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Attendance and Absence

If your child(ren) is/are to get the most out of their time in Sir E Scott School, it is important that they attend regularly. You will be aware that attendance rates for schools are now published nationally. The government has given schools guidelines on how absence should be recorded which is reflected in the following advice:

If your child is absent you should inform the school office before 8.50am on the day of absence.

If the absence is liable to last for some time, a note should be sent to the Head Teacher as soon as possible. Arrangements will then be made to cover the absence period, including sending homework which the pupil might attempt.

If you wish your child to be off for a special reason (e.g. to attend a wedding) a note seeking permission should be sent to the Head Teacher. Parents are discouraged from taking their children off school and should be aware that this kind of absence is recorded as an unauthorized absence on your child’s attendance record. Likewise, holidays during term time should be avoided: even if a pupil takes extra work home, the teaching that has been missed cannot be made up.


GroupCall is an automated message service, which informs parents when their child is absent from school without reason. The messaging service is linked to our morning registration system and a recorded GroupCall message or text will be sent out automatically to the contact telephone number to inform you that your child is absent from school. Please listen to the complete message before responding to it. If you know that your child is to be absent then please inform the school before 8.50am and this will avoid a GroupCall message being sent out.


A note or telephone call must be supplied by parents/carers to explain why a pupil is late; however, this does not apply if buses are late.