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Remote Learning – Healthy Tuck Shop

Miss Bibby has been thinking about ways you can use money in your house.

One way I thought of is to set up your very own healthy snack shop.

My snack shop is going to have apples, tangerines, strawberries, blueberries, carrot sticks, peppers and celery for sale.




You and your family can take turns at both selling and buying your snacks.

You could make it a bit easier by putting the coins on the price list.

Why not see what coins you can recognise and use these to buy your snacks?

This activity will help develop numeracy skills such as coin and number recognition.

Don’t forget to share your tuck shop with us on Twitter or Google Classrooms  #Glenwoodlearningathome

Our Coin Cleaning Experiment

The coins in our café were not shiny. Mrs Husbands suggested that we could clean them with ketchup!!


Emily thought we should put them in water and scrub them. Lucas suggested that we needed soapy bubbles and Thomas thought hot water would be better than cold.


We set up our experiment with ketchup, hot water, hot soapy water and cola as well.


Then we waited…






Can you see which worked the best to clean the coins?

Our pizza restaurant

We decided to create a restaurant in the role play area. The children voted and decided to make a pizza restaurant. They wrote signs and designed menus and have the opportunity to handle real coins as they order and pay for their meals.

We voted to choose the name… The Pizza Place
What would you like to order?
The chef is busy in the kitchen
Pizza is ready
I will write your bill
Pay for your bill at the cash desk