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Parents Evening – 17th and 25th November 2021

Dear Families,

As you know, this session we had hoped to forge ahead with our usual Parents Evening format either before or just after the October break, but unfortunately centralised guidance clearly directed that all ‘in person’ parents meetings should not go ahead and that this position will not qualify for review until March 2022, and as a result, parent and teacher discussions should be replaced by either phone calls or in some instances, online meetings.

We will be proceeding with our planned dates for consultations (WEDNESDAY 17TH NOVEMBER AND THURSDAY 25TH NOVEMBER), but after investigation, it has been confirmed that our wifi capacity will not support a high volume of video calls on the same evening for all classes. To avoid further rescheduling and inconvenience for families, we have made the decision to pilot video calls at our two key stages for transition and have Primary 1 and Primary 7 online consultations via Microsoft Teams. Primary 2 to Primary 6 parent and teacher discussions will be by phone call this term. We hope to be able to meet all of parents in person for parents evening in 2022 if restrictions are relaxed.

Our dates for parents evenings are confirmed as WEDNESDAY 17TH NOVEMBER AND THURSDAY 25TH NOVEMBER.
If you previously had a Wednesday appointment, your original time transfers to Wednesday 17th of November. If you had a Thursday appointment, then this moves to Thursday 25th November. Teachers will re-post the scheduled appointments on SeeSaw as a reminder on Monday for families. If you can no longer take your call at the time you were offered then please let your child’s teacher know by contacting our school office on 0141 339 7207 as soon as possible.

In order for you to access the P1 or P7 Teams video call you will be required to download the Teams app onto a personal device such as a tablet, iPad or smartphone and login using your child’s details. Information on how to access Teams and how to access your child’s login details will be sent out tomorrow both digitally and in paper copy; Primary One pupils will have their glow details released to allow our school to use this email address as the link for the parent and teacher consultation, Primary 7 pupils already have this information. If you have any difficulty sourcing a device for this meeting please let us know so we can find an alternative or supported means of contacting you. Telephone consultations will run from the first contact details on your child’s records; if you need to change a contact number for the discussion, please let our office know.

For P1 and P7 video calls- Families will be asked to join the call at the specified time (your appointment) and the teacher will invite parents into the call at the time you have been allocated. Should you connect earlier than your appointment time you will wait in a virtual lobby until the teacher admits you at your scheduled time. Telephone calls will be placed at the scheduled time, we hope that there will not be any overlap. We respectfully remind all parties that these calls need to run to time, so that other calls are not disadvantaged and that all calls (whether video or telephone) should not be recorded.

Should technical difficulties arise on the date of your video call then we will contact you by telephone instead.

We look forward to meeting with you virtually or via phone calls on the 17th and 25th of November.

Kind regards

Hyndland Primary School Team

Class Fundraising Christmas Cards

Last year, we successfully raised over £1200 for school funds through Class Fundraising Christmas Cards.

Pupils across the school have been busy designing cards for the holiday season and as always they have created some stunning designs. If your child created a design, it will come home in their school bag, today or tomorrow.

This year payments will be made via Parent Pay. However we will still require the completed envelope order form to allow us to process your chosen items. Please make sure that names are accurate on the back of the cards as once we have placed the order these cannot be altered. Please make sure that payments are made via Parent Pay when you return the order form to school, as orders cannot be made without payment.

If you need a new copy of the details for Parent Pay please contact the school office.

Thank you again for your support,

Mrs Batista

Words for the World Competition

Within Hyndland Primary we are lucky to have pupils and families from all over the world.

We’re hoping to celebrate this more over the coming year and would like to share a competition run by SCILT (Scotland’s National Centre for Languages) with families to get us started.

Malala Yousafzai said:
“We must believe in the power and the strength of our words. Our words can change the world.”
Inspired by Malala’s words, we would love you to use your words to show how the world can be a better place. This could be about climate change, helping the environment, how we treat one another, equality – whichever area you are most concerned about, or would most like to see change.

Your challenge:
-Use a language (or languages) other than English to show your ideas, hopes or even advice for our world.
-It can be in any format, for example a poem, an essay, a song, a cartoon – be creative!
-There is no minimum or maximum number of words!
-Judging categories: P1-4 and P5-7.
-Individual or group entries are welcome.
-Entries will be judged on language use, content and creativity.
-Winners will be announced at an online event at the time of the COP26 summit.
-If an entry is in a language not usually taught within schools, please include an English translation.

If you would like to enter please ask your teacher for a consent form which they can get from Mrs Batista (P7B). Could all entries please be returned to school by Friday 17th of October in order for us to scan them and submit them.

We look forward to seeing your entries and to being able to display them in our school!

SCILT Words for the World competition flyer

COP26 Our Dear Green Place

Last week our Primary 7 children worked on a video submission as part of the launch of Our
Dear Green Place, Getting Ready for COP26.

We created two videos where we shared the work our establishment has already completed and undertaking for Learning for Sustainability. Our second video was about the ‘pledge’ our establishment is going to do moving forward and how we will carry this out.

Watch our videos here:

What our school has achieved!

Our school pledge!


Hyndland Primary Recipe Book

This session our Parent Council are looking at ways in fundraise money for our school. They are going to be creating a Hyndland Primary Recipe Book with recipes from our families and local community. We would love for as many people to get involved as possible and it would be great to capture recipes from every culture and nationality represented at Hyndland Primary.


If you would like to submit a recipe such as a favourite family dish, homemade bake, lockdown lifesaver or favourite tipple then we would love to hear from you! Please submit your recipe at the link below by Wednesday the 21st of April.

Family submission:


Alternatively, if you are a local restaurant, bakery, eatery, or chef, we would love for you to share a recipe with us to be included in the book. We would also like to hear what inspired you to start cooking/baking/making to encourage our young people to start their creative journeys! You can submit your recipe at the link below by Wednesday the 21st of April.

Restaurant, bakery, eatery, or chef submission form:


Partick & Thornwood Ideas Fund

Our local Annexe Communities Group group have opened a fund aimed at under 18s applying for individual funding. You may remember the school was awarded funds for outdoor learning just before Christmas, when our P7 pupils put forward a video proposal. The individual funding being offered this time, may be beneficial for some of our pupils who perhaps have limited devices at home for the purpose of Home learning. All applications will need to be supported by an adult sponsor. Further information and applications will be Groupcalled out to all our families today

We Need Your Vote!

This year we have applied to the Partick & Thornwood Big Idea Fund for a grant to buy outdoor learning and sports equipment.

If you live or work in the Partick or Thornwood area, we need your help! Please spread the word so that we can get as many votes as possible!

Voting is open now and closes on 16th November.

You can vote for us at:


Car Free Zone

Our School is beginning an 18 month trial of a Car Free Zone on Fortrose Street on weekdays, during term time within the periods 8:30 – 9:15 am and 2:45 – 3:30pm.  This is part of Glasgow City Council experimental Traffic Regulation Order.

Most traffic will NOT be permitted to move in Fortrose Street during the periods detailed above. This includes parents and families dropping off and collecting pupils.   We, kindly, request the compliance and goodwill of our community in adhering to these measures to improve the health and safety of everyone.

Please note, exemptions apply for Blue Badge Holders, emergency and primary care vehicles as well as residents with permits for vehicles.  These vehicles and some others will be allowed to park and move within the stated times.  However, the measures should greatly reduce traffic around the school gate and encourage healthier and more environmentally friendly journeys to school.  We encourage everyone to show understanding, kindness and respect for each other and the rules, as we all adjust to the new measures.

Further information, FAQs, and for an opportunity to feedback your views, please follow the link below.