Communication for All: Instructions

Our staff have been very busy trying to make and follow their own instructions! Here are some that we have tried and tested! Let us know how you get on!!

Air Dry Clay- We will add in some pictures of our finished products!!

Air Dry Clay





5 thoughts on “Communication for All: Instructions

  1. Sophie Warner

    Hello so grateful for the resources. One question though, how do I download the pictures? I have tried to copy, have tried to save as picture but they come out as fuzzy. Any tips please? I am a teacher in a special school in West Lothian.

      1. Mrs Welsh

        I have the same issue – the resources are fantastic but would be great if it was possible to download. I am on a laptop.

        1. Mrs Young Post author

          Hi! Leave this with us and we’ll get it sorted this week! Thanks for letting us know about this issue!

  2. Mrs Young Post author

    Hi! If you click on the blue underlined text, this should give you the resource in PDF form. Thanks again for letting us know about this issue! Now we just need to go back through our resources and do the same for each one!! Oops!! Take care and let us know if there is anything else you need!


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