At Glenwood our children enjoy daily opportunities to engage in woodwork.  

This involves experimenting and tinkering with the possibilities of the materials and tools, which helps to build our children’s confidence and develop their creativity and imagination. 

“I want to use the hammer.”

Observations of the children show high levels of engagement and perseverance with challenging tasks.

“The saw is a bit tricky.”

Design is part of the woodwork process, defining the task and planning how to proceed.

“I’m making a helicopter car. I need 4 wheels so it can drive and a window at the front. The helicopter blades are going to sit on top so it can lift off into the sky.”





The importance of woodwork cannot be underestimated!






Look at all the skills our children are learning – 

  • Hand eye coordination
  • Fine motor development
  • Problem-solving
  • Creative thinking
  • Imagination
  • Independence
  • Respect
  • Understanding of the world around them
  • Language development

The foundations for STEM!










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