Roald Dahl Day

Today we had lots of fun celebrating Roald Dahl’s birthday.

We started by finishing our BFG ears in class – They are really B     I     G.

Next we watched a live show through GLOW – we  got to see lots of different people talking about their favourite Roald Dahl books and characters.  Chris Hoy, the Olympic cyclist loves George and the Marvelous Medicine.  We wore our BFG ears while we watched.

Then at the end of the day we listened to the start of the Twits! We liked listening to  Mr Twit !

One thought on “Roald Dahl Day”

  1. I have a book called The Twits which I\’m reading at the moment and my favourite part is when the twits are upside down and they sink into their shoes. Marc Carmichael.

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