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Sir E. Scott School

536581_sOutdoor Learning

The John Muir Award

The John Muir Award is an environmental award scheme which focuses on discovering, exploring and conserving wild places.

536571_sWithin a flexible framework pupils in S1 and S2 will be able to discover, explore, conserve and share their experiences through an innovative cross-curricular approach.

“In every walk with nature, 536579_sone receives far more than he seeks”

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world”

536583_sJohn Muir

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SES JOHN MUIR AWARD video on ‘You Tube’

JMA ‘Discovery’ Programme

S2 ‘Explorer’ Programme

Explore its wildness

536584_sTune in to a wild place, travel extensively through it, understand and appreciate more about it. Experience your wild place, enjoy it, become familiar with it…

…walking, camping, canoeing, sitting, looking, 534018_senvironmental games, scavenger hunts, sensory activities, map making, historical research, wildlife survey, poetry, art, photography, diaries etc

“The most important skill to develop is not identifying 536542_sspecies or rock types, but simply noticing detail, large or small, in the landscape” – Rob Collister

Click on the links to view the itinerary for the S2 Explorer Programme.

536590_s“Today we set off to Luskentyre beach and around the coastline – it was a beautiful day. It felt really good when we saw the waves crashing onto the rocks…..we saw different kinds of old houses and lazy beds and were looking through the telescope at different kinds of birds. It was a great place to go to and it was a very good day and a wonderful experience”

Stuart Morrison- S1 Pupil