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Welcome back to learning in Glenwood!

We are delighted to have re- opened and to welcome back our children. We are operating slightly differently in two separate playrooms but the fun, friendships and fantastic learning experiences continue!

The Meadow Room

“I’ve built a model of our new nursery.” Lucia

Busy cooking  in our outdoor kitchen.

“Look, there are bees on those flowers.” Cameron

Wow, look how much our chestnut tree has grown!Drawing and writing together.

Modelling with clay. Using the computer to play games.

“Rrrrr, look at the T-Rex!” Benjamin

The Willow Room

” We found a woodlouse!”  Yousuf


Exploring the pulleys.

Revisiting my learning journal. and sharing my news-  “I got a new hamster” Flora

Sand play.

Painting a picture.

Sharing stories.