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!NEW! Meal Selection

!NEW! Meal Selection – Important Changes for EVERYONE

From Wednesday 9th March there will be a new system in place for ordering school lunches.  It is referred to as ‘Meal Selection’.

The aims of the system are –

  • to ensure your child is more likely to receive their preferred lunch choice
  • to allow parents greater opportunity to discuss, monitor and plan their child’s lunch provision when in school
  • to reduce food waste

This system requires school staff, catering staff and parents to work together to support young people in their awareness of the daily menus and ordering of their lunch each day.  There are significant changes for everyone, and is important we support each other through this transitional phase.

  • Firstly, ANYONE wishing their child to receive a school meal, must engage with this process (from 9th March), regardless of whether the child receives a free school meal or not.   This means, P1-5 parents and carers the next step is particularly pertinent to you.


  • You MUST have set up a ParentPay Account before you can select meals – this does not mean you have to pay for them if your child is eligible and in receipt of a free school meal (all children P1-5).  Details were re-issued to all families last week so accounts can be activated.  Please contact our School Office on 339 7207  if you need these issued again – they will be happy to help.

To summarise, parents are asked to look at menus and select meals with their young people in advance – this can be daily, up to 8am OR up to 4 weeks in advance if that suits better.


  • Once you are set up, this guide should help with things at your end.

ParentPay Meal Selection Parent Guide

Then, in school we can check that the selection has been made.  Please be assured, staff will help any child who hasn’t made their made their selection with their parent, to order.  We understand that this may take a bit of time to get set up, and build into your home routines.  However, it will support the young people best, if families can take some time to look at the menus and plan out the choices in advance.  Please note – unfortunately, there is NO FUNCTION for school staff to change an order made by a parent, only those made in school can be changed.