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Parent Council Members are:

Parent Members
Andrew Coghill – (Acting Chair) Tel No – 01859 540 324
Deborah Coghill – (Treasurer)
Alison Macdonald
Rhoda Campbell
Lucy Toor
Donna Macleod
Rebecca Passmore
Donella Barker
Finlay Macleod
Gordon Macleod
Ruth Miller
Anna Morrison

Additional Members
Kirsty Donnelly – Secondary Depute Head Teacher
Pauline Macleod – Primary Depute Head Teacher

Aileen MacSween (Head Teacher)

Cllr. Paul Finnegan
Cllr. John Mitchell

Mary C Martin

Copies of the minutes of all meetings will be available to all staff and parents of pupils at Sir E Scott School.  Copies will be available from the secretary of the Parent Council, the school, library and school website.