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Egyptian Portraits

Today in Art we made a start on our Egyptian Portraits.  They look a bit silly at the moment but hopefully when we are finished they will look fantastic.

These are what they look like at the moment –


We hope when they are finished they will look a little  like this –

Egypt Story

In story writing the children had to write the ending to the story.  The story was titled ‘ The pyramids of Giza’.

The Pyramids of Giza

The children had to continue the story from the red part.

“Don’t forget,” shouted Mr Howard over the noise of children milling around, and the general clamour of a busy quayside on the River Nile. “Stay in your groups, use your water bottles frequently, wear sun hats, and watch the time. The boat leaves at 2 o’clock.”

“Brilliant!” thought Franziska. “I’m going shopping.”

“No time to waste!” Yasmin urged, thinking the same thing. “C’mon boys let’s spend some Egyptian pounds. ”Mehmet and Ben looked less than thrilled, but as they needed to buy presents, followed the girls anyway. But Mehmet groaned when he saw the crowded shop. “Let’s shop on the way back,” he said, guiding the group towards the pyramids. The children had seen pictures of the pyramids and Great Sphinx at school, but nothing had prepared them for the real thing. “Wow!” said Ben, staring in amazement. “They’re enormous! Look at the Great Sphinx – it really has lost its nose!” Speechless with wonder, the children ambled around gazing at the pyramids, when suddenly from the dark, shadowy base of the smallest pyramid, a strange voice called out to them.

“Children – come, come over here, I have special gifts for you. Let me show you ancient relics from which you will never be parted.”

Then they walked inside very slowly and they saw some ancient symbols on a wall.  They looked like pictures.  “I think they are Hieroglyphics” said Mehmet.  They explored every room then suddenly they came face to face with a cloaked man with a dog’s head.  They were terrified.  Then out of nowhere came some strange people things with human bodies and bird’s heads.  They started to charge!

One tried to hit Ben but he ducked.  The soldier lost his sword.  Ben quickly grabbed the sword and he attacked the soldiers so that he could get their gifts.  Ben grabbed the gifts.  They all ran and ran then the door started to close in front of them  so they had to slide under it.  They ran to the boat but the boat had just left.  The boys plunged in and they swam and swam.  Finally they reached the boat.  They climbed up and sailed away.

By Sam V (P3/4)