2013/2014 Blogs

We’re currently creating our blogs for the new 2013/2014 session which you’ll find on the Lochardil website.

If you’d like to see last year’s blogs – we’re keeping them in cyberspace to showcase the amazing work within Lochardil. The links can be found below:

Nursery https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/hi/NurseryBlog-LochardilPrimary/
P1FP https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/hi/P1FPClassBlog-LochardilPrimary/
P1AM/HF https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/hi/P1MGClassBlog-LochardilPrimary/
P2AS https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/hi/P12ClassBlog-LochardilPrimary/
P2OM https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/hi/P23ClassBlog-LochardilPrimary/
P3 https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/hi/P3ClassBlog-LochardilPrimary/
P3/4 https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/hi/P34ClassBlog-LochardilPrimarySchool/
P4 https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/hi/P4ClassBlog-LochardilPrimary/
P5 https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/hi/P5ClassBlog-LochardilPrimary/
P6/7 https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/hi/P67ClassBlog-LochardilPrimary/

Football Sessions




£1 per child: Register on the day

Dates Time Age Venue
28th April    12pm-1pm U9 Bught Park
12th May 12pm-1pm U9 Inverness High School
9th June 12pm-1pm U9 Bught Park
30th June 12pm-1pm U9 Bught Park
4th August 12pm-1pm U9 Bught Park
25th August 12pm-1pm U9 Bught Park


For more information contact

Finella Annand

 Girls and Women’s Club Development Officer



Active maths

During the sunshine yesterday P3/4 went on a Times Table treasure hunt.  They had to find the sums that matched their answers.  Once they found the correct sum they had to record the letter on the flag to de-code the secret message.

We all had great fun.

P4s code said – We are great at maths

P3s code said – We enjoy maths

Eden Court – Young Voices

Please see the message below about a new and exciting music workshop at Eden Court, available to 9 – 17 year olds.



My name is Claire Campbell, I’m a local musician, music teacher, song writer and performer, I teach piano and violin privately as well as being a Youth Music Initiative tutor, I am also involved with Music Plus as a mentor. I write and record my own songs. I was recently approached by Eden Court to help run their Young Voices workshop – please see attached poster for timings.

The classes will be accessible, fun and friendly with repertoire ranging from the Beatles and ABBA to current pop hits, the singers will be encouraged to choose their own songs which I will arrange for the group, there will be vocal techniques and songwriting included in the weekly class. All melodies and lyrics will be learned by ear, there will be no auditions for the group and no previous experience necessary – all welcome! As well as focusing on vocal techniques and singing the class aims to build confidence, improve memory and build social skills and networks, this class will suit aspiring and established singers as well as young people who are looking to be part of something new and fun. The class is open to anyone age 9 – 17 years old and will run on a Monday after school starting after the Easter break.

Egyptian Portraits

Today in Art we made a start on our Egyptian Portraits.  They look a bit silly at the moment but hopefully when we are finished they will look fantastic.

These are what they look like at the moment –


We hope when they are finished they will look a little  like this –

Culduthel’s got talent is BACK!

After last year’s success- Culduthel’s got talent is back!

Message from the Culduthel Christian Centre:

“Do you have a talent? If so, audition for Culduthel’s Got Talent. Cash prizes are up for grabs at the final on Saturday the 2nd March with a prize and certificate for the p1-p3 category and £50 first prize, £20 second and £10 third prize for p4-p7.”

Pick up a registration form at Culduthel Christian Centre, or download it by clicking the link below.

The closing date for entries is Friday the 1st of March, so be quick!

Culduthel’s Got Talent- REGISTRATION FORM

Egypt Story

In story writing the children had to write the ending to the story.  The story was titled ‘ The pyramids of Giza’.

The Pyramids of Giza

The children had to continue the story from the red part.

“Don’t forget,” shouted Mr Howard over the noise of children milling around, and the general clamour of a busy quayside on the River Nile. “Stay in your groups, use your water bottles frequently, wear sun hats, and watch the time. The boat leaves at 2 o’clock.”

“Brilliant!” thought Franziska. “I’m going shopping.”

“No time to waste!” Yasmin urged, thinking the same thing. “C’mon boys let’s spend some Egyptian pounds. ”Mehmet and Ben looked less than thrilled, but as they needed to buy presents, followed the girls anyway. But Mehmet groaned when he saw the crowded shop. “Let’s shop on the way back,” he said, guiding the group towards the pyramids. The children had seen pictures of the pyramids and Great Sphinx at school, but nothing had prepared them for the real thing. “Wow!” said Ben, staring in amazement. “They’re enormous! Look at the Great Sphinx – it really has lost its nose!” Speechless with wonder, the children ambled around gazing at the pyramids, when suddenly from the dark, shadowy base of the smallest pyramid, a strange voice called out to them.

“Children – come, come over here, I have special gifts for you. Let me show you ancient relics from which you will never be parted.”

Then they walked inside very slowly and they saw some ancient symbols on a wall.  They looked like pictures.  “I think they are Hieroglyphics” said Mehmet.  They explored every room then suddenly they came face to face with a cloaked man with a dog’s head.  They were terrified.  Then out of nowhere came some strange people things with human bodies and bird’s heads.  They started to charge!

One tried to hit Ben but he ducked.  The soldier lost his sword.  Ben quickly grabbed the sword and he attacked the soldiers so that he could get their gifts.  Ben grabbed the gifts.  They all ran and ran then the door started to close in front of them  so they had to slide under it.  They ran to the boat but the boat had just left.  The boys plunged in and they swam and swam.  Finally they reached the boat.  They climbed up and sailed away.

By Sam V (P3/4)


Welcome back P3/4 and  I hope you all had a super holiday.


Just a couple of reminders –
Library will be on Monday
PE will be on a Tuesday and Thursday ( with the exception of this Thursday !)
Homework will go out on a Tuesday and be collected in on Monday.
As the ground is very wet and muddy can you ensure all children have indoor shoes especially during PE days.

Last Chance!

Lost Property- Christmas 2012

lost-propertyThere are many un-named items in lost property. Most of them have been there for at least the past term. These items will be available in the school reception area from 2:30-3pm Mon 17th Dec – Thu 20th Dec. Following this all unclaimed items will be put to the Blysthwood box.

Items include numerous gym shoes, hats, gloves, scarves, school jumpers, school polos, drinks bottles, lunch boxes as well as those listed previously on the website.

Remember the best way to avoid lost property is to put your childs name on all items that come to school with them.

Have a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.
Sharon McArthur (Parent Council)

Christmas Surprise!

Today we started making our Christmas tree decoration to take home.

First we had to learn how to thread our needle.  We needed a lot of PATIENCE for this.

Next we had to sew on our buttons to the star.  Some of us choose 1 button.  However, some choose 3 buttons to sew on.

It was hard work but so much fun and we had NO cut fingers!

Christmas Fayre and Book Launch!


29th November 6.30pm – 8.15pm

The Lochardil Parent Council will be hosting a CHRISTMAS FAYRE, as well as launching their ‘Family Recipes Cook Book’.

It is set to be a fantastic night with craft and gift stalls, raffle, refreshments in addition to some fantastic games. A night for the WHOLE family!

£1.50 for adult entry, which includes refreshment. Children and concessions are FREE.

We’re looking for your help:
P1-P3 families- Filled jam jars for the tombola. (See images below)

P4-P7 families- Home baking donations.

Christmas Fayre FLIER- CLICK HERE!

Any volunteers to help, please contact:


Primary 3/4 and Primary 4 are off to the cinema to watch BRAVE tomorrow.

Just a  little reminder –

Please bring a healthy snack and a drink with you.

Please do not bring any sweets, nuts or fizzy juice.

Thank you

Nails ‘n’ Nibbles

Tomorrow – P6/7 will be having a NAILS N’ NIBBLES stall.

For 50p your nails can get hallowe’en-ified, and you can get a hallowe’en snack!

P3’s – If you would like to take part  can you please bring a note from home as the permission slips did not go out.

P4’s – Please bring back the slip signed if you would like to take part.

Welcome back!

Welcome back and I hope you all had a lovely holiday.  We had great fun today listening to everyone’s adventures.

This term PE will be indoors– This means that the children will require indoor shoes.  PE this term will stay on a Tuesday.

This term P3/4 are very lucky and will be taken part in a taster session of Tennis and football.  Dates will follow!

Hallowe’en Disco

Monday 29th October 2012
P1 – P3 @ 6pm – 7.15pm
P4- P7 @ 7.30pm – 9pm

After the success of last year’s Hallowe’en Disco, Primary 6/7 are again organising the event as part of their Enterprise Project. Our aim is to make around £400 to put towards our entry for Rock Challenge (A charitable arts event) in February.

This week P6/7 begun selling tickets for the disco. There has been 100 people from P1-5 already buying tickets this week. This is a disco like NO OTHER. On the night we have music, food and entertainment all for £2!

Bring an extra £1 and you can play some of the FANTASTIC games that P6/7 have created for the night. Don’t miss out on your chance- P6/7 will be selling tickets each morning until the event!


Roald Dahl Day

Today we had lots of fun celebrating Roald Dahl’s birthday.

We started by finishing our BFG ears in class – They are really B     I     G.

Next we watched a live show through GLOW – we  got to see lots of different people talking about their favourite Roald Dahl books and characters.  Chris Hoy, the Olympic cyclist loves George and the Marvelous Medicine.  We wore our BFG ears while we watched.

Then at the end of the day we listened to the start of the Twits! We liked listening to  Mr Twit !

Roald Dahl Week!!!

To celebrate the life and work of Roald Dahl, the 30th birthday of the BFG and Roald Dahl Day we are going to be reading some extracts from a variety of his books.  We will also take part in one activity associated to the books each day.

Mon – Quiz : What creepy crawly creature am I????

Tues – Maths problem :Guess Who is Coming to Dinner?

Wed – Art : BFG ears!!!

Thurs – PE :Juicy Bits -Can you do the correct actions for each character?

Fri – James and the Giant Peach maths

This week in P3/4

Today we voted for our favourite lessons this week.  It was hard but our top 3 were

1/ Art – We had to make a background for our landscape silhouettes.  We made a wash of yellow and orange paint.  It was really messy but the results are great.

2/Topic and maths – Today we went outside to measure our shadows.  We were amazed at how long they were.  We worked really well in our trios.  Our smallest shadow was 100cm! Our largest shadow was 210cm.

3/ Story writing-  This weeks writing was about a crazy class were every thing we drew came to life.  We had monkeys, Moshi monsters and all sorts of creatures around our classroom!

Paralympics Spelling

Today we discussed in detail all about the Olympic and Paralympic values.  We even watched a video that helped us understand why the values are important.

For our spelling today we had to try and think of as many words as we could using the letters in Paralympics!   It was tricky but we worked well in our pairs.

Have a look for yourselves!

Today’s blog was written by Emmy

Light and Sound

Our Topic this term is Light and Sound. 

This week we have been looking at shadows.

This lesson came from a poem called My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson.

We talked about why your shadow gets longer later in the day. Each student drew themselves, and cut them out with a matching shadow of black or gray paper.

Then came the fun part. We cut the shadows and s-p-r-e-a-d them out to glue them, to make them longer, colouring in the spaces in between. We added backgrounds, and these were our results!


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