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Many pupils come to school with medical conditions of various kinds of which members of staff need to be aware.

It is extremely important that the school is provided with any relevant medical information at the point of enrolment and is kept updated thereafter on any important changes. Such information will be confidential to staff.

Minor accidents, such as cuts and grazes, are usually attended to on the spot by a member of staff, usually a trained first aider.  If the first aider considers that the pupil should be examined by a doctor, parents/guardians will be contacted to collect their child and make their own arrangements to take them to their doctor.  Only in the event of a serious injury will pupils be taken by a member of staff directly to the local doctor.  If a child is taken ill at school and is unable to continue with classes, parents will be advised and asked to collect.

There are occasions when pupils may seek permission to leave the school premises in order to consult the doctor during surgery hours. This is permissible providing the request is supported by a signed note from the parent or guardian or by a telephone call to the school office.

Parents should note that school staff are neither expected nor required to become involved in the administration of routine medication to pupils.

In circumstances where pupils have to follow a course of prescribed medication, parents should try to ensure that doses can be taken outwith school time. Where this is not possible, e.g. where the timing of the doses is important, an arrangement can be made for the pupil to self-administer the medication under supervision.

Please contact the school if you have any concerns in this area.