of the school. Raring to go to the visit days in a few weeks now . . .

Our friends at Melville International, New Zealand, have responded to our questions, using a video to give their responses. The Depute Principal who commented on our blog yesterday features in the video also. To watch the video, click the link below:

Meville International – Questions Answered

We hope you have a great weekend! . . .
Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice

Let’s link with NZ . . .

REMINDER : Group A need their swimming kit for tomorrow

It’s been a day of culture today – kicking off with the Travelling Art Gallery. The bus pulled up at 8.50am and took pupils from P4 – P7 into a world of contemporary art. It was great to see how artists used the theme of childhood in their pieces.

Find out more by visiting:


We also received another comment from Melville Internation School in New Zealand. We decided this morning that we’d like to find out more about the culture in New Zealand. We’ve comprised the following questions which we’d like to ask Jamie and her class mates. We’re also hoping to make a Scottish themed Lochardil documentary to share with them. We’d like to thank them for mentioning us on their page. Check it out . . .


What is your national anthem?

What are your traditional foods?

What is the weather like where you live?

What is the story behind your flag?

What time do you start and finish school?

What religions do people follow?

How big is your town?

What’s homework like in your school?

What’s the national plant?

What music do you listen to?

Do you have any traditional dances?

What sports do you do?

What languages do you speak?

Is your town, Hamilton, named after the town Hamilton in Scotland?

Has anyone in your class been to Scotland?

We’ve attached it as a word document for our friend at Melville’s also if that’s easier . . .

Lochardil Questions for Melville Intermediate – CLICK HERE!

See you all tomorrow –
Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice

Our first international comment . . .

Over the weekend some of you may have seen the comment which we had from a school pupil in New Zealand. This was really exciting as it’s the first person to comment on our blog from another country – and New Zealand – we couldn’t have got much further away.

Jamie – a pupil of Y7/8 got in touch as she is investigating Scottish Cultures. She is from:

Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, NZ

The Y7/8 class have an excellent blog, and Mr Cook’s language group responded to her questions today during writing.

If you want to help Jamie learn more about Scotland, why not go and answer some of her questions?! Visit their blog below:
Melville Intermediate School – CLICK HERE!

We’d love to have a Skype conversation with the class, but because we’re in school at different times because of the timezone – we’re not really sure it is possible. Maybe we could send them a video message from Scotland? If you have any ideas – let us know . . .

Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice

Let’s experiment . . .

Reminder: P7 Bikeability is on tomorrow – please ensure you have your bike and your helmet

Over the past two days we’ve been completing an interesting science experiment using washing up liquid, food colouring and different liquids.

Our aim: To investigate how soap reacts with different liquids

Tomorrow we’re going to record our findings in the format of a science report. If you want to watch the science experiement, click the link below:

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/Hr6dZ6aWpF4" width="425" height="344" allowfullscreen="true" fvars="fs=1" /]

Colour Changing Milk – CLICK HERE!

See you all tomorrow – Mr Cook can’t wait to get back into the classroom after being away the past two days, and in Loch Insh last week.
Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice

Angles everywhere…

It’s good to be back to normal, and have everyone back together today.

Over the next few weeks in Maths we’re going to be looking at angles. Today we started with categorising the different type of angles. See how you get on with this game below, you need to be quick or it will be game over:

Name That Angle – CLICK HERE!

Sh&RE has started today for P6, and will begin tomorrow for P7. Please see the information letter which went home for further details.

See you in the morning,
Mr.Cook, Mrs.MacLeod and Mrs.Prentice

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