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P2/3 Learning Assembly

In our topic we have leaned the difference between fact and opinion. An opinion is a statement that tells what someone thinks while a fact is a true statement. We created a rap song to show our understanding about fact and opinion. We wrote the lyrics and we decided about the dance movements.

 Moreover, this term we learned to debate and support our opinion using powerful arguments. Finally, in our topic we have learned the difference between a ‘want’ and a ‘need’. Wants are things people would like to have. Needs, on the other hand are things people must have to live. Children’s rights are needs. Everyone should respect children’s rights.


By Primary 2/3 

Easter Eggstravaganza

 The pupils are busy creating their characters for our Easter Eggstravaganza this week.The children have been writing adventure stories, diaries and and character profiles to go along with their eggs which will be displayed on Thursday afternoon from 1.45pm.        

Everyone is welcome to come along on Thursday to have a look at what the pupils have been doing!  You are also welcome to have a refreshment during the Easter Treasure Hunt…  (I wonder if it will be snowing like it was last year?)

A huge thank you from Stuart Reid

Stuart Reid contacted the school to thank the children and staff for their enthusiasm and participation during last week’s author visit.    He has asked me to let all our keen readers know that he will sign any outstanding books and post them to the school as soon as possible. 

Stuart is one of the the UK’s most inspiring and informative school speakers.  He works with schools on a daily basis and has worked at over 500 book events.    Stuart currently offers ‘Real World’ workshops which are designed to motivate young people as preparation for high school, college, university of the world of real work.  

Stuart is passionate about inspiring the youth of today to go on to do great things whatever their indvidiaul vocation, as well as raising the aspiration of young people to their future success.