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Homework Resources


S3 and S4 SfW students.

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Surf Kayak Skills Essential Navigation Skills


Wind Land & Sea Info Wind Land & Sea Info 2 History of Sea Kayak Expeditions Sea Kayak Safety Test
Cold Water Brochure Calculating Paddling Speed Sea Kayaking Syllabus Weather Info
2 Star Syllabus The Modern Beaufort Scale WMO Sea State Code OS Map reading booklet
Navigation Hypothermia History of Greenland Kayaks blank

Sea Kayaking websites

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Excellent resource for all Sea Kayaking information
Animated teaching resource on Kayaking
Sea Safety Test
Tidal Information West Loch Tarbert
Scottish Canoe Association
Sea Kayak TV

Weather and Tidal Planning – Templates and links

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The Hebridean Weather Station is an excellent resource for a wide variety of information on weather. It also has a link to a ship and flight tracker (AIS), so you can check which boats/planes are passing the Hebrides by sea and air!

When you are researching the land weather forecast it is good practice to always check 2/3 sites to get a good overall idea of what is being predicted.

When Tidal planning always check the Met Inshore Forecast to find out if it is wind with or against tide………it can make a huge difference to the sea conditions!

Met Office Weather forecast
Alternative Weather forecast
Inshore Waters forecast
The Minch inshore forecast
Hebridean Weather Station
Mountain weather Info Service

Trip Planner
Tidal planning Part 2
Tidal planning Template

Mountain Biking Resources


Mountain Bike Techniques website
Go Mountain Bike Riders Guide and Log Book

Go Mountain Bike Level 1 (1MB)
Go Mountain Bike Guide and Log (3MB)

Hillwalking and the National Navigation Award


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