Senior Management Team
Mrs A M MacSween Headteacher
Miss K Donnelly Depute Head Teacher – (Secondary)
Mrs P Macleod Depute Head Teacher (Primary) Support for Learning Teacher
Secondary Department
Mr Calum Macleod Mathematics
Mr Neil Mulhern (Principal Teacher) English & Literacy
Mr Adam Johnson (PT Pupil Support) PE Teacher/ HWB Coordinator / DYW Coordinator / First Aider
Mrs Liz Rogers Itinerant PE Teacher (Secondary)
Miss Amy Clink Chemistry / Environmental Science Teacher
Mr Angus Morrison Physics, Science, Maths, IT Teacher
Mrs Barbara Mackay Charter / French Teacher
Mrs Christina Campbell Art Teacher
Mrs Christine Hurley Music Teacher / RE Teacher
Mr David McCririck Biology / Science / Environmental Science Teacher
Mr David Murray Gaelic /RME (GME)
Miss Rebecca Dempsey Maths Probationer Teacher
Mrs Donalda Maclean Business Studies Teacher
Mrs Anne Campbell Support for Learning Teacher
Mr Ruari Miller (Principal Teacher) Geography / SQA Coordinator
Mr William Macleod Technical Subjects Probationer Teacher
Mr Matthew Atkinson Technical Subjects Probationer Teacher
Mrs Rebecca Maclean English, Gàidhlig, History (GME)
Miss Ishbal Maclennan History / Gaelic Probationer Teacher
Primary Department
Mrs Paula atkinson P5-7 Class Teacher
Mrs Diana Mackinnon English Medium Teacher P1-4 & Literacy Coordinator
Mrs Annette Brown Gaelic Medium Teacher P1-2
Miss Alice meaden Gaelic Medium Probationer Teacher P5-7
Mrs Hannah MacQueen Gaelic Medium Probationer Teacher P3-4
Mrs Arima Morrison Gaelic Medium Teacher
Mr Iain MacIver Itinerant Gaelic Music Instructor
Miss Ashley Macdonald Itinerant Music Instructor (Chanter/Pipes)
Mrs Rhona Johnstone Itinerant Music Instructor (Strings)
Sgoil Àraich Department
Mrs Mary Ann McCombe (Play leader)
Mrs Donna J Macleod (Assistant)
Miss samantha morrison (Assistant)
Non-Teaching Staff
Mrs Elaine Morrison Admin Assistant
Mrs Mary C Martin Clerical Assistant
Mrs Maria Price Support for Learning Assistant
Mrs Anne Marie Mackenzie Support for Learning Assistant / First Aider
mrs fiona morrison Librarian
Mrs Janice Macleod Support for Learning Assistant
Mrs Flora Morrison Support for Learning Assistant / First Aider
Mrs Donna J Macleod Auxiliary
Mrs Isabella Macleod Gaelic Language Assistant
Mr Ross Miller School Operations Assistant
Mrs Annie Macdonald Cook Supervisor
Janitorial Staff (FES FM)
Mr Campbell MacRae
Ms Diane Lightbody



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