Term 1 Week 4 Homework

Spellings (x2) Write 4 sentences using your words and underline adjectives.

Maths sheet :Subtraction (Write answers in jotter) Only do numbers 1,2 on Pupil Sheet side and all of Trog side as chimney sums.

Language: Pg 4 Adjectives

PE: Hockey on Tues/Fri and Tennis on Thurs.

Remember new Dinner sheet and money to be returned.

Meet the Teacher Thursday 12 September 1.45 pm – 2.45pm

PR 5 on LITTER DUTY this week.

Take turns as House Groups

Tuesday            Ashie

Wednesday    Broom

Thursday       Duntelchaig

Friday             Ruthven

2013/2014 Blogs

We’re currently creating our blogs for the new 2013/2014 session which you’ll find on the Lochardil website.

If you’d like to see last year’s blogs – we’re keeping them in cyberspace to showcase the amazing work within Lochardil. The links can be found below:

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P5 https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/hi/P5ClassBlog-LochardilPrimary/
P6/7 https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/hi/P67ClassBlog-LochardilPrimary/

Bare Walls, empty trays…moving on!

As we cleared our classroom yesterday and removed our work, we were taking a walk down memory lane with old pieces of artwork and activities appearing!

Looking back we reflected on some of our Pr 5 highlights…

Scottish Opera ”We had a good time and we hope they come back next year.”

Trips to Culloden, Fort George and Findhorn ”We learnt lots.”

Sports Day ”Sports day was a great achievement for us all.”

The end of term Disco ”We enjoyed the paper game.”

The Hallowe’en Disco ”We all got soaked but we didn’t care.”

The four seasons comp ”We enjoyed planning and making it.”

The power of poetry comp ”We got there in the end.”

Mrs Murray commented: ”We’ve had the best year ever. Keep working hard.”

Thank you to Mrs Neil, Mrs MacArthur and Mrs Smith, but most of all a big thank you to Mrs Murray.

Findhorn Foundation Visit

The sun was shining and the birds were singing as we arrived at Findhorn this morning. We split into 4 groups for a tour of the site lead by some expert guides. We saw the around Field of Dreams area where  sustainable housing has been built. We sat in the Quiet Room for some contemplation time. We visited the Living Machine which turns waste water from the Foundation into clean water. There was so much to see and our guides added extra information to help us understand the sustainable way that the Foundation works. It was such an interesting place to visit and we all want to go and live there! 

For a lovely day out in the summer holidays , families are welcome to walk round or join an organised tour of the site.

We enjoyed our picnic lunch in Grant Park, Forres and  rolling down the hills! Thank you to our parent helpers for their time today.

JDP presentation

Well done to Lucy,  Third place winner(Scotland)  in the JDP recycling Four Seasons Competition. She received a personal voucher for £25 and a cheque for £100 for the school for sustainability projects at our Achievement Assembly today. We’re very proud of your success. Every pupil received a JDP ball as a participator’s prize!

Scottish Opera – VIDEO

Yesterday, after the fantastic peformance of ‘Slim McBride and the Lost Tribe’, the video is now ready. Unfortunately, due to a technical failure we’ve lost a section of ‘chop and build’, however you’ll see an overview of the fantasic performance. Apologies for the shaky hand – Mr Cook tried to stay as still as he could. Watch the video below:

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/G630zCDwe7k" width="425" height="344" allowfullscreen="true" fvars="fs=1" /]

Scottish Opera – CLICK HERE!

What an excellent day we had today with the Scottish Opera company. We worked hard between 10 and 12, putting together the words which we had learned with Mrs Hunter and in class, adding in the choreography and movement from the team at Scottish Opera.

After lunch we performed our dress rehearsal to the P3/4 and P4 – it was great to have a real audience for our dress rehearsal.

At 2.15pm we performed to parents/carers – and what a spectacular show it was . . . It really made us think about the rainforest, demonstrating the key messages within biodiversity and sustainability.


We’d like to thank Mrs Hunter for all her hard work when learning the songs, in addition to the team at Scottish Opera (including Roger’s visit earlier this month) for all their hard work!

Mr Cook is busy putting together the video which he filmed with a somewhat shaky hand – it should be available later on in the week . . .

Term 4 Week 6 News and Week 7 Homework

We used pastels and watercolour for our geothermal pictures this week. The Travelling Gallery introduced us to lots of interesting ideas and helped us understand what the artists were showing us through their art. We had our “Changes” SHaRE session and we know about ways our bodies change as we prepare to become adults.

Homework Week 7

Spellings (x2)

Maths sheet for  TJ group – Money revision  or EXT TB pages

Storywriting on Thursday – Write  a newspaper report about our Scottish Opera performance.

Scottish Opera on Wednesday  – come in PE kit and remember  a packed lunch and extra water to keep you going throughout the day. Rehearsing and performing can be a thirsty job!

Term 4 Week 6 Homework

The JRSOs have devised a competition to encourage pupils to walk to school. The class with the highest percentage of pupils who walk to school will win a special fuzzy JRSO logobug for each classmate!

Lets try to support this Walk to School Week event.

Spellings (x2)

Language  – Page 6 Proverbs

Maths – EXT TB Pages E2/E4 or Whole Numbers Revision sheets

Travelling Art Gallery Bus coming on Thursday to share an exhibition with us.

Trip Money £10 due by Friday 24 May. We appreciate the  many offers from parents to be helpers on our visits. We will notify you if you have been successful!

Many thanks for donations to the Blythswood Food Bank.

Bio energy art using tissue paper.

Competition time again!


Following on from our success with getting third place in the JDP Recycling Four Seasons competition (Well done Lucy and partner!), we have created poems for the Power of Poetry Competition. We worked on using techniques commonly found in  a range of poetry e.g. alliteration, metaphors, similes, personification, rhythm and rhyme and linked this to our current topic. We have picked a few to share with you.

All because of Global Warming…

Ice melting like it was never there

Greenhouse gases drifting through the air.

Rapid rivers will soon disappear.

All because of Global Warming…

Petrified penguins screaming help

Are we not able to hear their yelp?

They can’t write so they can’t spell help

All because of Global Warming…

No more rainforest trees

No more monkeys swinging with ease.

No more big strong breeze

All because of Global Warming…

So next time don’t use the  car

Even if it’s not that far.

Just listen to the words we’ve said…

“All because of Global Warming…”

 Amy  and Aaron

Life is Beautiful

As the resting Redwoods doze,

To the beat of the wind,

As the plump peaceful panda

Eats bamboo in its paradise

We applause the apple trees

For their sweet, sour gifts

As the beautiful bees make the honeycomb hives with huge honey pots.

As the gas destroys our sheltering shield

We cannot live in this harmful heat

Try to save some fossil fuel

Help us end this deadening duel.

Griffin  and Jack

Global Warming

The pulse of the earth is slowly dying

While we want it to be more satisfying.

We need to think of solar

Otherwise there will be no Polar.

We take trees for granted

But more need to be planted.

The air as fresh as bread

As people need fed.

Animals as soft as pillows

Stop cutting down willows.

The homes we live in

Is what we’re given.

Stop using fossil fuels

Treat them as jewels.

We need to care about this air

Or all the trees will be bare.

Keep the green grass, keep the clean air

Show you care.

 Nina  and Cara

Our Earth

The sun is shining

Water is flowing

Stars smiling

Air brightening

Protected pandas

Yummy bananas

Trees falling

Greenhouse gases groaning

Fossil fuels are dying

People are crying

Global warming

Is a warning

We can all start

If we play our part

So please don’t drive

Keep this earth alive.

 Gregor  and Grant

Renewable Energy Showcase

Pr 5 enjoyed sharing our Renewable energy experiments, technology work, class talks, fact files and information with the Pr 6 class yesterday afternoon. We had six groups set up (Solar, Wind, Wave/Tidal, Bioenergy, Geothermal and Hydro) and the Pr 6’s visited each group for  a 10 minute presentation.We appreciated their positive listening skills and interest. We hope you learned lots of information about renewable energy. When we go to Findhorn for our visit we hope to see some of these energy saving processes in real life.

Term 4 Week 5

Spellings (x2)

Maths – Shape Quiz

Language – Prepositions Page 5

Remember Blythswood Food Bank  = Tins of potatoes and packets of biscuits. Thank you for all the donations brought in so far.

Money for School Trip by May 24 2013.

Story writing – finishing poem for competition and writing a report about technology work (experiments/models)

Renewable energy news

We have been using a variety of art techniques over the past three weeks and created some pictures with a renewable energy theme. We got a bit of sunshine on Wednesday and Thursday mornings to melt sone  chocolate in our “solar cooker”!

We’ve been very impressed with the high standard of work put into the class talks.  We are noting down a fact from each person’s talk and we get feedback about our presentation skills. We are becoming renewable energy experts. We hope to share our knowledge with the Pr 6  pupils next week.

Renewable Energy Technology Groups

We started our technology work this week. The Hydro Energy group made a water turbine. The wind energy group made model wind turbines and tested a mini turbine outside – the light and buzzer worked really well. We are waiting for the sun to shine to make our solar cooker with all the pieces  ready for a good day. The Bio Energy group are amazed at the increasing temperatures inside the bag of grass cuttings!

We have shared some of  our Renewable Energy Class Talk presentations and everyone has worked very hard.

Homework Term 4 Week 3

Spellings (x2)

Prepare Renewable Energy Class Talk.  (Skills to develop – reading for information, note taking, organising and presenting.) Try your best!

Please bring in your information sheet for story writing on Wednesday. We will be using the sheets to write a report about the type of renewable energy you are researching.

Technology groups – try to collect the bits and pieces needed to make your models and carry out experiments! Grass cuttings, pizza box, O.5l, 1.5l and 2l water  bottles (not round ones) We would like to get started next week.

Culloden and Fort George visit

We had a very interactive, informative and fun filled day as we finished off our Jacobites Topic with super visits to Culloden and Fort George. Our tour guides were enthusiastic and loved keeping us all in order! At Culloden ,we got to dress up, try a Highland Charge, be Redcoats on the battlefield ,  march with our eyes shut and experience the battle in the film room. After lunch we headed to Fort George for a tour to see the  gunpowder barrels and weapons,  discussed the design of the Fort by looking at a large model,   visited the chapel   and spent time in the Education Room finding out about a Redcoat’s everyday life. We finished off with a bit of shopping in the Gift Shop!

Many thanks to our helpers and well done to everyone for making the day such fun. It has been a super topic.

Each pupil receives a  voucher from Culloden which entitles a paying adult to take two children free of charge.

Term 4 Week 2 Homework

Spellings (x2)

Language Booklet page 2 – Punctuating sentences

Maths – Length worksheet “Training”

Remember for Visit on Thursday -Packed lunch, water and snack, waterproof warm jacket and suitable footwear for walking outside. £2 max for spending on a small item at shop but no guarantee that we will have time for shopping.

Welcome Back!

Everyone looks refreshed after our spring break. We have been bringing our Jacobite topic to a conclusion by writing a discursive piece entitled “Jacobites – Fools or Heroes?” We reviewed our topic and shared reasons for both sides of the discussion. We made our own decisions and the majority concluded that they were heroes! We’re looking forward to our visit to Culloden Battlefield and Fort George on Thursday 25th April  2013.

We have briefly looked at our new topic about Energy. This will focus on forms of renewable energy. We hope to try some  technology projects with model making and experiments planned.  Look out for any topical news items about this and let us know what’s happening in homes and communities.

Happy Holidays!

Thank you for all your hard work this term. I hope  you all have a super break. We still have our Fort George and Culloden trip to look forward to and it will  be exciting to start a new topic. Well done to Ruthven who won the Group Points this week. Don’t eat too much chocolate! Happy Easter.

Library and Museum visits

We had an interesting morning at the local library and museum today. The weather was glorious for our walks there and back, although some of us found it long! We had three brief sessions in the library and then looked at some Jacobite items in the musuem. Many thanks to our parent helpers for coming along.

“I enjoyed seeing the oldest and book  smallest books in the library.” Emily

“I liked searching for fiction and non fiction books in the children’s section.” Nina

“We liked seeing the old newspapers on microfilm in the reference section.” Sophia

“I liked listening to the Harry Potter story by Sarah.” Iona, Emma, Angus.

At the museum we saw some real artefacts from the Battle of Culloden and some hair believed to be from Bonnie Prince Charlie. We were on the hunt for “white cockades”.

Eden Court – Young Voices

Please see the message below about a new and exciting music workshop at Eden Court, available to 9 – 17 year olds.



My name is Claire Campbell, I’m a local musician, music teacher, song writer and performer, I teach piano and violin privately as well as being a Youth Music Initiative tutor, I am also involved with Music Plus as a mentor. I write and record my own songs. I was recently approached by Eden Court to help run their Young Voices workshop – please see attached poster for timings.

The classes will be accessible, fun and friendly with repertoire ranging from the Beatles and ABBA to current pop hits, the singers will be encouraged to choose their own songs which I will arrange for the group, there will be vocal techniques and songwriting included in the weekly class. All melodies and lyrics will be learned by ear, there will be no auditions for the group and no previous experience necessary – all welcome! As well as focusing on vocal techniques and singing the class aims to build confidence, improve memory and build social skills and networks, this class will suit aspiring and established singers as well as young people who are looking to be part of something new and fun. The class is open to anyone age 9 – 17 years old and will run on a Monday after school starting after the Easter break.

Term 3 Week 11 Homework

Spellings (X2)   Write 4 sentences using as many of your words as possible.

Maths – Perimeter sheets

Language – Idioms page

(Wednesday Storywriting – Genre:Imaginative letter.   Write  a letter to a relative or friend about being in the Battle of Culloden. We will use  research facts and  information from our Jacobites topic on Tuesday afternoon.)

Remember Library and Museum trip on Thursday morning.

Comic Relief

We all looked bright for our Comic Relief Dress in Something Red day! The dinosaurs came in a variety of sizes and names. Our class winners were nomimated by the Cook and she chose Caitlin’s as the overall winner.

Thank you for your generous contributions to this cause.

Mother’s Day Gifts


For Mothers Day our gifts were a great success! Lots of people said their Mums loved it! We made cards out of felt, buttons and cupcake cases.

We also made great trinket jars out recycled dessert pots. Caitlin quoted: My mum thought it was excellent!

Gregor said: My mum thought it was a brilliant idea recycling the dessert pots.

Nina said: My mum said it was very, very pretty and lovely.

Sophia, Adam and Angus

Group Race Update

Last week’s winners for the group race was Duntelchaig. They won a pencil and some chewy sweets. Well done Duntelchaig! We are sorry we didn’t post the week before, but Broom won anyway.

(Posted by Sophia, Adam and Angus)

This is our trophy:


Homework Week 10

Hope you were good to your mums on Mother’s Day!

Spellings (x2) Vowels and consonant count

Maths – Area and Perimeter sheet

Language – Metaphors page

Red Nose Day Comic Relief – Pupil Council Competition. Design and name a dinosaur. Best one selected by class and displayed in the school. Wear something red and make a small donation.

On Wednesday we will be writing a personal account of “My Bedroom.” It will be a descriptive text including what your room looks , smells and feels like! We will discuss features of  a personal account on Tuesday and look at a model story. Maybe you should tidy your rooms before writing about them…

 Bookfair Wednesday afternoon. Bring some money if you wish to buy a book.

Highlights from Week 9

We’ve had super fun this week with World Book Day being an especially favourite event. We spent the day in pyjamas and did lots of book related activities. Our Book Day Bunting is hanging up encouraging everyone to pick up a book and enjoy a great read.

The Rubies reading group are reading “Toro Toro!” by Michael Morpurgo. The main character, Antonito, sadly discovers his family, friends, home and village have been killed and destroyed by fighting in the Spanish Civil War. We wrote poems to express Antonito’s feelings at his loss.

The grief is infinite

My family are no more

The sound of gunfire echoes in my ears

The fire is everburning in my mind

And my dear bull gone.

I ride the hills on my horse with no hope of survival.   (Angus)

As the inferno burns my hope

My hands flood with tears

The shooting, the murder, the grief.

I ride my horse to my death and only eat raw food

To see the sky filled with smoke.    (Griffin)

I feel like I’m in a box with no-one to talk to

I feel alone like I have been ripped apart.

My house burned down

My family gone

I will never say never again          (Amy)

We took in Fairtrade wrappers for Fairtrade Friday.  “Fairtrade Fortnight” finishes on Sunday 10 March. Well done to everyone who supported  farmers worldwide by buying Fairtrade.

Our entries for the JDP Four Seasons Art Competition are coming together well after a very, very messy art session! Results are creative and  show variety. We enjoyed writing our entries for the Bookfair Character competition too.

Excellent effort again Pr 5. It was good to have so many of you along to discuss your progress with your parents. We’re all proud of how well you’re working.

Term 3 Week 9





Spellings (X2)

Write four facts about Fairtrade

Maths – graphs sheets

Language – Similes page

Please note other important items

World Book Day Thursday 7 March. Bring in a book to share with a friend and you can wear pyjamas if you want!

Fair Trade Friday – Bring in  something that has the Fairtrade logo. How many of us have been able to support Fair Trade Fortnight? Support our ECO Schools work (Sustaining our World)

Friday – Four Seasons art competition:make sure you have all the necessary items to make your creations.

We had some interesting results for last week’s Fruit survey homework. Strawberries and bananas were the most popular.

Team Point Race

All year P5 has been competing on a weekly basis to see which house group wins the most points. We show the points on a race track chart and do our best in class to win points for our houses.  It gets very competitive.  Last week Ashie were the winners.  Well done!

Sophia, Adam and Angus

Anti – bullying workshop

We were interested to meet Mrs Archer, Wendy and Anne Marie who came along on Wednesday morning to raise our awareness of bullying issues. Anne Marie and Wendy have both experienced bullying and it was interesting to hear of their experiences.

We all have ways in which we are different from each other and we must respect each other and consider ways we can be helpful.

We wrote thank you letters to send to them.

Term 3 Week 8 Homework

Term 3 Week 8

Spellings (x2) for Thursday (words are a bit easier than week 7!)

Language – Compound words page

Maths – Revision Ex (1-11) Time. Information Handling  – Survey your family. Which of the following fruits is your favourite? Apples, Bananas, Grapes, Melon, Strawberries

Bring in  a metal lid from a jar.

Remember your parent interview slip if your parents wish an interview. Appointments are being organised on Tuesday.

Term 3 Week 7 Homework

Spellings – x2. Write 4 interesting sentences using your words. – Try to add in VCOP. Underline / highlight those features using the coloured code if you can.       Vocabulary – Blue          Connectives  – Pink       Openers – Green         Punctuation – Yellow

Maths Ex 4 and 5 (Durations of time and Calendar work)

Language – Using connecting words

Have some recycling ideas for our JDP Art Competition, The Four Seasons, and our craft and card activities for Mother’s Day.

Culduthel’s got talent is BACK!

After last year’s success- Culduthel’s got talent is back!

Message from the Culduthel Christian Centre:

“Do you have a talent? If so, audition for Culduthel’s Got Talent. Cash prizes are up for grabs at the final on Saturday the 2nd March with a prize and certificate for the p1-p3 category and £50 first prize, £20 second and £10 third prize for p4-p7.”

Pick up a registration form at Culduthel Christian Centre, or download it by clicking the link below.

The closing date for entries is Friday the 1st of March, so be quick!

Culduthel’s Got Talent- REGISTRATION FORM

Term 3 Week 5 Homework

Spellings (x2) Well done! Much better spelling quiz results this week. It’s good to see everyone making the extra effort to gain some team points and enjoy that feeling of success!

Write  a paragraph about Chinese New Year or Mary Slessor.

Maths – Money work: Four Explorers and Home Activity 12. (Calculator work)

Language Pages  5 and 6: Homophones

We wish all the pupils involved in the Drama a great time and we hope all goes well.

Plants on display

Thank you to some  very helpful and generous parents and grandparents we have already made some progress with getting soil for planting around the school. We potted a few pansies this morning and their burst of purple colour really cheers up reception. We appreciate the donations and help offered.

ECO activities for Pr 5

There are lots of things we can be doing to get creative about ECO schools work.

Gardening – let’s get old tyres, pots and containters planted up ready for spring and summer. Have your family or friends got any spare bags of compost they might wish to donate? Have you any plants that would grow easily in pots and tubs? We’d love our school to feel  welcoming through nature, plants as well as helping to create mini habitats for insects and minibeasts.

Bird feeders – can we make some bird feeders to encourage small birds around our school grounds. Look out some designs that  re-uses old materials.

Mascot competition – name and make a Lochardil ECO Team mascot!

Mother’s Day – Remember to make mum and Mother Nature happy by making a card or gift with a reduce, reuse, recycle theme. Let’s find some good ideas and show we care for the planet and our mums!


Term 3 Week 4 Homework

Spellings for Thursday (X2) Write 4 sentences  using your words and contractions.

Maths – Money Homelinks 11,12

Language – “Long or Short” Page 4 (Contractions)

Find out where Killiecrankie is.

Our story writing this week is a discursive text. This gives both sides of a discussion issue and a conclusion. Some interesting topics might be “Footballers should not be given such a high salary” and  “Are celebrities entitled to a private life?”

We will be discussing some issues in class – have some thoughts and comments about wearing school uniform.

We enjoyed some Burns poetry on Friday 25 January and dressing up with a bit of tartan. Well done to everyone for making a big effort and gaining some extra housepoints!

Homework for Term 3 Week 3

Spellings (x2) for Thursday. Keep working hard at learning your spelling words for quiz on Friday. Harder words require extra effort!

Maths – Naming and measuring angles sheet

Language – Pg 3         It’s or Its?

Write the names of 4 famous songs or poems written by Robert Burns. Extra house points if you can learn a few lines or sing!

Wear tartan on Friday and give a donation to a Children’s Charity. More details in information letter.

Bike Marking on Friday – please return slips before Friday.

PE  – Tues, Thurs, Fri


Clan crests

We’ve worked on some super Clan research this week and enjoyed creating our own Clan crests. Some of the Clan mottos were interesting.

“Stand fast” Grant, “Finish what we start” Jack, “Be mindful” Campbell and “Touch not the cat without a glove” Macintosh.

We have been working on our note-taking skills and have learned many facts about the clan system.

Term 3

Most of us enjoyed a great time over the holidays and received some wonderful gifts. Please ask permission before bringing any toys or gadgets into school. You must take full responsibility for them and you bring them in at the risk of getting them lost, damaged or broken.

Property taken to school should be clearly labelled with your name.

Remember to hand in your mobile phones  when you arrive at school for safe keeping and can be collected at Hometime.

Weekly timetable

Homework – Spelling words and sentences for Thursday

Maths and Grammar Skills for Friday.

PE : Tuesdays, Thursdays (from Jan 17th) and Fridays (Outdoor kit needed for Friday)

Tuesdays and Wednesdays – Burns, Scots language and Gaelic with Mrs Hunter and Mrs Macdonald.

Friday afternoons – French with Mrs Prentice

Topic – On Our Doorstep : The Jacobites

We looked at who the Jacobites were and most of the class felt that the Stuart monarchy should  have had the opportunity to rule and that the actions of William and Mary to take the crown from James VII and II was unfair.

Next week we will be looking at what Scotland was like in the time of the Jacobites. We will be finding out about everyday life and the clan system.

Can you find out some information about your family background and heritage….. Clan name, tartan, clan motto, crest, chief, clan location and any interesting facts.

Last Chance!

Lost Property- Christmas 2012

lost-propertyThere are many un-named items in lost property. Most of them have been there for at least the past term. These items will be available in the school reception area from 2:30-3pm Mon 17th Dec – Thu 20th Dec. Following this all unclaimed items will be put to the Blysthwood box.

Items include numerous gym shoes, hats, gloves, scarves, school jumpers, school polos, drinks bottles, lunch boxes as well as those listed previously on the website.

Remember the best way to avoid lost property is to put your childs name on all items that come to school with them.

Have a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.
Sharon McArthur (Parent Council)

Christmas Kenning Poetry

We wrote some  Kenning poems today on the theme of Christmas. Kennings date back to Viking times. A Kenning poem has a list of expressions about one subject and each item is usually made up of two words.


Sleigh rider

Ice slider

Tree stacker

Turkey eater

Tinsel treater

Merry muncher

Crazy cruncher

Elf worker

Present wrapper

Bible reader

Tag writer

Furry flyer

Wine drinker

(Written by Iona and Caillean)

Christmas Kenning

Present bearer

Wrapping tearer

Popping  crackers

Super stackers

Children frightened

Santa excited

Bethlehem star

Busy bar

Children’s stocking

Rudolph coughing

Santa flying

Spirits rising

Pie eater

Sleigh seater

(Written by Emily and Sean)

Party time!

Pr 5 started the “Party Season” with a fantastic afternoon of Ceilidh dancing, traditional party games and delicious food. Everyone looked very glamorous and we all had a super time!
Thank you to Mrs Mcarthur for our dance coaching and to parents for their kind donations of party food – leftovers to keep us going for a few days! Now that sounds seasonal…..

Homework Week 7

Spellings (x2) Write 4 synonyms for big, nice and bad.

Homelinks 35,36 (fractions)

Language booklet P 3 (selected sentences – prefixes)

This week

M and M productions – Monday morning

Achievement assembly – Monday afternoon

PE – Tues, Thurs and Fri – Country Dancing for party

Wednesday – Open afternoon (2 pm – 3.15  pm)

Christmas lunch – Thursday

Sitting Pretty and saying thanks!

We’ve had a makeover in Room1 and feel very posh with our new furniture. Keep eating the porridge everyone as some legs need to grow a bit!

We were sad to say goodbye to Ross and Brian, the ICT Youth Coaches today.We really enjoyed our Footwork sessions. They appreciated the thank you cards we had made for them.

Homework Week 6

Spellings – written twice. Write three sentences. Try to use  an interesting opener, connective, a “wow” word and some extra  punctuation. Please return Spelling by Thursday.

Maths – Homelinks 32 , 33 (dividing by 8,9,10)

Opposites page 1 in Language Booklet

Three facts about St Andrews Day

Home Baking for Recipe Book Launch and Christmas Fayre (Thursday)

Story winners

We all made up stories for nursery children and we look forward to sharing them with the little ones shortly. Two girls   from our class won gift vouchers for the bookfair which we all visted last week.

Posted by Media Managers



We are really enjoying learning Gaelic with Mrs Macdonald. If you’re keen to try some extra practise at home why not give these a try!


BBC Alba

Keep up the effort and enthusiasm for this important aspect of our culture and heritage.

Christmas Fayre and Book Launch!


29th November 6.30pm – 8.15pm

The Lochardil Parent Council will be hosting a CHRISTMAS FAYRE, as well as launching their ‘Family Recipes Cook Book’.

It is set to be a fantastic night with craft and gift stalls, raffle, refreshments in addition to some fantastic games. A night for the WHOLE family!

£1.50 for adult entry, which includes refreshment. Children and concessions are FREE.

We’re looking for your help:
P1-P3 families- Filled jam jars for the tombola. (See images below)

P4-P7 families- Home baking donations.

Christmas Fayre FLIER- CLICK HERE!

Any volunteers to help, please contact:

Division, Stories and Spots!

This week certainly had challenge for lots of us as we  got to grips with division! The skill is proving very useful as we look forward to winning and sharing  the £25 prize for the best Nursery Story Competition. We’ve made a superb effort and worked at using some of  the classic features of texts for that age group. We worked in pairs and threes and produced such a variety of tales!

Caley Thistle were back again on Wednesday and improved our footwork skills!

Everyone looked dotty in their spotty outfits today. Thank you for all donations to the Children in Need Appeal.

Blythswood Shoe Boxes

A big thankyou to everyone who donated a shoebox in support of the Blythswood appeal. Pr 5 counted 102 as our school total and the Blythswood Box collectors were extremely impressed with our efforts. We helped to carry the boxes out to the van.

Let’s hope they bring comfort and happiness to lots of needy people.

Homework Week 4

Week 4

Spelling words written twice. Each group has its own activity linked to their words.

Maths     Homelinks  27,28   Division using 2x,3x,4x,5x  tables

Plurals page from Booklet

Find any  interesting facts about Scotland and the Slave Trade.

Caley Thistle on Wednesday so bring PE kit for Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Last chance for Blythswood Boxes! They are being collected on Tuesday.

Many thanks to everyone who has brought in such lovely boxes. They look small compared to our experience of Christmas, but mean so much to those who receive them.

Caley Thistle

We were put through our paces this morning with a full fitness circuits workout from the Youth Coaches from Caley Thistle. Lots of glowing red faces at the end of our session. We liked the range of up beat music to help time and move us on round each activity. We’re looking forward to the next three weeks of activities. Not a football in sight today so hopefully some top skills tips coming our way now we’ve improved our fitness!

Vue Cinema Visit

Pr 5 enjoyed our trip to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days this morning. The cinema was packed and lots of excited pupils from several Inverness Primary Schools settled to watch the third film in the series. The film had some funny parts and some serious issues to think about as well. Thank you  to our willing parent helpers.

We have written our Film Review and will discuss some of the issues raised in the film at Circle Time later this week.

What’s Happening in Week 3?

Monday – Vue Cinema (9.30 am – 12.00 pm) Bring water and snack.

Wednesday – Inverness Caley Thistle – (11.30 am – 12.00 pm) PE Kit required.

(No halltime on Thursday)

Friday – Eden Court Opera visit The Magic Flute (11.30 am – 2.45 pm) 

Wear good walking shoes, a waterproof jacket and bring a packed lunch.


For Friday 9 November

Spellings (x2) and learn for Quiz. Firework, action, adverb poem. 

Adverbs pages from Language Booklet.                          

   Times Tables P 11. 12, 13 and 15.

P5 News

Our new topic is Scotland and we are looking forward to learning about it. We thought it would be a good idea to give our tables really Scottish names.So now we are Shortbreads, The Highland Cows, Scottish Nesslings, Alba, Nessies and Highland Haggis.

Our first star writers for this term are Caillean, Emily, Riya, Amy, Iona and Nina as they gave some great reasons why Scotland is so special to them.

This is the latest news from the P5 bloggers – Griffin, Iona and Olivia.

Term 2 Week 2 Homework

All Homework tasks to be handed in by Friday 2 November please.

It is a busy week with Disco and Halloween.

Spelling words (written twice) Activity:Write 5 sentences using your words and make sure you have adverbs in your sentences.

Maths – Times Tables Booklet pages 6 -10.

Topic task – find out what your name means and if you were given it for a special reason.

Keep thinking up ideas for the TESCO Ness-side Monument Competition. We will be drawing our designs on Friday.

Opera and Cinema parent helpers required.


Whoooo  can tell the best joke? Please post your best Halloween  joke before Tuesday 30 October. Here is one for you.

Why couldn’t the skeleton cross the road?

Because he didn’t have the guts!                                          (Olivia)

This is our first post. We are the Pr 5 bloggers – Olivia, Griffin and Iona.

Blogging in Term 2

After lots of  technical hitches in Term 1, we hope to update our blogs regularly this term.  We have a keen team of Media Managers who will take responsibility for this. Griffin, Olivia and Iona are getting some Blogging training this week to help get our Pr 5 Blog up and running. Look out for photos of what we’re up to and news updates!

Welcome back!

Good to see everyone back and some of us even have  a suntan!

Our topic for Term 2 is about Scotland –

OUR NATION – Is it Fair? Is it Special?

We will consider our rights and responsibilities as citizens of Scotland. We will find out about diversity and  inequality past and present.

We have received some responses from our letters and emails sent out at the end of our last topic. Through our “Food and the Consumer” topic we looked at challenges facing poorer farmers around the world. The Oxfam GROW pack was helpful with this.  Our aim was to raise awareness of ways small scale farmers can be helped further. We contacted MPs, MSPs, Charity organisations and large scale supermarkets to tell them about what we had learned and ways they could support and change the future for many farmers.

We hope our increased knowledge will help us to make positive choices when we go shopping and appreciate the differences we can make.

Hallowe’en Disco

Monday 29th October 2012
P1 – P3 @ 6pm – 7.15pm
P4- P7 @ 7.30pm – 9pm

After the success of last year’s Hallowe’en Disco, Primary 6/7 are again organising the event as part of their Enterprise Project. Our aim is to make around £400 to put towards our entry for Rock Challenge (A charitable arts event) in February.

This week P6/7 begun selling tickets for the disco. There has been 100 people from P1-5 already buying tickets this week. This is a disco like NO OTHER. On the night we have music, food and entertainment all for £2!

Bring an extra £1 and you can play some of the FANTASTIC games that P6/7 have created for the night. Don’t miss out on your chance- P6/7 will be selling tickets each morning until the event!


Term 1 Topic:Food and the Consumer

Following on from studying Food and Nutrition in Pr 4, we continue to develop positve attitudes towards  Health and Wellbeing through our “Food and Consumer” topic.

We will look at global food issues and the influence the media has on our food choices.

Please try to bring in food adverts from magazines and food packaging.

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