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Remote Learning- Sunflower seeds

Have you planted your sunflowers seeds yet? Mrs Brown has….. you can see how to do this on Twitter.


This song will help you along the way.


When  your seeds have been planted they will begin to grow. After about 3 days the seeds will germinate. This means that the hard shell softens and splits.  Roots will begin to grow downwards and a shoot will grow upwards. After about a week the shoot will appear above the soil. Then leaves will start to grow.

  I can’t wait to see my seeds begin to grow into little shoots. Over the coming weeks we will find out what happens once the shoots get a bit bigger.

Perhaps you can keep a diary of the progress- take a photo or draw a picture every few days to record the changes.

Please remember to tweet your photos of planting and the progress of your sunflower.

@GlenwoodFC #Glenwoodlearningathome