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‘Skills for Work’

Adventure Sport & Recreation

Intermediate 1

536598_sThe PE Department deliver the SQA Skills for Work Adventure Sport and Recreation Course at Intermediate 1 level at Sir E. Scott School.

536596_sThis is the 2nd year of delivering this exciting course. It fits well with the principles of Curriculum for Excellence and provides an excellent vehicle for delivering Outdoor learning as part of our school curriculum.

536542_sWe are accessing the outstanding environment that surrounds us and are not only developing practical skills but fitting children for the future by addressing the four capacities of a Curriculum for Excellence.

533900_sWe are also developing attitudes and employment skills in our pupils that will prepare them for the future world of work and ultimately gives them an oppotunity to develop both skills and specific qualifications within the Adventure Sports sector.

“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves”

Andre Gide

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Mark Twain

‘Skills for Work’

Adventure Sport & Recreation

Intermediate 1

Course Planner




Assist with Activity Sessions


Facilities and Equipment


Accidents & Emergencies


Personal Fitness


Employment Skills

Core Skills of communication, numeracy, problem solving, working with others and IT are developed throughout the delivery of the five course units.


2 May

Intro. to course: discuss course components, expectations, equipment and health and safety. Team building task.


9 May

Introductory session: either Sea Kayaking, Hill walking or Mountain Biking depending on weather. Team building task.


16 May

Sea Kayaking: Assist in the planning, delivery and review of activity sessions

Outcome 1:Safe handling and setting up of equipment according to RA, SOP and EAP- Footrest, backrest.

Outcome 1: K & U of correct procedures for dealing with minor and major injuries.

Outcome 1: Establish a Fitness baseline and record the results. NAB

Outcome 1: Planning & Preparation, Time Keeping, Setting Targets.


23 May


30 May

Sea Kayaking: Health & Safety on the water,

Consolidation of weeks 1-2. Assessor checklist.

Application of above

Development of Cardio Vascular endurance

Consolidation of weeks



6 June



Sea Kayaking: Delivery of 2 star syllabus

Review of Unit 2. Completed Pupil log book. NAB

Adapting muscular system


22 Aug


29 Aug

Hill Walking: National Navigation Award Scheme- Intro- Setting,

6 figure grid ref,

Personal protective Equipment- Waterproofs, boots, map & compass

Outcome 2: Role Play Scenarios- Improvised stretcher and review of first aid

Outcome2: Implement training plan and review at regular intervals.

Outcome 1: Wear appropriate clothing


5 Sep


12 Sep

Hill Walking: Setting the map to identify land features and indicate direction of travel.

Revision of First Aid- Casualty Care

Measuring Pulse and understanding what it means

Outcome 2: Establish good working relations with others


19 Sep


26 Sep

Hill Walking: Navigation strategies and Routes, linear features, estimating distance

Use of distance measuring tool, maps, calculator- numeracy and ICT

Search & Rescue Hebrides Demo and interactive workshop

Outcome 3: Identify own strengths & weaknesses


3 Oct

Review training plan-present evidence. NAB


10 Oct

Mountain Biking:

Go Mountain Bike Syllabus

Outcome 1: Go Bike Check & Basic maintenance

Outcome 2: Incident Management-

‘Making the scene safe’

Investigation of Aspect of fitness for MTB


24 Oct


31 Oct

Mountain Biking: Riding Skills Level 1-5 Attack Position

Personal Protective Equipment

Development of CV and ME systems

Self Evaluation


7 Nov


14 Nov

Rock climbing: Awareness of safety rules and hazards

Outcome 1: Connecting harness to rope, re-tied figure of 8, Confident climbing

First Aid for Climbing- Injuries to upper and lower limbs

Taking advice, reviewing progress


21 Nov




Assist with Activity Sessions


Facilities and Equipment


Accidents & Emergencies


Personal Fitness


Employment Skills

Core Skills of communication, numeracy, problem solving, working with others and IT are developed throughout the delivery of the five course units.


28 Nov

Rock climbing: Descending, basic climbing moves.

Safe belaying,

CPR- Technique.

Development of muscular system


5 Dec


12 Dec

Sea Kayaking: Moving sideways-draw, preventing a capsize- support strokes

Review and Consolidation of Block 1

Consolidation of CPR.

Partnership working- Harris Sports Centre.

Outcome3:Evidence of progress, Identify improvements to training plan

Outcome 3: Review own performance


19 Dec


9 Jan

Sea Kayaking Risk Assess, Safety & Rescue Skills- Self/Peer

Outcome 3: Store equipment safely in correct storage area

Dealing with Hypothermia-symptoms and procedures

Development of Muscular endurance

Working cooperatively, Self Evaluation


16 Jan


23 Jan

Sea Kayaking: Safety, leadership and group skills- Journey

Kayak Maintenance

First aid Test- Scenario

Resistance Training Principles- Fitness Suite

Working cooperatively


30 Jan


6 Feb

Hill Walking: Contours, Naismith’s Rule,

Outdoor Access Code

Mapping and measurement,

understanding scale

Outcome 3: Completion of an Accident report form.



13 Feb


20 Feb

Hill Walking: Relocating, Pacing, Prep for Assess- Plan a Walk

Using the Compass

Calculating energy expenditure

Outcome 3: Identify strengths & weaknesses


27 Feb


5 Mar

Hill Walking: 5km Assessment Route

First Aid Test- Scenarios

Review of training plan & development

Setting Targets, working cooperatively


12 Mar


19 Mar

Mountain Biking Consolidating riding Skills Level 3-5

Review of Bike Check & Maintenance Schedule

Assessor checklist. NAB

Outcome 3: Modify physical training plan for future phys. development


26 Mar


16 April

Mountain Biking– Plan & Lead Bike Journey

Bike Maintenance Assessment- Wheel and Tyre removal

First Aid Scenario

Consolidation of outcome 3

Working together


23 April


30 April

Work Experience Preparation- Letters of Application/CV, Communication with placement


7 May

Work Experience Placement- Scaladale Centre, North Harris Trust, Adventure Harris, CNES & SES Outdoor Ed. Dept

Welcome to the Physical & Outdoor Education Department

On these pages you will find information regarding the various sports courses that are on offer and the programmes of activities/course content for each school year.
There are also updates on the various sporting activities that are taking place both within school and extra-curricular and a summary of sporting achievements.
There is also section dedicated to the

John Muir Award
which is being delivered in S1 and S2

There is also a section dedicated to the

Skills for Work Adventure Sport and Recreation Course.

with a list of resources and tasks for home study.


** Sporting Achievement **


click on the page link below to access all of this years news.


We hope you find these pages informative and any feedback will be gladly received.

Sporting Achievements 2011
Sporting Achievements 2011/12

Lewis and Harris Cross Country Series ……

………the story so far!

Click on the link to read the latest report of all the athletes who are currently competing in this years X Country series. With one race to go many of our SES pupils are in contention for top 3 placings. Well done so far.

Physical & Outdoor Education Department

Curriculum for Excellence through Outdoor learning

Outdoor learning experiences are often remembered for a lifetime.

536598_sAt Sir E.Scott we integrate learning and outdoor experiences to provide relevance and depth to the curriculum in ways that are difficult to achieve indoors.


The PE Department’s vision is that the development of the whole person through an adventurous approach to learning are at the core of outdoor learning.

533901_sThese outdoor learning opportunities help young people to make connections within and across curriculum areas and enable them to become resilient, responsible citizens and successful lifelong learners.

536579_s It’s good for your mind and soul to be in the outdoor classroom. The elements of sea, land and sky are awesome and exhilarating. The wild places we are learning in bring you close to the natural world that we all see each day, but often only from a distance. It’s active learning and enjoyable, challenging and sometimes even fearful ‘ SES John Muir Award Teacher

Curriculum for Excellence

Click on the link to download the S1and S2 CfE PE courses

S1 Activities Outline

S2 Activities Outline

Curricular Matrix Plan

Isle of Harris Kayak Club

534009_sThe Harris Kayak club meets on a Wednesday night during the winter months(October-April) Coaching sessions are in the swimming pool from 7.30-9pm

After the Easter holidays the club meets on West Loch Tarbert and delivers coaching session and guided trips for all abilities.

All of the necessary equipment is provided and the coaching is delivered by BCU qualified coaches.

Click on the link to go to the club website to get further information.

Isle of Harris Kayak Club – Broken link!

Surf Kayak Film on Youtube

Sir E. Scott School

536581_sOutdoor Learning

The John Muir Award

The John Muir Award is an environmental award scheme which focuses on discovering, exploring and conserving wild places.

536571_sWithin a flexible framework pupils in S1 and S2 will be able to discover, explore, conserve and share their experiences through an innovative cross-curricular approach.

“In every walk with nature, 536579_sone receives far more than he seeks”

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world”

536583_sJohn Muir

Click the link to view the

SES JOHN MUIR AWARD video on ‘You Tube’

JMA ‘Discovery’ Programme

S2 ‘Explorer’ Programme

Explore its wildness

536584_sTune in to a wild place, travel extensively through it, understand and appreciate more about it. Experience your wild place, enjoy it, become familiar with it…

…walking, camping, canoeing, sitting, looking, 534018_senvironmental games, scavenger hunts, sensory activities, map making, historical research, wildlife survey, poetry, art, photography, diaries etc

“The most important skill to develop is not identifying 536542_sspecies or rock types, but simply noticing detail, large or small, in the landscape” – Rob Collister

Click on the links to view the itinerary for the S2 Explorer Programme.

536590_s“Today we set off to Luskentyre beach and around the coastline – it was a beautiful day. It felt really good when we saw the waves crashing onto the rocks…..we saw different kinds of old houses and lazy beds and were looking through the telescope at different kinds of birds. It was a great place to go to and it was a very good day and a wonderful experience”

Stuart Morrison- S1 Pupil

Skills for Work’ Adventure Sport

Homework Resources


S3 and S4 SfW students.

Click on the appropriate link below to access the relevant resource.


Surf Kayak Skills Essential Navigation Skills


Wind Land & Sea Info Wind Land & Sea Info 2 History of Sea Kayak Expeditions Sea Kayak Safety Test
Cold Water Brochure Calculating Paddling Speed Sea Kayaking Syllabus Weather Info
2 Star Syllabus The Modern Beaufort Scale WMO Sea State Code OS Map reading booklet
Navigation Hypothermia History of Greenland Kayaks blank

Sea Kayaking websites

Click on the link.

Excellent resource for all Sea Kayaking information
Animated teaching resource on Kayaking
Sea Safety Test
Tidal Information West Loch Tarbert
Scottish Canoe Association
Sea Kayak TV

Weather and Tidal Planning – Templates and links

Click on the link.

The Hebridean Weather Station is an excellent resource for a wide variety of information on weather. It also has a link to a ship and flight tracker (AIS), so you can check which boats/planes are passing the Hebrides by sea and air!

When you are researching the land weather forecast it is good practice to always check 2/3 sites to get a good overall idea of what is being predicted.

When Tidal planning always check the Met Inshore Forecast to find out if it is wind with or against tide………it can make a huge difference to the sea conditions!

Met Office Weather forecast
Alternative Weather forecast
Inshore Waters forecast
The Minch inshore forecast
Hebridean Weather Station
Mountain weather Info Service

Trip Planner
Tidal planning Part 2
Tidal planning Template

Mountain Biking Resources


Mountain Bike Techniques website
Go Mountain Bike Riders Guide and Log Book

Go Mountain Bike Level 1 (1MB)
Go Mountain Bike Guide and Log (3MB)

Hillwalking and the National Navigation Award


Click on the link to access the relevant resources