Motivation Boards

Motivating pupils for work tasks can be tricky. Some of our young people find it difficult to work, if they do not see the purpose. This can be okay and manageable at time, but at other times, this motivation to work on things they find uninteresting or lacking in purpose for them at this stage of their life, can be difficult.

To help, we use the motivation boards. We have attached some examples of what they may look like. The best ones are ones based on the pupil’s interest. We use pictures of things such as books, custard creams, favourite TV character, an image of an iPAd etc. These work best when completed individualised.

We use this for all pupils, but our target audience are pupils who are appearing to “opt out” of work tasks. It is important to recognise the pupil’s achievement. We have included an example of what we may give out jigsaw pieces for. This is deliberately rather vague as on some days, depending on how the young person is feeling, it may be enough of a challenge for them to even be in the room so if they are having a particularly challenging time, doing one task may be using up as much energy -emotionally and mentally-  as it would on another day to do 5 tasks.

We need to meet them where they are at that moment.

THIS SHOULD NEVER BE USED AS A BEHAVIOUR CHART. Pieces only get removed once they have completed their jigsaw and have been given their choosing time. NEVER remove for behaviour, as this is NOT a positive/negative reward system. It is to help motivate and give a purpose to something. This focus is solely on motivation therefore to use it for motivation and behaviour gives less opportunity for achieving success.

We cut the coloured sheet in the shape of the picture then cut it into pieces. We laminate both colour and black and white sheet. Then use velcro to attach the pieces. We also attach an envelope to the bottom of the page with the coloured pieces so that the young person has access to it.

Motivation Board Instructions



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