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School Dress Code

It is Council policy that pupils attending schools within the Western Isles should adhere to a school dress code.

Sir E Scott firmly believes that the wearing of school dress code helps set a positive tone and ethos in the school, as well as improving our public image.

We believe that it removes the competition to have the latest fashion item or the most trendy or acceptable pair of trainers. Therefore, it promotes equality and fairness, helping all our pupils to feel proud to be a member of our school community and certainly it removes pressure from parents to buy these items. When pupils arrive in school casually dressed, it does not create the impression that they are ‘serious about learning’.

Our Community Campus is open to members of the public during the school day.

From a security perspective it is absolutely vital that we can recognise our pupils at any time during the school day. If pupils are casually dressed this will be very difficult to achieve.

We are delighted by the numbers of pupils who wear our school uniform and with the numbers of parents who support our SES dress code.

The primary uniform consists of the following items:

Pale blue polo shirt with school logo.
Royal blue sweatshirt with school logo.
Royal blue zipped hoodie with school logo
An optional school fleece is also available.
Dark grey/ black trousers. (NOT track suit bottoms or jeans)
Dark grey/ black knee length skirts.
Footwear should be black school shoes or black, plain trainers.
Outdoor clothing will be kept in the cloakroom

The secondary dress uniform consists of the following items:

Navy blue or white polo shirt with school logo
Navy blue or white t-shirt with school logo
Navy blue sweatshirt with school logo
Navy blue zipped-hoodie with school logo
White shirt/blouse and school tie
Smart black trousers/skirt (no denim or tracksuit bottoms)
Blazer (6th year pupils)
Solid black coloured footwear

Outdoor clothing will be stored in pupils’ lockers and will not be worn in class

For special events such as the annual prize-giving, or other public occasions where pupils represent the school all pupils are expected to wear formal school uniform
(i.e. shirt and tie).

Standard items of school uniform can be ordered through the school office at any time, but to help ensure that all pupils have uniform prior to the start of session in August; order forms are sent out to parents during the summer term.

In any given year, pupils are likely to be involved in a range of activities which may have specific clothing requirements e.g. Geography field trips, but information about these will be issued well in advance.

Physical Education Kit

Pupils require the following: shorts, t-shirt/polo shirt, non-marking training shoes for indoor work. For outdoor work, warm jumper/light waterproof/suitable footwear – training shoes.

All body jewellery and piercings should be removed or covered to avoid injury.

 Pupils may wear tracksuits for outdoor work. PE kit should not contain offensive logos and should be clearly marked with owner’s name and form class. Pupils unable to take part should bring a note and their PE kit as activities can be adapted to allow participation.

Name Tabs

Please try to ensure that your child’s name is clearly marked on all property (jackets, shirts, jumpers, sweatshirts,  tie, PE kit, etc.).

Footwear and Clothing Grants

All parents in receipt of Family Credit or Income Support are eligible for a clothing grant to ensure that their children are able to make use of educational provision.  Application forms for clothing grants are available from the Department of Education and Children’s Services, Sandwick Road, Stornoway, Tel 0845 600 7090.

Taking Care of Valuables and Personal Property

The school is not insured for loss of valuables. Pupils should only bring necessary items to school and these should be stored securely in their locker or they can be deposited with a support teacher or class teacher. The onus is on the individual to look after their own belongings; the school will not be responsible for any items lost or stolen.

Lost Property

Please check with the school office if you have lost something. Items of lost property are retained for one term only.


Lockers are available for all secondary pupils while primary and nursery children have a cloakroom area.

Mobile Phones

If there is a need to take a mobile phone to school these MUST be kept switched off during class time. Please see full policy on the school website. should more be added to this given the recent issues?