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Nessie Collection

Nessie clothes recycling came today and collected all the clothes and shoes everyone had brought in for recycling. The school received £300 for the collection so a big Thank you to everyone who handed stuff in this is a real boost to the school fund!
We also have a yellow bin in the school all year round to recycle clothes so don’t worry about missing this collection as there are collections frequently.

St Joseph’s School – Sierra Leone

St Joseph’s Primary is twinning with St Joseph’s  in Sierra Leone.  The school has provided care and a special education for hearing impaired children from across Sierra Leone for more than 30 years. On Monday 9th we are having an assembly about the school and as part of our twinning with the school we will be fundraising this year for them.

Click here for a link to their website

Decriminalised Parking Enforcement

As you may be aware, East Renfrewshire Council has recently introduced ‘Decriminalised Parking Enforcement’. This means that the control and enforcement of parking has moved from the Police to a team of East Renfrewshire Council Parking Attendants.

As part of this process the Council has introduced a Traffic Regulation Order granting the Parking Attendants the legal power to issue tickets to vehicles parked on ‘SCHOOL – KEEP CLEAR’ markings. Therefore it is likely that parking at schools will be monitored more closely than before.