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Senior Management Team
Ms Kirsty Donnelly Acting Headteacher
Mr Adam Johnson Acting Depute Head Teacher – (Secondary)
Mrs P Macleod Depute Head Teacher- (Primary)
Secondary Department
Mrs Christina Campbell Acting Principal Teacher of Pupil Support (Secondary) Art Teacher
Mr Ruari Miller (Principal Teacher) Geography, Art, Music, Technical and Home Economics
Mr Neil Mulhern (Principal Teacher) English & Literacy, Gaidhlig, Modern Languages and History
Mrs Liz Rogers (Principal Teacher) Maths & Numeracy, Sciences, Business Education and PE
Mr David Murray (Principal Teacher) Gaelic Teacher
Mrs Christina Campbell Art Teacher
Mr David McCririck Biology / Science / Environmental Science Teacher
Mrs Donalda Maclean Business Studies Teacher
Miss Kirsty Donnelly Chemistry Teacher
Mrs Rebecca Maclean English, Gàidhlig & History (GME) Teacher
Mr Iain Morrison French Teacher
Mr Patrick Macleod History  Teacher
Ms Rachel Plant Mathematics Teacher
Ms Emma Holmes Music Teacher
Mr Luke Mcdermott Physics, Science &Maths Teacher
Mrs Anne Campbell Support for Learning Teacher
Mr David Smith Technical Subjects  Teacher
Primary Department
Mrs Annette Brown(Principal Teacher)/miss jennifer stokes Gaelic Medium Teacher P1-2
Mrs Diana Mackinnon English Medium Teacher P1-3
Mrs Hannah MacQueen Gaelic Medium Teacher P3-4
Mrs Pauline Macleod/ Miss Anne Macleod English Medium Teacher P4-7
Miss Donna Maclean Gaelic Medium Teacher P5-7
Mr Iain MacIver Itinerant Gaelic Music Instructor
Miss Ashley Macdonald Itinerant Music Instructor (Chanter/Pipes)
Mr Gavin Woods Itinerant Music Instructor (Strings)
Sgoil Àraich Department
Mrs Donna J Macleod (Play leader)
Miss Rebekah Macleod (Assistant)
Non-Teaching Staff
Mrs Mary C Martin Admin Assistant
Mrs Marion Maclean- Admin Apprentice
Mrs Maria Price Support for Learning Assistant
Mrs Anne Marie Mackenzie Support for Learning Assistant / First Aider
Mrs Fiona Morrison Librarian
Support for Learning Assistant
Mrs Flora Morrison Support for Learning Assistant / First Aider
Mrs Donna J Macleod Auxiliary
Mrs Isabella Macleod Gaelic Language Assistant
School Operations Assistant
Mrs Annie Macdonald Cook Supervisor
Janitorial Staff (FES FM)
Ms Diane Lightbody
Mr Murdo Macleod