Hyndland Primary School is a Nurturing School.  This means that we aim to focus on emotional needs and development in a whole-school environment.  All our staff are aware of the Nurturing Principles and are committed to using them to inform their practice.  

The Nurturing Principles are: 

 1.  Children’s learning is understood developmentally

– in our school this means we understand that all children are different and we learn in different ways, at different rates.  When young people need it, support is provided and offered in a way which suits the individual.

2.  The environment offers a safe base

– in our school this means ALL young people should feel they are welcome and belong in our school.  Staff are proactive in their efforts to show an interest in them and there is always a safe place for them in our school if they are finding it difficult to cope.

3.  The importance of nurture for the development of wellbeing 


– in our school we aim to recognise all kinds of achievement; we celebrate success and promote the recognition that we all need to develop skills for a healthy and happy life.

4.  Language is a vital means of communication

– in our school we model and support young people to have positive, consistent, calm and respectful interactions with each other.  We are working on using restorative approaches to conflict resolution, and have plans to continue the development to this approach.

5.  All behaviour is communication

– in our school we understand behaviour is how young people communicate how they are feeling and what they need from us.  We try to remain calm, consistent and clear – setting out clear expectations and boundaries.

6.  Transitions are important in children and young people’s lives

– in our school we try to talk about and prepare young people for change, give them a voice and maintain routines and predictability wherever possible.

Why is Nurture Important?

Research clearly demonstrates the positive impact that Nurture can have on the wellbeing, attainment and engagement of our young people.

Glasgow City Council fully support the use of nurturing approaches.


‘The Pod’ is our nurture base.  It is a place in school where children are able to receive (usually short term) extra support in a small, friendly group. It offers a warm, open but structured environment where children are encouraged and supported to build their confidence, self-esteem and social and emotional communication skills through positive relationships.  Pupils attend alongside being part of their usual class.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ms Kirsty Chambers     Nurture Co-Ordinator

Tel:  (0141) 339 7207