ECO Sharing Assembly

We all enjoyed hearing about all the fantastic ECO projects that have been happening across the school over this year. Our ECO focus pupil groups met 4 times throughout the session and worked on one of the aspects of ECO schools topics. We all evaluated our progress with the Environmental Review and worked at some aspects to help with developments.

 Litter groups – We were introduced to a brilliant model made  by using  recycled items. Mr Junk helped with the Pick It Up Litter Rap.

Sustaining our World – They discussed Fair Trade and why it was important. They made leaflets and drew pictures of endangered animals.

Water – This group looked wrote  a letter to the Clerk of Works requesting new water fountains. They also got the Water butt moved into the garden area to help with watering plants.

Improving School Grounds – They provided toy cars, garages and plastic drainpipe to improve play experiences. They hope to open the garden area to all pupils for a quiet zone.

Energy – They wanted to get a renewable energy source for the school and met with a local company director who to discuss the possibility of getting Solar Panels. This would be too expensive. They made signs and posters showing us ways to reduce energy.

Biodiversity – They showed us the link between all living things using “Jenga” blocks!” They had a beautiful bird table donated by a pupil’s uncle.

Waste Minimisation – They learned about what we can recycle. They spoke to cook about our Food Waste in the school and made posters to put in the canteen reminding us to eat our lunch.

Health and Wellbeing – Discussed ways to keep healthy and fit. We hope to get new toilets in the summer holidays so that will give us new taps and water fountains.

Well done to everyone for keeping ECO going around our school.

Minutes from Meeting 7 9.5.2014

ECO Meeting 6 Minutes

Friday 9 May 2014

1.Welcome and Apologies

2.Litter – Litter on pitch.  Pr 4,5,6,7 reps to remind classes/pupils playing football to make sure litter is put in the bin. All pupils to make sure pitch is kept tidy.

3.Review of ECO work – discussed what we have done as an ECO Team this year.

4.Date of next meeting –  June 13th 2014

Ruthven and Broom Bake Sale

We were delighted with the total we made today at our Bake Sale – £87.55

The money will go towards funding paint for tyres, compost and plants. “Broom in Bloom” and “Roots for Ruthven” is our little project next term to brighten up the  reception area.

We loved all the delicious baking and everyone helped to buy and eat them!

Big Spring Clean with the LET!

Well done to the Lochardil Eco Team and parent helpers who spent some time around the school and local park picking up litter today.We wore our special Keep Scotland Beautiful vests. We made a difference around a few areas and enjoyed being out feeling that we were helping the local environment.

Sports Relief 2014

It has been a super week for exercise, fun and getting fit. We were delighted with our total of £213.41 for Sport Relief donated today.

Every event throughout the week was well supported and we all had lots of fun. The Junior Leaders made an outstanding contribution across the whole school. Many thanks to Mrs Armstrong and her fantastic team for their hard work and dedication.

Mr Ross Nixon, Mrs Lizzy Burke (and her tennis coaching team), Sarah Liebnitz and Caley Thistle were all involved in the range of activities. We value their help and appreciate their time and skills.

We hope the money raised will help to make a difference to others who are in need of our support.

Minutes from ECO Meeting 5 14.3.14

ECO Meeting 5     14.3.14  Minutes

  1. Welcome and apologies –  Mr Dowling and Mrs Brechin did not attend. Beth, Luke, Emily ,  Calum and Mrs McArthur were swimming.
  2. Matters arising from minutes – Fairtrade Fortnight: Some classes did have raised awareness of Fairtrade. More labels collected for box at reception.  Climate Week Poster Competition – some classes participated and winners were displayed at reception.
  3. Litter – Keep Scotland Beautiful /Big Spring Clean: Information letters given out about our next ECO Meeting which will take the form of a Litter Pick around the locality of the school.  (March 28 2014)
  4. Action Plan: Water – new taps and water fountains to be installed during the summer holidays.  ACTION: New Action to be developed. Discuss ideas in Term 4.
  5. Let’s Grow order – new gardening and litter gloves, new secateurs, 2 riddles, and a tub bucket were ordered from the voucher catalogue.  ACTION: FMA to store away with the rest of ECO gardening equipment.
  6. Sports Relief Week – Timetable out and activities planned for March 17th – March 21st 2014.
  7. Sunflowers seeds to be bought for planting to link in with Lochardil’s 50th Birthday – Growing for Gold ACTION: Use Howden’s vouchers to buy seeds once we agree a suitable location for planting.
  8. Evaluating ECO group as a pupil group: Discussed what we liked about meeting together. ACTION: Ideas for ways to involve the pupils more to be shared at next meeting.
  9. AOCB – none
  10. Date of next meeting 28.3.14

ECO Agenda 5 14.3.14

ECO Agenda Meeting 5                                             14.3.14

Rm 12   2 pm – 2.30 pm

  1. Welcome and Apologies
  2. Matters arising from previous minutes – Fair trade Fortnight, Climate week
  3. Litter – Keep Scotland Beautiful/Big Spring Clean
  4. Action Plan
  5. Let’s Grow  Resources
  6. Sports Relief Week – Sustaining our World, Health and Wellbeing
  7. Lochardil’s 50th Birthday – Growing for Gold?
  8. Pupil Groups – evaluating being on ECO group
  9. AOCB

10.  Date of next meeting Friday 28 March

Climate Week Poster Competition results

What brilliant entries for the ECO Climate Week Competition.Thank you to everyone who took part. Our winners received 10 House Points each. Remember to think about different ways we can help to save our planet all year round – not just this week!

Pr 3 – Lucy

Pr 4 – Eva B

Pr 5 – Ariana

Pr 6/7 – Iona

Pr 6/7 – Georgia

Pr 6/7 – Aimee F

Why buy Fairtrade?

This year, Fairtrade is all about bananas.

Bananas are the most popular fruit in the world.

In the UK we munch our way through over 5 billion bananas each year.

We buy most of our bananas from major supermarkets.

So what is the problem?

200% increase in shipping costs

203% increase in farm costs in the Caribbean (fertiliser and fuel)

85% increase in cost of living in Columbia since 2000

In the last 10 years, the supermarket sector has almost halved the price we pay for loose bananas while the cost of producing bananas has doubled.

As the banana business has grown, many banana farmers and workers in Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean have seen their earnings cut in real terms. There is severe pressure to keep prices low. The farmers and workers are at the end of tough supply chains, where every penny is squeezed out. Supermarkets want to offer the cheapest bananas possible.

We will pay approx 20p for an apple grown in the UK.

We pay approx 11p for a loose banana grown in a tropical climate.

A Fairtrade banana  , no matter what price you pay in the supermarket, means a minimum price is paid to farmers that aims to cover the costs of sustainable production and  a premium on top of this which farmers and workers choose to invest in community projects or improving their businesses.


Minutes from ECO Meeting 4 14.2.14

Minutes from ECO meeting 4


  1. Welcome and apologies – Mrs Macarthur helping with Pr 6/7 swimming. Luke M and Beth R swimming. Mrs Brechin unable to attend.
  2. Matters arising from previous minutes – none
  3. Litter – Litter totals still high. Litter seems to be more of a problem in certain areas around Traverse wall where Pr 6/7 play. Eco reps from Pr 6/7 to encourage all pupils using that area to be litter aware.
  4. Action Plan – still no contact from Clerk of Works re taps and water fountains. ACTION – Mrs Murray to try again.
  5. Fairtrade Fortnight (Feb 24 – Mar 9) – Small group discussed some possible actions to highlight and celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight.

ACTIONS – Posters up around school about Fair trade.

Fairtrade logo to be displayed around school.

Displaying Fair trade wrappers on a Banner.

Blog to make parents more aware as they do their shopping.

Staff to remind pupils about Fairtrade and how it makes a difference to needy farmers, communities and economies in developing areas

6.Climate Week (Mar 3 – 9) – Small group discussed some possible actions for ways to celebrate and raise awareness of Climate week.

ACTIONS – Poster competition for all classes. Entries to be in by Feb 28 2014.  (Return to Rm 12 please or put in Mrs Murray’s  office pigeon hole)

How can we look after our planet and protect our fragile climate?

Design a poster that informs or challenges us about ways we can protect our planet. (e.g. using less fuel, eating less meat, being energy efficient, using water sensibly, buying local where possible etc)

7. Sports Relief – Friday 21 March 2014. Roddy Riddle attending assembly and a week of “Sporty” events is being organised. Pupils and Staff will be encouraged to take part in the Sports Relief Mile and bring in £1. More details to follow

8. AOCB – none

9. Date of next meeting – March 14 2014

ECO Meeting 17.1.14

The ECO Team and Energy group would like to say a special thank you to Mr David Dowling from Cairngorm Windows, who came along to our ECO Pupil Groups on Friday. He took along a real solar panel, an inverter box and several fitments that help to keep solar panels in place on roofs. He provided us with lots of information and an exciting goodie bag at the end.

We would like to have a form of renewable energy in the school but panels are very expensive. At least 4 panels minimum are required for effective energy payback. It was interesting for us to be informed about panels and the difference they can make. It is too hot in Dubai for solar panels as the internal silicone melts, but Scotland has a very good climate for  maximum use!

Minutes from Meeting 3 29.11.13

ECO Minutes from Meeting 3

Friday 29th November 2013

  1. Welcome and apologies – Mrs Mcarthur. Mrs Brechin not present.
  2. ECO Boards for classes – ECO Bot mascot given out to classes for boards
  3. Litter – Discussed problem of having bags available for classes to use, since the janitor no longer helps in the playground. It was agreed that Pr 5,6,7 ECO reps are to be responsible for making sure that there are bags in the Litter Box, beside the gloves, at the main entrance. ACTION – Source spare bags. (Possibly use old supermarket carrier bags)

We looked at Clean Up Scotland campaign. We are too late to take the 100 day pledge but we discussed becoming involved by taking a smaller pledge and keeping a record using a similar tick sheet to the “Go for It cards.” ACTION – Discuss at the next meeting

4. Action Plan – Mr David Dowling coming to speak to ECO Team and Energy Pupil Group on Jan 17th 2014 about Solar panels.

5. Notice Board – How should we display our Action Plan aims? ACTION – ECO Bot to have speech bubbles explaining what we are doing.

6. AOCB – Some thank you cards to be made.

Thank you to everyone who donated Morrisons Let’s Grow Vouchers. 1078 collected . Secateurs and gloves ordered.

Willows – taking shape with help from Mrs Brechin, Mrs Fleming and some Pr 5 pupils.

JDP Competition – The winning entries have been collated into a calendar. Lucy Rowland’s entry is included. Calendar to be on display in reception in 2014.

7. Date of next meeting – January 17th 2014

Minutes from ECO Meeting 2 1.11.13

Minutes from ECO Meeting 2 Friday 1 November 2013 Rm 12

1. Welcome and Apologies – Mrs Brechin could not attend. Mr Grant no longer able to serve on ECO Committee due to FMA position responsibilities.

2. Roles – Jessica and Laura to take the minutes at each meeting. Sophie and Calum to be secretaries. Sam and Beth to report to nursery with ECO updates.

3. Green Flag 2  feedback and actions.  It was recommended that we review our code annually. ECO Code (LETS Sort It ) to be kept as our Code.  Ways to promote our ECO Schools work in the community – to be discussed at next meeting.

4. Litter – Feedback about Litter around school has not been good. The FMA post may be affecting pupils  getting assistance with equipment. ACTION – Discuss with PSA’s to ensure that pupils are given help if necessary when on Litter Duty. All classes responsible for Litter!

5. Action Plan – Water and Energy. Discussed particular needs for the school and some key points for a new action plan were highlighted. Ways to display Action Plan to be agreed.

6. Whole school working on aspects of ECO in pupil groups – groups to report back about what they hope to achieve after reviewing the Environmental Review for each aspect of ECO Schools work.

7.AOCB – Willows. Pruning and tidying required at this time of year. Date to tidy willows to be agreed.

8. Date of next meeting Nov 29 2013




Sort it!

2013-14 ECO Meeting 2 1.11.13

ECO Agenda for meeting on Friday 1 November 2013

Rm 12      2.00 pm – 2.30 pm

1. Welcome and introduction

2. Apologies

3. Agree roles

4. Feedback and actions from Green Flag 2 inspection visit

5. Action Plan and notice board

6. Litter

7. Whole school working on aspects of ECO in pupil groups


9. Date of next meeting

Welcome to a new team!

The new class ECO reps 2013-14 met for the first time on Friday afternoon. We saw one or two familiar faces back along and lots of enthusiastic new pupils to take on the challenges of ECO Schools work.

We looked at our School Aims and how ECO activities link and support them.We hope to achieve more great things for the school this session.

Our second  Green Flag will be displayed at the Kirking of the Council on Sunday 8 September as we join the Provost’s Parade. There will be  a service at  the Old High Church and a reception at Town House afterwards.

Morrisons Vouchers


Once again, our school will be collecting Morrisons Let’s Grow Vouchers. These vouchers provide a range of equipment and resources for our ongoing ECO work.

A container is at reception for the vouchers.

We have recently received £100 voucher from Klondyke (Howdens) Garden Centres in exchange for collecting 250 “Gardens for Schools” vouchers. Thank you to everyone who kindly donated.


Well done to everyone! After a very successful ECO schools assessors visit on Monday afternoon, we are delighted to announce that we have maintained our Green Flag status.

The comments were very positive and we look forward to some more detailed feedback along with another Green Flag! Pupils showed enthusiasm, interest and were very proud of their school. The large amount of evidence to showcase our ECO Schools work was reflected in the wall  displays and conversations with pupils.

We look forward to completing some of our Action Plans from previous work and strive to continue with new ideas, focus and fun into our new session.

Thank you to everyone who contributes to our ECO Schools work across the wider community.

“Bin It To Win It” Launched

Our board game has developed from its laminated format to a boxed game for use across all Highland Primary Schools. Five hundred games have been produced with funding from TEC services and Discretionary Budgets from local and community councillors. Mr James Sanderson, who had initially invited our school to take on the project, delivered 12 games to the school this afternoon.

We are delighted to have been given this opportunity to have contributed to the message of Litter, Waste and Recycling in a fun and educational way. Well done to everyone for their creativity and enterprising attitude.

Environmental Review

As part of our ongoing work to gain our Second Green Flag Award, the LET have been checking our progress using the Environmental Review. This has taken us two meetings to discuss. We have found some  things to celebrate and feel pleased about and things to work on in the future.

Summary points


We are pleased with how well everyone participates in the Litter Rota and helps to keep the school tidy. We do have a Litter Policy but not everyone knows about it. Classes will take time to go over this especially at the start of our new session.


Water use in toilets is well managed. We could locate our Water Butt to collect rainwater and work on improving our water fountains.


We have low energy lighting installed now. We would like to get a renewable energy source for our school.


We try to recycle as much waste as possible. We need to focus on reducing waste from packed lunches and start composting again when our gardening starts.


Lots of pupils walk and cycle to school. We are still trying to find a long term solution to dangerous and inconsiderate parking near the school.


We are proud of the charity work we do. We would like to improve our drinking fountains and get our Low Level Agility Trail. We would also like to play in the willows again.


We enjoy lots of clean spaces to play in  when we can get on the pitch. We are enjoying the  new range of playground equipment. However we do need to work on using it, tidying it and looking after sensibly.


We have regular  school visits and visitors who help us  raise our awareness of Biodiversity. We would like full access to our garden space to develop our Biodiversity area again.


Rights and Responsibilities work as Citizenship groups has been fun and helped us to understand how we can help each other more. We do lots of enterprise work to raise money for charities. We would like to work on our School’s Global Footprint.


We are happy with the range and quality of our school meals. Some classes have studied where our food comes from. We would like to be able to grow and use our own food in the Polytunnel.

Mascot Winner

Congratulations to Ewan Murray in Pr 6/7 for his fantastic design for our ECO Mascot competition! ECO Bot has solar panels, a scoop for digging holes for replanting trees, a tube which shoots out seeds for planting and can even water plants too. He is powered by the sun, picks up litter and never wastes anything!

The standard of entries was very high and we appreciate the interest and effort made by everyone. Look our for ECO Bot on the ECO Noticeboard!

Fairtrade Fortnight/Friday

Well done Pr 6/7, Pr 5 and Pr 3! They took in wrappers and labels with the Fairtrade logo on them. This was a school event to help support Fairtrade Fortnight. Fairtrade products can be more expensive but the profit is given back to help support farmers. They can use the money to support their families by improved education opportunities, better housing, health and welfare.

Minutes from ECO Meeting 5 25.2.13

Minutes from ECO Meeting 5                25.2.13

  1. Welcome and apologies – Mrs Mcarthur, Kieran McIlhatton unable to attend.
  2. Matters arising from last meeting –
  • Katie  welcomed as the new replacement rep from Pr 4.
  • Larger sizes of gloves bought for Litter Duty. Thank you to Mrs Brechin for doantion of gloves to help with gardening.
  • Soil being delivered from UHI building site when we have our planters washed and sorted ready for use.
  • Bird feeders – no classes had managed to make any.
  • Mother’s Day – reminded classes to consider ways of making gifts and cards with a recycled theme.

Litter – Agreed that only whole pieces of litter would be counted. All pieces can be picked up but litter total to only include whole pieces. No leaves or nature “litter” to be counted.

Action Plan – no change with progress

ECO Work in classes – Pr 6/7 Rock Challenge event was extremely successful. The message of global warming was demonstrated effectively by the performance.

Fair Trade Fortnight: Mon 25 Feb – Sun 10 March. Pupils to bring a Fair Trade label or item (useful for discussions, display or sharing knowledge about Fair Trade) Get your ECO reps to count the number of pupils/staff who brought something in. Note on ECO Board if possible.

FAIR TRADE FRIDAY – Friday 8 March 2013.

AOCB – no matters

Date of next Meeting – March 18 2013

Agenda for Meeting 5 (25.2.13)

Agenda for ECO Meeting 5

Rm 1 Monday 25 February 2013 2 pm

  1. Welcome and apologies
  2. Matters arising from last meeting – Pr 4 rep, new gloves for litter, soil update for planters, bird feeders, Mother’s Day activities.
  3. Litter
  4. Action Plan – update
  5. ECO work in classes
  6. Fair Trade Fortnight
  7. AOCB
  8. Date of next meeting March 18 2013

Minutes Meeting 4 28.1.13

Minutes from Meeting 4 (Jan 28th 2013)

1. Welcome and apologies – Mrs Mcarthur unable to attend.

ACTION:Pr 4 – could you please elect a new rep to replace M.A. who has left. Thank you


2. Litter – Ongoing tally being kept of weekly totals. ACTION: New larger sizes of gloves to be purchased.

3. Action Plan – a) Money for Poly tunnel now approved by Parents Forum. ACTION: Christopher and Ryan to write a thank you letter to the Parents Forum.

b)Gardening – all classes can now make plans to fill and plant up tubs, old tyres and containers. This can be a class project. Soil, compost and plants can be donated from outside sources and classes can get busy when resources gathered. Containers, pots and tyres are available from Mr Grant. It would be good if every class could participate in this as so many pupils enjoy a bit of gardening. ACTION: Let’s brighten up the school grounds for spring and summer! Mr Dowling donating bluebell bulbs and some other plants.

c) Bird feeders – not always a successful venture but pupils could investigate designs (preferably that use recycled materials!) to help feed smaller birds. ACTION: Designs can be tried out by classes or can be passed onto ECO group to make.

4. Ongoing ECO work in classes – Pr 6/7 working on Rock Challenge with a Climate Change theme. ACTION: All classes to use the occasion of Mother’s Day (March 10th 2013) to go ECO! Cards or gifts that we make should have an ECO recycling theme. Start collecting materials and ideas now! We can maybe share what we have made at an assembly closer to the time.

5. Competition: ECO Mascot. ACTION – Entries are invited to name and make a Lochardil Primary School ECO Mascot. Please have entries in by March 7th 2013.

6. AOCB – none

7. Date of next meeting – Feb 25 2013

Minutes for Meeting 3 26.11.12


Minutes for Meeting 3 Monday 26.11.12 Rm 1 Minutes taken by Megan (P4)

1. Welcome and apologies

2. Matters arising – We received a reply to our letter to the Council about our Action Plan concerns. The letter is being included in the report. Request for Money for Polytunnel has been passed to Parents Forum for approval. Litter total – to be shared on Notice Board and new litter total card has been passed onto classes. Mr Grant reporting that some classes not turning up for duty. JRSO and Bike Shelters – passed on our concerns and they are dealing with it. ECO Logo – now on display on ECO Board.

3. Litter – generally school is tidy and being well kept.

4. Nursery – ACTION:Helen and Andrew selected as our reps to visit nursery to explain what we’ve discussed at our meetings

5. Photo taken for notice board

6. ECO in class – suggestions to ensure that all ECO work is being recognised and recorded. This is very important as Action Plan is progressing at a very slow rate.

ACTION; Staff to note any ECO work they have been doing in class – record on sheet in staffroom or email details.

Photograph or record any ECO work that has been done.

Consider any ECO links (remember 10 ECO Schools topics!) when planning a new topic

Class name labels to be attached to ECO topics to show which aspects are being worked on.

ECO slot at assembly to share any ongoing work

7.Date of next Meeting – Jan 28 2013

Thank you

ECO Meeting 3 26.11.12

Agenda for Meeting 3

Monday 26 November 2012        2 pm in Rm 1

1. Welcome and Apologies

2. Matters arising from previous meeting – Contacting council, Poly tunnel, Weekly Litter total, JRSO and Bike shelters, ECO Logo

3. Litter

4. Nursery – select ECO reps to share ECO News with Nursery

5. Photo and notice board

6. ECO in class – What are we doing? How can we share it with everyone?


8. Date of Next Meeting – January 28 2013

Minutes from ECO Meeting 2

Minutes from ECO Meeting 2

 Monday 29 October 2012

  1. Welcome and Apologies – Mrs Mcarthur , Alisha and Mark gave apologies
  2. Matters arising from Meeting 1:

 ECO Classroom boards. Pr 6/7 and Pr 2 (AS) received new boards. Reminder to classes to use boards to share ECO news.

Poly Tunnel – letter written to Parents Forum and waiting for response.

Low Level Trail – Not to be installed until grass seed planted. Raised beds not completed as requested.

Pergola – No response to letter written to Council asking for details about getting pergola built again.

ACTION – ECO Team to contact Council again to request a meeting.

  1. Litter – Classes to make sure they know when it is their turn for litter duty. Everyone to continue with helping. Important to record litter collections. Display amount on ECO Board every week. Litter in Bike Shelters.

ACTION – Add Litter total to ECO Board every week.

  1. Action Plan – Improving School Grounds

Bike Shelters – pupils to put bikes in shelters carefully. Bike shelter at back gate to be repaired. Speak to JRSO reps to possibly organise a rota of helpers to monitor storage of bikes.

  1. Willows – Trimmed and tidied by Mr Paterson, Mr Grant and Mrs Brechin. Area to left over winter and access during the spring.
  2. ECO Logo – Cara Ward Fraser’s design was selected to be used as our new logo.

ACTION- Display on Eco Board

  1. Date of next meeting – Mon 26 November 2012

Minutes from Meeting 1 27.8.12

ECO Minutes     Meeting  1

August  27 2012

1.   Welcome and introductions (Mrs Brechin unavailable)

2. Class ECO Boards – bring along to each meeting. ACTION – Mrs Murray to email teachers to check on boards around the school.

3. Litter – issue of wasps around bins. Reminder to all pupils to be litter aware. We are all responsible for picking up litter.

4. Ryan M and Christopher T are the ECO Secretaries. Megan A to take minutes at each Eco Meeting.

5. Action Plan – School Grounds. Shared plan for low level agility trail and discussed ideas for gardening. (Raised beds and Polytunnel) Ryan and Christopher to write to Parent Council to request £600 for a  Polytunnel. Possibly try out a different  design for a new bottle greenhouse.

6. Logo – current logo needs replaced. ECO Team to create  a new logo. Classes are welcome to provide ideas and suggestions.


8. Date of next meeting Monday 24 September

LET AGENDA 1 2012-13


Monday 27th August 2012   2pm   Room1

1. Welcome and apologies

2. Introductions

3. ECO Team roles and responsibilities

4. Noticeboard/Classroom ECO Boards

5. Litter

6. School Grounds Plans – low level trail, raised beds, tyres, polytunnel, willow.

7. Action Plan


9. Date of next meeting – Sept 24 2012

Thank you

Minutes from ECO Meeting 5 March 1 2012

Minutes from ECO Meeting 5           1.3.12

  1. Welcome and apologies   – Mrs Brechin, Mrs Mcarthur, Mr Grant
  2. Litter policy discussed and reviewed
  • ACTION: Mrs Murray to type and distribute Litter policy. Classes to display on their Eco Boards.
  1. Waste Minimisation actions –
  • ACTION: Pr 4,5,6,7 to be contacted again to set up teams of pupils who could help with shredding and paper waste.
  • Mr Grant to look out grey composting bins for dining hall waste.
  1.  Litter Update
  • ACTION: Classes to complete Litter Log and pass on to next class.
  • Bins in main corridor needing to be moved/decorated – ECO team invited to make new designs.
  1. Eco Focus March –  Oxfam Water Week Pack available to teachers
  2. Notice Board – to be put on next agenda
  3. Other Business – Mrs Fleming told us about her Growing Fruit and vegetable course she attended.

ACTION: Mrs Murray to investigate grants for poly tunnel.

  1. Date of next meeting – Thursday 26 April 2012

Minutes from Meeting 4 2011-12

Minutes from ECO Meeting 4                              

 January 19 2012

Present – Zoe, Harry, Max, Daisy, Kathryn, Nina, Georgia, Cody, Catherine, Sophie, Mrs Fleming, Mrs Brechin, Mrs Murray, Mr Grant, Mr Dowling

Apologies – Mrs Mcarthur

  1. Welcome and apologies
  2. ECO Action Plan discussions:



1.  ECO Team to review litter policy at next meeting

2.New Litter Log to made and passed round around classes to record litter total. Weekly record to be taken.

3.Audit litter – investigate ways to reduce/reuse/recycle


  1. Shredders/Paper bins  team rota to be organised.
  2. Compost bins for dining hall and playground to be put in place
  3. Possible review of snack routine
  4. Bin monitors in dining hall


  1. Plan ahead for Poly tunnel and sensory garden area


  1. Recycling On the Go Board Game – School chosen to design a board game to be used in primary schools. Pr 4-7 volunteers working on  infant and upper stage games.


  1. Commented on ECO Focus months – December: Travel and Transport, January: Biodiversity, February: Sustaining Our World


  1. Nursery links – members of LET to visit nursery to report on meetings and find out about ECO activities the nursery are doing.


  1. Litter update – some classes working well at litter rota. Litter rota to be displayed on or near class ECO Boards. Litter Log to be completed and sent on to next class.


  1. Date of next meeting Thursday 1 March 2012

February ECO Theme

Our theme for February is Sustaining Our World. We are encouraged to think of different ways we can support others in need. We are remembering to make use of the Blythswood Recycling Bin the school car park. Money raised from our donations goes towards supporting a feeding programme for hungry children in Kenya.

We are raising awareness of Fairtrade through class discussions and small class assemblies. This years campaign is “Take a Step in 2012”. If we only make one or two small changes to our shopping habits and buy some Fairtrade goods then we can help many farmers and their families to a better future. More information about Fairtrade is available on the website.

January ECO Theme – Biodiversity

Our new year begins with a reminder of the important issue of Biodiversity. We will be looking at our Lochardil Biodiversity Pledge to help us understand what Biodiversity is about. We will be thinking about different habitats and how we can help to protect and support living things around us.

Our new Litter rota is ready for terms 3,4. Litter is an ongoing ECO schools topic and so each class takes a turn with helping to pick up litter around the school each week. Litter and pollution can affect many habitats as well as making places look untidy. Let’s pledge to show respect for our environment.

December theme – Travel and Transport

Our December theme “Travel and Transport” has proved to be very successful. LET  linked up with the JRSO team and decided to hold a competition. Pr 1-3 were asked to draw a picture which showed as many different ways of keeping safe and being seen in the dark. A range of highly fluorescent pictures were handed in for judging on Wednesday 14th December.

Pr 4-7 were asked to make or design something that could be worn in the dark to help keep us safe and visible. The effort and ingenuity was very evident in all the entries. Some of the entries will be on display next week. Judging has taken place and the winners will be announced before the end of term.

Well done to everyone who took part. We hope it has made us all more aware of how we should travel safely.

Green Flag Ceremony

It was a very special day in our school calendar on Friday 25 November. The whole school gathered to celebrate the raising of our ECO Schools Green Flag. The award was achieved by the school in June and it was with a real sense of pride and achievement that we watched Freya Murray and Mr Alastair Dowling raise the flag. We had Georgia Palmer, an ex Lochardil Primary pupil along to pipe the flag up.

Special invited guests included our ECO Parent helpers, Chair person of the Parent Council and some of our local councillors. Each class prepared an ECO item for a time capsule which is to be buried at the foot of the flagpole.

We continue to promote the work of ECO in the school and community. The enormous team effort across the school over the past three years has ensured that our ECO work is very well embedded in curriculum and everyday activities.

Well done to everyone – a fantastic achievement!

Sustaining our World with Blythswood Recycling

We recently received our annual update for our Blythswood Recycling Bin.

The bin, located at the reception gate, is emptied regularly and the contents and the proceeds from either selling on or recycling go towards a food aid programme.

We are encouraged by our efforts – we have been able to feed 4 children each day in Kenya from July 2010 to June 2011. Blythswood tell us “These children often come from poor families. They regularly go to school without eating a decent meal. They cannot afford a packed lunch and their evening meal wouldn’t be very much at all. Your school helps children to receive a nourishing meal and encourages good attendance at school.”

Thank you to everyone who has donated to this valuable cause. Let’s continue to support this work – it does help.

Minutes of ECO Meeting 3 01.12.2011

December 1 2011

  1. 1.    Welcome and apologies: Mrs Mcarthur sent  her apologies. Mrs Brechin was not present. We welcomed our new ECO reps –                Pr 1 FP – Z Thomson

Pr 1 MG – H Gordon                            Pr 1/2 – M Mclachlan

Pr 2/3 – D Macintosh                           Pr 3 – K Brown

 P 4 – N Thomson                                   Pr 5 – G Ireland                             

  Pr  6/7 – C Crawford, C Hamilton, S Douglas

 Our outgoing reps were thanked for their contributions to ECO work in the school.

  1. 2.    DECEMBER ECO Focus – Travel and Transport: JRSO joined us for the first part of our discussions and we agreed on a competition for this month.

ACTION – Pr 1- 3 – drawing competition: Draw a street scene picture to include as many ways to keep safe as possible ( .e.g. helmets, high viz vests, lights on bikes and cars etc. )

 Pr 4-7 – design and make something to wear to help you be seen and safe in the  dark!

Entries to be handed in to Rm 2 by Wednesday 15 December.

All classes can refer to the JRSO website for games and information about travel and transport

  1. 3.    Waste Management :Alternate Weekly Collections – Discussed amount of waste from school – mainly food waste. ACTION –  Mrs Murray to speak to Council about pigs/hens. Talk to Rising Stars about HC catering policy and food portions. LET to consider alternative ways to reduce our waste.
  2. 4.    Litter update – Mr Grant reported on litter being collected regularly by classes.
  3. 5.    Date of next meeting –Thursday 19 January 2012

ECO Agenda 01.12.2011

The next meeting of LET is on THURSDAY 1 DEC at 11.15am – 11.45 am in the staffroom.
Please bring ECO boards and a suitable pen.

1. Welcome and apologies – we would like to welcome the new class ECO reps.
2. Thanks to outgoing class reps
3. December ECO theme – Travel and Transport:discuss ideas
4. Waste Management: Alternate Weekly Collections – Best Practice Guide for schools
5. Update on Litter
7. Date of next meeting

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