Final JRSO Meeting…

Last Friday was unfortunately our last JRSO meeting of the year! We have had so much fun and had many memorable sessions together. Thank you to all the pupils for wanting to be part of the JRSO group and remember to keep safe on the roads! 🙂

Here are some words and pictures to sum up what we have learned and enjoyed within JRSO this year…

Miss Shaw

Hats for Headway Fundraiser 16.05.14

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who took part in the ‘Hats for Headway’ fundraising event last Friday! I can see that lots of you wore some eye catching hats; it looked great fun, well done to everyone. The JRSO’s have counted up the money donated and we are proud to announce that we have raised just over £208 which is incredible. Well done to everyone who got involved!

Thank you Lochardil 🙂 Take a look at some of the photos below…

The JRSO team

New Bike Shelters!

The JRSO reps and myself have been busy trying to order some new bike shelters for our playground!

A few months ago, the P6/7 JRSO reps carried out a survey to see how many people cycle to school and how many actually use the bike shelter. We soon realised that lots of people would love a new bike shelter and this might encourage more people to cycle to school instead of taking the car.

We hope to have the new bike shelters fitted and ready to use by the end of next month. We can’t wait!! 🙂

Keep a look out for them arriving…

Miss Shaw

Today’s Meeting 14th February!

Hello everyone,

Today’s meeting was so productive. Well done everyone! The JRSO reps were talking about the parking issues that we have around the school at the moment. We came up with some ideas for a poster or banner that we might display around the school. We are trying to tell people not to park near the school gates as this is dangerous for cyclists and children walking to and from school.

Be safe everyone!

Miss Shaw

Today’s Surprise!

This afternoon the JRSO’s had a special visitor from the charity Headway. Suzanne was talking to us all about wearing a helmet when out on our bikes. She explained that if we do not wear a helmet and have an accident we could hurt our heads and this is very dangerous. We learnt a little bit about our brains and how important they are. Sometimes, if we bump our heads, our brain might not work properly so we have to be very careful!

Here are a few photos from the afternoon…Miss Shaw

JRSO Meeting Today!

Hello everyone!

Today I met with all of my JRSO reps from P1- P7. It was great to see everyone again!

We had a brief chat about how to keep safe when out walking or out on your bike. We also spoke about maybe doing a presentation at an Assembly after Christmas time. So watch this space…

Other than that, there were some activities for us to do on Road Safety. Some of us were on the JRSO website playing games and answering questions: Have a look at this website at home if you have a computer!

The rest of us were busy doing wordsearches or colouring in a Road Safety picture. The younger JRSO reps got some help from the “Biggies”. Thanks guys!

Here are some photos from the afternoon…

Miss Shaw

Lochardil Parent Council Blog

The Parent Council blog can be accessed by clicking the image above. Check it out for Parent Council Minutes and updates.

The JRSO Team!

Hello everyone,

Here is the team of JRSO’s for Lochardil Primary. I have two representatives from each class. Here is a picture of us all at our meeting today. We were talking about the different things we can do to be seen in the dark. Between now and christmas ‘Be Seen in the Dark’ will be our theme as the nights are getting darker and it’s important to keep safe.

See you all next time!

Miss Shaw

JRSO Training Day!

Hello everyone!

As it is the new term back after the summer holidays there are some new JRSO’S who have volunteered to be representatives for the school. Today Duncan Ball (p7), Anna MacNaughton (p7) and Caitlin Thomson (p6)  attended the training day at Smithton Church. We gathered lots of information about what activities our school could do over the next year. It was really interesting! We also watched a magic show which was fun.

So watch this space and we’ll keep you posted of any events coming soon.

Miss Shaw

Walk to School Week 20th May-24th May 2013

The JRSOs organised a 5 Day Walking Challenge competition to encourage more pupils to walk to school during Walk to School Week!

P3/P4 won the competition as 95% of the pupils in their class walked last week. They have each won a fuzzy logo-bug!

Well done to everyone who took part! The results are below:

P3/P4: 95%

P5: 93%

P4: 88%

P2M: 81%

P1P: 81%

P2s: 79%

P6/7P: 76%

P6/P7C: 75%

P3: 72%

P1MF: 71%

P6/7M: 53%

Overall, the average score across all primary pupils was 72%. This is fantastic! Let’s keep this up and encourage each other to walk to school whilst the sunshine is out!

JRSO Pupil Group

JRSO Minutes 27.5.13

1. What have we achieved this year?
We have worked hard to raise the importance of road safety with all year groups. Parking Problems: This year, we have been trying to prevent people from parking in the staff car park and parking in dangerous areas. We have made signs for the school entrance, sent letters home, spoke to parents and contacted the police. The JRSOs have noticed that less cars now park at the school entrance after-school.

Promoting Healthy Routes to School: We wanted more pupils to walk or cycle to school this year. We organised a bike-marking event with the police which received a great response from pupils of all ages. We hoped this event would encourage more pupils to cycle to school. We have also continued the Go For It card system. To make it more appealing, we chose particular prizes that we thought pupils would enjoy. The whole school took part in a Walk to School Week competition. All the JRSOs said that their classes enjoyed this competition. The P7s are also completing their Bikeability training organised by the JRSO group.

Road Safety: We spoke to the whole school at assembly to raise the importance of wearing high-visibility clothing whilst walking to school during the winter months. During the winter, we offered reflector stickers and badges as prizes for completion of Go For It cards.

2. What should we do next year?
Parking Problems: Most of the JRSOs felt that we should continue to remind parents not to park at the school gates, at driveways or at the bend. We are still having problems during nursery change-over times. We think we should send regular letters home and use notice boards to remind pupils to ask their parents not to park in dangerous places. P6/P7 JRSOs felt that the location of the noticeboard needs to be reconsidered because they do not see it very often. This is because they spend most of their time in the new building. It was suggested that we could have an upper and lower noticeboard displaying age appropriate information.
Danger of Mobile Phones: Lisa (Highland Road Safety) told the JRSO group that there are more accidents happening on the roads because of mobile phones. Older pupils are crossing the road whilst texting and not paying attention. The JRSOs felt that this is important and that the JRSO group should raise awareness of not using phones whilst crossing roads, particularly with P5-P7.

Road Safety Awareness: Lisa asked the JRSOs when they thought road accidents with pupils often occur. She told us that most accidents happen on a Friday and during August. As this is the first month back after the holidays, we felt it would be a good idea to have a road safety campaign during this month. This would involve reminding pupils how to cross roads safely (P1-P4) and walking/cycling home safely (P5-P7). As there will be a new intake of P1s, it is important that the JRSOs show the new pupils how to leave the school gates safely (making sure you see your adult, looking both ways before you cross the road, walking your bikes/scooters out of the gates safely).

More Nursery Involvement: We felt that we would like to get more involved with nursery pupils to encourage them to walk to school and to help teach them about being safe near roads. Lisa suggested that the older pupils could visit the nursery regularly to read road-safety stories (Ziggy) to the pupils and play road safety games. She also suggested that we could provide the nursery with charts to record when they walk to school.

Promoting Walking/Cycling to School: The JRSOs felt that the Go For It cards worked well this year and that we should continue the reward system next year. Lisa (Highland Road Safety) told us that we can now use wall charts in each classroom to record our Go For It points. The JRSOs thought that this was a good idea, but some still liked using their own card. Lisa is going to post new classroom charts to the school so that we can try them next year.

JRSO Training: Lisa told us that the council is trying to find funding for JRSO training. It is likely the training will be held in September 2013 if they secure funding.

This was our last meeting for the 2012-2013 school year. We think we have worked well together to raise the importance of road safety. We wish the P7 JRSOs the best of luck as they move on to high school. New JRSOs will be appointed next term.

Date of Next Meeting: August 2013

Bikeability P7

Bikeability training sessions start this week for P7! All permission slips must be returned before Wednesday. The cycling training will help them to learn how to cycle independently and safely on local roads.

Thank you to the parents who have already put their names forward to help with the sessions. If you would like to volunteer, please contact the school!

Bike-Marking Day 2!

Today we finished all the bikes needing to be marked! Hooray! A big thank you to the police officers, police cadets and P6/P7 JRSOs who helped to complete the last 60 bikes. Over a hundred bikes were marked in the two days that the police visited. The police think it might be the most they have marked from one primary school!

We hope that this will encourage lots of cycling to school when the days get lighter, warmer and drier! Lochardil Primary School is ready for spring now!

JRSO Group

JRSO Meeting Minutes: 28th Jan 2013

Present: Rorie Soden, Evie Rowlands, Alba Adolph, Sophie Morrison, Calum Sutherland, Michael Cameron, Niamh MacInnes, Charlie Eaglesham, Grace Maclennan, Sadie Traill, Sam Vincent, Emmy Gannon, Sophia Inglis, Griffin Fraser, Cameron McCheyne, Fergus Wilson, Ewan Neil, Thomas McIlwraith, Duncan Ball, Anna McNaughton, Jamie MacKay and Iona Wilson
1. Bike-Marking
It was a great response from pupils across the school, including some nursery pupils, who brought in their bikes for the bike-marking. Over 120 bikes on the day and most cycled to school which meant there were fewer cars causing an issue with parking. Miss Shimmield is in discussion with the police to set another date to finish the bike-marking. As there are 70 bikes to be marked, it was suggested that some of the older JRSOs help the police with the bike-marking. Fergus Wilson, Duncan Ball, Anna MacNaughton and Cameron McCheyne offered to help providing this was okay with their teachers (two helpers before and two helpers after break).

2. Go For It!
JRSOs will continue to promote the Go For It! scheme in their classes. Due to the difficulty in ordering a large amount of a single prize, the group decided to choose ‘activity’ prizes. Free tickets to the Wildlife Centre and Ice Centre were chosen as suitable prizes for the current winter season and as they were easier locations for the pupils to get to compared to other locations on offer as prizes. The group felt the Go For It scheme was running well considering the current weather.

3. Parking
The Parent Council thanked the JRSO group for their efforts in targeting dangerous and careless parking at the school entrance, at the tree and in the staff car park. The main issue currently with parking is that nursery parents are using the staff car park to collect and drop-off pupils which is causing chaos and difficulty for staff at lunchtime. The period is usually from 11.30am – 1.00pm. During this time, there are also often nursery pupils running through the car park and between cars. Many members of the group came up with the suggestions, but three actions were agreed to. We decided to create signs that could be laminated to attach to the rails and gates stating that the car park is for staff only, sending a letter to nursery parents reminding them that it is a staff car park only and finally patrolling the gates during these times wearing high-vis jackets to stop cars trying to park at the entrance or in the car-park. This will be trialled on Thursday and Friday of this week. We will continue to monitor the situation of parking after-school as some JRSOs stated they had seen people parking at the tree again. If this continues, we will ask for police support again.
Date of Next Meeting: 25.02.13, Rm. 2


Today we held a bike-marking event with Northern Police and we were staggered by the amount of pupils that arrived by bikes this morning! Over 1oo pupils brought their bikes for the bike-marking today which was a fantastic response. The police officers were very surprised as they usually only have around 30! Well done to Lochardil Primary School! Unfortunately, not all the bikes could be marked today. The police officers plan to return within the next two weeks to finish the bike-marking. Further details of when this will be will be sent home once a date is confirmed.

Keep an eye on this blog for the latest updates!

Happy cycling!


JRSO at Assembly

We spoke to the whole school today about remembering to be seen in the dark and wearing their helmets. We hope that this will keep pupils safe when they are coming to school or going home. We also handed out some of our prizes today for our Go For It cards!
Happy cycling or walking – and remember to avoid an accident or crash, make sure your bike lights flash!

JRSO Minutes of Meeting 26th Nov 2012

Meeting Minutes: 26th November 2012
Welcome: Rorie Soden, Evie Rowlands, Alba Adolph, Sophie Morrison, Calum Sutherland, Michael Cameron, Niamh MacInnes, Charlie Eaglesham, Grace MacLennan, Sadie Traill, Sam Vincent, Emmy Gannon, Sophia Inglis, Griffin Fraser, Fergus Wilson, Ewan Neil, Thomas McIlwraith, Duncan Ball, Anna MacNaughton, Jamie MacKay, Iona Wilson, Miss Shimmield, Miss MacRae.

1. Go For It – Emails have been sent to Highland Council to chase the prizes and Go For It cards which have been long overdue. Miss Shimmield has received an email from Lisa McKellich, head of Road Safety for Highland, to say she his happy to bring along the cards and prizes to the school at the meeting on Wednesday 28th November. Pupils have responded well to the Go For It cards and we will continue to run the scheme.
2. Parking outside school – A letter will be sent to parents for thanks for their support during the efforts to stop parking at school entrance last week. We would like to ask police or Highland Council whether we can put up posters or paint yellow lines to help with the parking problem. We felt standing outside did help as the number of cars reduced over the week. We are going to ask Lisa McKellich about possibly leaving notes on cars when they park dangerously in front of the school.
3. Phoning the police – We have contacted community officers with regards to helping with the parking problem. We would like some officers in the mornings to ensure that pupils aren’t being dropped of dangerously at the front of the school. We attempted to phone a police officer involved in the community but he was not available. We will try again during the course of the week.
4. Bike helmets and high-visibility clothing – Another problem we have noted is that pupils are not wearing their helmets to cycle home. We have also noticed some pupils aren’t wearing bright colours or high-vis clothing. We decided that speaking to the whole school at assembly on Monday 4th December would be a good way to raise the issue.
5. Meeting with Lisa McKellich, Road Safey, Highland Council – We have arranged a meeting with Lisa McKellich on Wednesday 26th November 2012 to discuss getting new bike shelters and some of our other current issues. Duncan Ball, Fergus Wilson, Ewan Neil and Cameron McCheyne will attend the meeting to share the views of the JRSO group.

Next Meeting: 28th January 2012, 2.00pm – 2.30pm, Rm. 2

JRSO Update!

Apologies to everyone still waiting on Go For It! cards or prizes! We have been contact with the Highland Council again but as they are moving offices it has been difficult for them to send things out of school. We are hoping that they should arrive any day now! A new link as been set up if you want to learn more about JRSOs

Thanks (and don’t forget your brolly if your walking to school this week!)
JRSO Group


Well done for those pupils who have been walking to school this term (and in the wind and rain!)There are some pupils still waiting for their Go For It cards because we have needed to order more from the council! We will send them out soon asthey arrive.
It is great that so many are wanting to walk to school. If you are waiting, keep a note of how many times you have walked and you can fill it in your card when you get it.

There has also been a change to the ‘Prize of the Month.’ Highland Council no longer offer cycle starter kits as prizes so we have ordered bike lights instead. We hope they will come in handy as the days start to get darker now winter is coming!

Happy walking/cycling!

JRSO Group

September ‘Prize of the Month’!


The following prize is no longer available. We are offering a set of bike lights instead! Keep walking/cycling and remember to hand in your completed ‘Go For It Card’ with 25 ticks! We will get your prize to you as soon as we can!

This month’s prize for 25 ticks on your Go For It! Card is…. *drumroll*

A Cycle Starter Kit

(includes water bottle, cycle lock, pump and puncture repair kit).

Have fun walking/cycling to school this month!


Retrieved from

Meeting Minutes: 27th August 2012

JRSO Meeting Minutes 27 August 2012
Present: Rorie Soden, Evie Rowlands, Alba Adolph, Sophie Morrison, Calum Sutherland, Michael Cameron, Niamh MacInnes, Charlie Eaglesham, Grace MacLennan, Sadie Traill, Sam Vincent, Emmy Gannon, Sophia Inglis, Griffin Fraser, Cameron McCheyne, Fergus Wilson, Ewan Neil, Thomas McIlwraith, Duncan Ball, Anna McNaughton, Jamie MacKay, Iona Wilson, Miss MacRae and Miss Shimmield.
• Welcomed new additions to the JRSO Group and discussed the JRSO training and website.
• Discussed ideas for reinitiating the JRSO Group. Pupils decided that we needed to raise awareness of wearing high-visibility clothing accessories when pupils walk or ride the bikes/scooters to and from school. It was suggested that a giant high-vis jacket could be created for display at JRSO area. Other pupils agreed to make posters to bring in and display at the area. Miss Shimmield supplied some materials for making the posters.
• The ‘Go For It!’ programme was discussed. It was agreed that any old cards would not be counted and the scheme would start ‘fresh.’ i.e. any full cards from last time will unfortunately be unable to claim the prises due to staff shortages in the previous school year.
• It was suggested that we could use the ‘Go For It!’ scheme to our advantage by offering a ‘Prize of the Month.’ It was agreed that the lights and high-vis gear should be offered in the winter months and the outdoor activity tickets in the summer. The ‘Prizes of the Month’ (which were suggested and agreed by the group) are:
1. September: Cycle starter kit (includes water bottle, cycle lock, pump and puncture repair kit).
2. October: LED keyring light and bike belt
3. November: LED bike lights and pair of slapbands
4. December: Inverness Leisure Centre offer

• A letter will be written asking who would like to take part in the ‘Go For It!’ Programme, with a list of the prises and a reminder that it is a tick per return to school, not per journey. i.e. one tick per day. It was also agreed that a prise will be given after the card has 25 ticks.
• Older members of the JRSO Group agreed to phone Highland Council to request for the next ‘Prise of the Month’ in advance so that there are enough prises for the pupils when the cards are returned.
• Discussed ‘Walk to School Week.’ Pupils decided they would like to use the ‘Walk to School’ charts in the classrooms to record the class which walks, rides/scooters to school the most for this year’s event. These will be ordered from Highland Council (one chart per class). It was agreed that a large chart detailed the whole school efforts will also be displayed in the JRSO area.

Date of Next Meeting: 24.09.2012 14:00 – 14:30, Room 2

JRSO Minutes- 01.03.2012

Minutes from JRSO meeting 1st March 2012

1. Welcome- Duncan Ball, Rhoda Duncan, James Nairn, Fergus Wilson, Cameron McCheyne and Ewan Neil

2. We had a look at the maps that all classes completed as to where pupils live and it would appear that most of the cars that come to school come from the Culduthel Mains area therefore we are going to have a closer look to try and find a drop off zone for this area.

3. There is an induction day at Smithton Church for JRSOs on 26th April which we hope to attend and come back with lots of ideas!!

4. The saga of the carparking at the tree continues and  we are looking into the possibility of naming and shaming people on our blog?? Dont want to be arrested so am checking with police if we are able to do this!

5. We are sending a photo and a paragraph from our JRSOs for the main JRSO Newsletter about the new cycle lanes on Drummond Road, all the new reduce speeding to 20 signs that have been put up around the local area. This has been done as last year we had to put in a Road safety Plan of things that we would like done around our school.

6.  Thanks for attending

JRSO Minutes- 19.01.2012

Minutes from meeting on 19th January 2012

1 –Welcome to those present  Fergus Wilson, Cameron McCheyne, Ewan Neil, Duncan Ball, James Nairn and Rhoda Duncan

2 – Go For It – We are going to again start the Go For It Campaign giving out permission slips to all P1s and cards to everyone else who want to take part

3 –Parking – We are still trying to work out a solution to the parking outside the school . An evening meeting will be held shortly with community councilors and any interested parents and staff but before this is done we are trying to get all the information together. Part of the imformation we require is to establish which direction the majority of children are coming from therefore maps of the area are going to be given to each class and we ask that each child marks on it where they live. We ask that if the child comes by car they mark their house in red and if they walk or cycle they mark it in green. This information will hopefully give us an idea of where we might be able to make drop off points. If anybody has any ideas please let us know?

4 – Date and time of next meeting – TBC


The Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO) team, are trying to ensure that Lochardil becomes a safer, healthier and happier place.



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