School Information

Our School Day


Start: 9:00am

Break: 10:20-10:35am

Lunch: 12:00-12:45pm

End of Day: 3:00pm



Start: 9:15am

Break: 10:40-10:55am

Lunch: 12:50-1:35pm

End of Day: 3:15pm


School Capacity

Present Roll 422

Maximum Roll 483

Parents should note that the working capacity of the school may vary dependent upon the number of pupils at each stage and the way in which classes are organised.

The school covers stages Primary 1-7, is non-denominational and caters for both boys and girls.


Children normally start school between the ages of 4 1/2 and 5 1/2 and complete 7 years of primary education when they then transfer to secondary school.


We currently have three classes at P1 where classes must be smaller and two classes at each of stages Primary 2 to Primary 7.


Hyndland Primary School is part of the Hyndland Learning Community. This also includes Hyndland Secondary School, Thornwood Primary School, Broomhill Primary School, Whiteinch Primary School, Whiteinch Nursery School, Fortrose Nursery School and Novar Nursery School.