Horizon Photography will be here next week to take photographs of all our children.  They will be here on Monday 24th, Tuesday 25th & Wednesday 26th August and will take the following options:

  • Individual
  • Sibling
  • Full Class/group photos for all years – not just the usual P1 & P7

The photographers will be here for three days instead of one to ensure they can observe social distancing, provide good quality photos and also include all 15 class/group photographs.  We have therefore divided the days as follows:

  • Monday 24th:                     P1 & P2, siblings and class photo
  • Tuesday 25th:                      P3 & P4, siblings and class photo
  • Wednesday 26th:              P5, P6 & P7, siblings and class photo

All children should wear their full ST JOSEPH’S PRIMARY SCHOOL UNIFORM on the days they will be photographed.