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Primary Department: there are 1 or 2 members of Auxiliary staff on duty to oversee playtime activities during the morning break and lunchtime periods. Their role is low-key in nature in order to give the children ownership and independence in developing friendships and their ability to get on with each other in a safe and secure setting. As will happen in any school playground from time to time, incidents and accidents will occur. Playtime supervision allows for a quick alert to any such situation.

The staff on duty will deal with non-serious incidents themselves but will always pass on more serious matters to the class teacher and/or Depute Head Teacher immediately or at the end of playtime depending on the nature of the situation. Accidents will be referred to one of the school’s First Aiders. All P6 and 7 pupils have a role as a ‘buddy’, helping others during breaks and taking some responsibility for games, safety, fairness etc.

Secondary Department: the Head Teacher will carry out a “walk about” at morning break and both the Head Teacher and Depute Head Teacher alternate lunchtime supervision to ensure a presence amongst the pupils and also to be available should any incidents occur. There is also an auxiliary on duty during lunchtime. At this stage of the school we would expect our young people to show more maturity and responsibility in their interaction with one another. A number of lunchtime activities provide a focus for some pupils and thus reduces low level misbehaviour.

Senior pupils, who are willing to take on prefect duties, carry out break time supervision.

During periods of inclement weather, primary pupils will use their classrooms for activities whilst in the secondary department each registration class is allocated a classroom. Senior pupils have the option of using the Balcony as a social seating area.

Pupils are encouraged to use the outdoor areas if the weather is at all reasonable and it is important that pupils come to school with appropriate outdoor clothing.