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Mass of Commitment / Enrolment


Present P3 Classes

Mass of Enrolment for Sacraments will take place as follows


St Joseph’s Church

Sunday 28th November 2021

  • All P3 pupils intending to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion should attend the mass above.

  • Pupils will sit with their parents and the priest will request that they stand up at their seat.

  • We ask that pupils wear full school uniform when attending the Mass of Commitment.


Present P7 Classes

This year, the Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation is scheduled to take place on Saturday 14th May in St Joseph’s Church.

Before Confirmation, those children who will be receiving the Sacrament will commit to their preparation at a Mass of Enrolment which will take place on Sunday 28th November 2021 at 9am in St. Joseph’s Church.

  • The children must bring their written copy of the ‘Rite of Enrolment’ letter to this Mass. 

  •  The letter must be countersigned by a parent/guardian

  •  Where possible, the chosen sponsor should also be present at the Mass of Commitment. 

                (A sponsor must be over the age of 16 and a practising Catholic.)

In class, we will be working to assist the children to choose their saint.  It is customary for children to choose a saint’s name for Confirmation as a sign of the new birth and identity they receive in Christ through the Sacraments of Initiation.   We ask that you discuss this with your child at home in the forthcoming months.

Please note :

Father Stephen has advised that anyone from P3 or P7 who is attending the Mass of Commitment or Enrolment for their Sacraments can also attend St Bridget’s Church at 6pm on Saturday 27th of November



St Joseph’s Primary

18th August Pupils Return to school from summer break
August/September Father Stephen to upload Sacramental information video for P4/P7 parents.
30th August


Primary 6  Stage Mass @2.15pm

(Mass of Enrolment for Pope Frances Faith Award)

Monday 6th September Primary 7  Stage Mass @11:05am

Primary 5 Stage Mass @11:35am


Primary 4 Stage Mass @1:35pm

Primary 3 Stage Mass@2:05pm


Wednesday 8th September Primary 2 Stage Mass @11am

Primary 1 Stage Mass @11:35am


12-19th September Vocations Awareness week

17th September:

Pr7 Vocations Mass @ 10am St Mirin’s Cathedral

6th October Rosary Group @8.30am
19th October P4 Retreat with Fr Stephen in Gym Hall

P4a 11:05am – 12:05pm

P4b 1:30pm – 2:30pm

20th October Rosary Group @ 8.30am
Friday 22nd October P7 Retreat with Fr Stephen in Gym Hall

P7a 11:05am – 12:05pm

P7b 1:30pm – 2:30pm

27th October Rosary Group @ 8.30am
Monday 1st November All Saints – Holy Day of Obligation Mass P5,6,7 @ 9.30am St Joseph’s Church

P1,2,3,4 @10.45am Gym Hall  (Early Break)

16th -30th November Catholic Education Week

‘Celebrating and Worshipping’

Sunday 21st November: Education Sunday – Readings, Children to speak at 10am Mass.



16th November St Margaret of Scotland Feast Day (House Event in St Joseph’s Primary School)
18th November CEW Cluster Mass – @7pm St Joseph’s Church with House Captains and Vice Captains.


Sunday 28th November 9am – P7 Mass of Commitment (4 pupils from each class to represent their class)

10am – P3 Mass of Commitment (4 pupils from each class to represent their class)

3rd December Advent Assembly Gym Hall
7th December P5-7Advent Confessions with Fr in DHT room @10am onwards
10th December Advent Assembly Gym Hall
17th December Advent Assembly Gym Hall
20th December Advent Assembly Gym Hall
13th January St Mungo Feast Day (House Event in St Joseph’s Primary School)
Wednesday 2nd March Ash Wednesday 2 services in School

1.  11.00am – 11.25am

2.  11.30am – 11:55am

Thursday 3rd March P4 Sacrament of Reconciliation @ 11am in school
Sunday 6th March P4 Rite of Commitment Mass @10am in St Joseph’s Church. 4 pupils from each class to represent their class.
9th  March Lenten Mass @ 8.15am
10th March St John Ogilvie Feast Day (House Event in St Joseph’s Primary School)
16th March Lenten Mass @ 8.15am
23rd March Lenten Mass @ 8.30am
18th March Feast of St Joseph’s Mass @ St Joseph’s Church 9.30am if allowed (P4/P7)

11am Mass on Teams for rest of school.

21st March Pr4 – 7 Lenten Confessions with Fr in DHT Room @10am
30th March Lenten Mass @ 8.15am
Saturday 23rd April P4A/B First Holy Communion  in St Joseph’s Church and St Bridget’s Church

Times TBC


Sunday 24th April P4 Mass of Thanksgiving @ St Joseph’s Parish 10am
6th May Primary 7 Sacrament of Confirmation TBC
4th May, 11th May, 18th May, 25th May Rosary Group @8:30am
10th May P7 Mass of Thanksgiving @ St Joseph’s Church 10am
26th May Ascension Thursday Mass

1.    P1-P4 9:30am Mass in Church

2.    P5-P7 10:45am Mass in school

9th June St Columba Feast Day (House Event in St Joseph’s Primary School)
June – date to be confirmed. Leaver’s Ceremony @ 1.15pm School Gym Hall







Please use link below to apply for Clothing Grant and Free School Meals.

P1 – P4 parents should also apply if eligible.

Apply to Clothing Grant and Free School Meals

Clothing grant value

The rate for 2021 to 2022 is £120 per primary school child and £150 per secondary school child.

Change of circumstance

If you received a clothing grant last year, it’s important you tell us if your bank details or any of your circumstances have changed in the last 12 months. If you qualify for council tax reduction or housing benefit you’ll receive a separate letter for each child eligible for a clothing grant.

Qualifying benefits

Will I qualify? Clothing grant Free school meals
Employment and Support Allowance (Income related) Yes Yes
Income Support Yes Yes
Job Seekers Allowance (Income based) Yes Yes
Child Tax Credit only with a gross annual household income of less than £16,105 for 2020/21 Yes Yes
Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit with a gross annual household income of up to £7,500 for 2020/21 Yes Yes
Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit with a gross annual household income of below £16,105 but above £7,500 for 2020/21 Yes No
Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 Yes Yes
Housing benefit Yes No
Universal Credit – where your maximum monthly earned income from employment does not exceed £625 Yes Yes
Council tax reduction Yes` No

End of term message from Mrs Martin

Dear Parents/ Carers,


Well, session 2020-21 was a challenge but we have made it! It can be easy to dwell on the negatives of such a difficult year but we have proved that the positives outweigh all the negatives. We have a school of happy children who genuinely enjoy their learning and want to be here, that alone is a massive achievement.

I would like to thank you for all your support throughout the second period of remote learning, the time and effort you put in to supporting your children was evident on their return and has contributed greatly to the minimal learning loss we have experienced in St Joseph’s. I would also like to thank you for your kind words and constant encouragement for our staff and also personally, knowing you were with us every step made a huge difference to us.

We have been blessed with a staff team in St Joseph’s who are dedicated to the wellbeing of our children and will always put their needs at the centre of everything they do. I would like to thank them for everything they have achieved this session and wish them a very restful and relaxing summer.

And a final thank you to Canon Stephen who has helped support and guide us through the last session. He has been a constant presence in our school and his kind words and strength of Faith have helped to keep us strong.


So, as we move in to a more relaxed period of summer sun (hopefully) I hope you enjoy precious family time and get a chance to be together with those that you have missed.


With much love


Suzanne Martin

Head Teacher

St Joseph’s Primary School

Justice and Peace Scotland

Justice and Peace Scotland invites you to join us for a discussion of the impact of the pandemic drawing on the experience of our panel. Together we will share, reflect and start to identify how the church can be ready and prepared in our communities to meet the challenges which remain.

The panel includes:

Prof. Stephen McKinney (University of Glasgow)

Fr. Basil Clark VE (Archdiocese of St. Andrews & Edinburgh)

Danny Collins (National President, Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Scotland)

Martin Johnstone (Poverty Truth Network / At the Edge)



As Scotland prepares to host the UN climate talks (COP26) later this year, we have a unique opportunity to make an impact and increase the pressure on institutions and governments to respond with the urgency that the climate crisis demands.

Join this webinar to find out how Churches in Scotland – both locally and nationally – can support a just and green recovery by divesting from fossil fuels and re-orienting investments towards a clean energy future.

We are delighted to welcome the following speakers:


We hope you can spread the word of these events, your support of Justice & Peace Scotland is very appreciated.

Kind regards

Frances Gallagher

Justice and Peace Scotland


I am working Mon, Tues and Wed each week.


If you want peace work for justice

A Commission of the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland


Dear Parent / Carer

Return to School and Nursery in January 2021

Following the latest announcement by the Scottish Government, I wanted to get in touch with you directly and outline what this will mean for you and your family at the start of the new school term.

They key changes are as follows:

 The school term will now recommence on Monday 11th January 2021 and will be in the form of remote learning only for most pupils.

 Children of key workers and children from vulnerable families will attend school or nursery from Wednesday 6th January. As our establishments were closed when the new arrangements were announced, pupil return has been pushed back by one day to allow
schools to prepare and adjust.

 At present we expect all children and young people to physically return to school or nursery on Monday 18th January. Should this change we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Whilst we would all prefer to be providing teaching in schools and nurseries and in person, we do now have detailed contingency plans developed for remote learning. Teachers will be in touch with you and your family before term commences on the 11th January to provide you with more information. Schools will also work to provide access to a device to enable online learning should you require this.

It is important that only children of key workers and from vulnerable families return to school and nurseries on Wednesday 6th January.

Those qualifying for keyworker provision will include any family where both parents (or a lone parent in a single parent household) are unable to work from home and where there is no other childcare available. Importantly, unlike the restrictions in place before last summer, grandparents and other family members will be able
to provide childcare so please ensure you consider all of the options available to you and your family before sending your children back to school or nursery.

If you meet the above criteria, you can apply for a place at school using the following link:

You will be asked for information about your family’s circumstances, any work commitments and what provision you will require. Your child’s school will be in touch on the 5th January after the holidays to confirm your child’s place. If you require any further information, you can contact your child’s school directly when they reopen on the 5th

For all children who will be attending school, regular school transport will be provided from the 6th January.

I do understand that this latest change has brought further uncertainty at the end of a difficult year. Please be assured that whilst a return to remote learning is a circumstance that our
schools and nurseries did not wish to revisit, we are well prepared now to respond to this challenge.

I know our schools and nurseries will be ready to respond to any questions you might have when they reopen on the Tuesday 5th January.

Yours sincerely

Mark Ratter
Director of Education

Email Issues

We are aware that some parents have not been receiving all school emails from our Groupcall Messenger mail system and that they might have been directed to your Junk Mail folders.  It appears to be an intermittent problem so you might be receiving some but not all school emails.

To ensure this doesn’t happen can you please put into your email address book as this will stop emails going into your Junk/Spam folders.

Scottish Child Payments Information

Scottish Child Payment is a new payment for families on tax credits or certain benefits to help towards the costs of looking after a child.

It’s £40 paid every four weeks for each child under six.

The payment starts on Monday 15 February 2021, with first payments made from the end of February onwards, but Social Security Scotland is taking applications now to help manage demand.
You can apply if your child will be under six on 15 February 2021.
The qualifying benefits are:

 Child Tax Credit
 Income Support
 Pension Credit
 Working Tax Credit
 Universal Credit
 Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)
 Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

First payments will be made from late February onwards. When someone gets paid will depend on how many applications we get and the process each individual application goes through.

SCP Payment Factsheet

Find out more information and apply at or call Social Security Scotland on 0800 182 2222.


Horizon Photography will be here next week to take photographs of all our children.  They will be here on Monday 24th, Tuesday 25th & Wednesday 26th August and will take the following options:

  • Individual
  • Sibling
  • Full Class/group photos for all years – not just the usual P1 & P7

The photographers will be here for three days instead of one to ensure they can observe social distancing, provide good quality photos and also include all 15 class/group photographs.  We have therefore divided the days as follows:

  • Monday 24th:                     P1 & P2, siblings and class photo
  • Tuesday 25th:                      P3 & P4, siblings and class photo
  • Wednesday 26th:              P5, P6 & P7, siblings and class photo

All children should wear their full ST JOSEPH’S PRIMARY SCHOOL UNIFORM on the days they will be photographed.


Applying for Clothing Grant / Free School Meals (Session 2020/2021)

Qualifying benefits

Will I qualify? Clothing grant Free school meals
Employment and Support Allowance (Income related) Yes Yes
Income Support Yes Yes
Job Seekers Allowance (Income based) Yes Yes
Child Tax Credit but not Working Tax Credit with a gross or projected annual household income of less than £16,105 for 2019/20 as assessed on your 2020/21 HM Revenue & Customs tax credits award letter ( TC602) Yes Yes
Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit with a gross annual household income of less than £7,330 for 2019/20 as assessed on your 2020/21 HM Revenue & Customs tax credit award letter ( TC602) Yes Yes
Child Tax Credit and/or Working Tax Credit with a gross annual income of below £16,105 but above £7,330 for year 2019/20 as assessed on your 2020/21 tax credit award letter from HM Revenues and Customs (TC602) Yes No
Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 Yes Yes
Housing benefit Yes No
Universal Credit – where your maximum monthly earned income from employment does not exceed £610 Yes Yes

Apply for Clothing Grant/Free School Meals



  • There will be NO TUCK at morning or lunch interval for the time being
  • Can children in P3 & P4 please bring indoor shoes to leave in class as we have new carpets in these classes (plimsoles are ideal)
  • Parents are NOT permitted within the school grounds at any time unless you have made an appointment to come into school
  • For the first couple of weeks P2 & P3 children will be escorted at home time by their Teacher to the school gates.  Children in P4 to P7 will make their own way to the gate you have agreed to meet them at.  To avoid any upset or confusion PLEASE ensure your child/ren know which gate you will meet them at


Message from Mrs Martin

Dear Parents/ Carers,

At the end of what has been a very unique school year, I would like to thank you. Thank you for supporting our teachers by providing a safe and encouraging learning environment at home for your child. Thank you for learning how to use Google Classroom at such short notice! Thank you for your understanding and constant support and thank you for all your positivity during a period of uncertainty.

I would also like to thank all of the St Joseph’s staff who have worked exceptionally hard over the last few months. They have , as always, gone above and beyond. We have navigated our way through an event that has no blueprint, no right or wrong and we could only do this as a team. Not once did staff question or refuse, they trusted and supported me, I am very blessed to lead such an amazing team.

Our children have been fantastic throughout, engaging in their online learning and sharing their experiences with their teacher through photographs and videos. We have missed them and look forward to August (fingers crossed!) when we can all be together again. When our children return we want to focus on the positive, we don’t want our children carrying their experience of lockdown as a negative. We will ensure our children have a chance to reconnect with their friends and teachers, lost learning will be addressed but at a pace that suits our children.

Attached below is a letter from Mhairi Shaw, Director of Education which provides an update on the current situation.

Have a wonderful summer. I hope the sun returns and you have an opportunity to relax, you have earned it! I look forward to welcoming our St Joseph’s family back on the 12th August.

God bless you

Suzanne Martin

Head Teacher


Letter to parents 26.6.20.doc


As we look ahead towards the new school session in August, we need to ensure continuing provision for the children of those who identify as key workers and require continued access to childcare during this time.

This application process is for key worker children places only.  Ongoing intelligence of school staff and partners will determine the children who are offered increased provision under the vulnerability category.

All parents/carers who currently identify as being a key worker should complete the application form detailing occupations and employers. You will also be asked to identify which key worker category applies to your application.  Where a parent/carer identifies as category 3, a letter of support from your employer will be required.  This letter will confirm the key worker status and the flexibility provided by the employer.  Please note, BOTH parents will require to be key workers to access this provision in a school or early years setting.

The Scottish Government has issued guidance on what constitutes key workers.

Key Workers fall into three categories:

Category 1 – Health and Care workers directly supporting COVID response and associated staff; Health and Care workers supporting life threatening emergency work as well as critical primary and community care provision; Energy suppliers (small numbers identified as top priority already); staff providing childcare / learning for other category 1 staff.

 Category 2 – All other Health and Care workers and wider public sector workers providing emergency / critical welfare services (e.g. Fire, Police, Prisons, Social Workers, etc), as well as those supporting our Critical National Infrastructure, without whom serious damage to the welfare of the people of Scotland would be caused.

Category 3 – All workers without whom there could be a significant impact on Scotland (but where the response to Covid-19, or the ability to perform essential tasks to keep the country running, would be severely compromised).

The categories have been introduced to ensure that frontline health and social care staff can access a place, if required, first.  Places left after this initial allocation will be distributed on the basis of the above categories.  Due to limited space being available in each of our buildings, we cannot guarantee that all applicants will be able to access key worker provision for their child/children.  Please note, the categories remain subject to national guidance and the provision offered may change if advised by the Scottish Government.

To submit a Key Worker Childcare Application form please scan the QR code or click on the link below:-

Please ensure that you complete this application as soon as possible, and by the end of the day on Monday 22nd June 2020, to ensure that we can process these quickly to plan for the next school session.

If you have any difficulty in submitting your application form, you should email and a member of staff within the Education Department will look to resolve the difficulty.


Message from Mrs Martin

Dear Parents/ Carers,

I would like to thank you for your ongoing support and your kind words of reassurance and gratitude that have been sent to us over the last few weeks. Thank you also for providing the support and guidance to your children that we are unable to provide during this difficult time. Thank you to our amazing children who have been so dedicated, engaged, resilient and strong. We know that there may have been difficult moments over the last few months and many of you will have felt overwhelmed, but you have been fantastic and we are still here to support in any way we can.

As I am sure you are all aware, last Thursday the First Minister outlined the first phase of the easing of restrictions. Since then we have been working with East Renfrewshire Council to plan a timeline for June and to start making plans for August. At our in-service day on Tuesday the initial plan and timelines were shared with staff. I would now like to share them with you:


Monday 1st June        –      Senior Leadership Team return to school to plan transitions in June and prepare for August.

  • Facilities management to deep clean school.
  • Health and Safety to undertake risk assessment of building and provide resources and support to ensure Scottish Government guidance on social distancing and hygiene can be fully implemented.


Monday 8th June        –      Staff return to school. This will be a phased approach, staff will only be in certain days to organise classrooms and resources for August.

  • Our hub children will return to St Joseph’s from 9am. Details will be sent to parents/carers currently utilising the hub.


Monday 15th June     –      Transitions will begin for our current Primary 7 moving into Secondary and for our Nursery children coming in to Primary 1.  Details will be sent to parents/carers next week once dates and times have been confirmed.


August 11th                –       This is the date announced by the First Minister as the return to school. More information on August dates and arrangements will be sent to you in June.


Online learning will continue throughout June. Please remember our teachers will have other commitments throughout the month of June in school and may not be as quick to respond as they currently are. We will also be providing more fun activities as we move towards the summer holidays, just as we would in school. From the 1st June you will be able to contact the school by phone as our clerical staff will also return but I would ask that you do not come to the school without prior arrangement.

Currently there are many unanswered questions and I would ask for your patience and continued support as we try to navigate our way through the coming months. We have been tasked with a huge responsibility in making our school safe for our children and at the same time ensuring it is still the loving, nurturing environment that it has always has been. Our St Joseph’s family is strong and determined and we will work together and support each other to achieve this. Your fears and anxieties around returning to school and the easing of the restrictions are completely understandable and shared, and we will try our best to reassure you and your child.

Kindest regards

Suzanne Martin

Head Teacher